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My name is Arthur Stanley and I am a professional pop guitarist, producer and educator. Since my graduation in music performance, I have guided a great many students of all skill levels; from young beginners to seasoned professionals. I always love meeting new learners and watching skills constantly develop with use of logical practice methods and fascinating musical concepts!

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Arthur Stanley - Professional Guitar Teacher

Pop Guitar Lessons Teacher - Arthur Stanley
My Mission

Learn Pop Styles

As a session guitarist and avid listener of contemporary styles, one of the greatest joys that I experience on a regular basis is exploring the vast array of roles that guitars play in today's music, with students of all skill levels. To this day, the popularity of the guitar and it's extensive presence in popular music keeps it growing as a functional and ever changing means of self expression.

Such roles have been informed by decades of evolution in technique, stylistic traits and arranging parts. As a teacher of pop guitar, I highly enjoy tutoring players to become well rounded musicians in their own right!


Online via Zoom & Skype

Guitar Teacher

Arthur Stanley
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My Lessons

Learn Efficient Practice Techniques Developed And Used By Professionals

Having studied under numerous guitar teachers throughout school, college, university and beyond, I have searched keenly for the best possible ways to spend my practice time. I am very pleased to say that my current students continue to benefit greatly from a focus on effective and targeted practice methods, regardless of age or experience. I strongly believe that nurturing great physical technique is just as important as teaching the right notes, so I always offer video guides, as well as tab sheets, to accompany each lesson. Students are also welcome to record lessons, should they wish!

Whether your aim is to build proficiency in soloing and improvisation, chords and rhythmic patterns, writing parts or applying general knowledge and flexibility in contemporary styles, my lessons offer a direct and logical approach to fulfilling your musical aspirations.


£20 per 1/2 hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I regularly teach a diverse range of learners, from young beginners to senior players with decades of musical experience. No matter what level of understanding you currently posses or what specific musical aims you have, my lessons will provide clarity and focus in reaching the next step.

Lesson Focus

Start From The Ground Up

Gain a solid foundation of understanding the guitar. Master famous riffs, become acquainted with commonly used chord shapes and learn songs of your choice!

My Experience as a Teacher

During my years as an educator, I have always looked for ways to boost confidence and excitement in my students. I believe it is crucial for any instrumental tutor to become familiar with their students' musical interests in order to tailor truly effective lessons. Therefore, as well as exploring many songs that incorporate important techniques and concepts, I also encourage learners to choose songs that they are keen to learn and understand.

Picking up extremely valuable technique and music theory concepts only became possible for me once entering college, through which I achieved a triple Distinction in BTEC Music Performance. The progress I made towards becoming a technically proficient and well informed guitarist was instant and substantial, and so I always bring emphasis to developing great habits right from day one when teaching my own students.

Operating as an exclusively online guitar teacher has been fantastic for both myself and my students. Learners are welcome to record lessons, receive video guides, playalongs, high quality tab sheets and the same 1-1 feedback as one would expect from an in person session. After having worked as an in-school guitar tutor for several years, I strongly believe that referring to a visual point of reference in the form of a saved video can, and often does, speed up the learning process significantly.

Lessons Focus

Learn How To Analyse, Create And Execute Guitar Parts Like A Professional

Pop music has always taken influence from a great myriad of styles, of which the guitar is almost always an integral stylistic component; from hip hop and R&B to classic rock and country. By exploring the instrument's diverse capabilities, you will get to know exactly how to elevate the emotive intent of songs that you love with your own creative flare.

More About My Lessons

Though I approach teaching guitar with a systematic and focussed mindset, I strongly believe that consistent enthusiasm is a tutor's most crucial quality. I always like to keep lessons relaxed, interesting and productive, as learning any instrument should be an exciting experience for all age groups.

During each lesson we will discuss the previously set practice material as well as the next steps toward improving or continuing with the material in focus. We will also learn new things in comprehensive detail before practicing together, using highly efficient methods.

The process of learning an instrument can get very cloudy, especially when there are no specific road maps or goals to work towards. Therefore, I think it is important to be as transparent as possible. Most students of mine quickly find their pace and often surprise themselves by achieving new milestones on a weekly basis.

Teacher Tips

How to access lessons online

Attend beginner to advanced guitar lessons from your own home

What You Will Need

Video call technology has made incredible advancements throughout recent years, and it has now become a widely adopted means of educational correspondence. Other than yourself and your instrument, the only requirement to access our lessons will be to have access to an electronic device such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone that can connect to the internet.

Speed Testis a quick and reliable tool that you can use to test the quality of your internet connection. For lessons, all we will need to maintain a stable connection is 3mbs.

Of course, it is vital for me as a teacher to be able to visually and audibly assess learners' skills in realtime. Fortunately, the camera and microphone on any device with an internet connection will provide sufficient image quality.

If you happen to experience any problems or have any questions about the setting up process or beyond, then I am always happy to assist.

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Pop Guitar Lessons Teacher - Arthur Stanley
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I can help you to

My priority as a teacher is to nurture my students' skills and to guide them beyond their own expectations. I love teaching learners of all ages and observing the consistent progress in my current ones is an ever rewarding part of being a musician!

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons cost £20 per half an hour. I find that 30 minutes plus resources, including video guides and tab sheets, is plenty enough to keep students pushing forward.

My lessons normally take place on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, however I am also open to hosting lessons on other legitimate platforms, should the student wish.

I teach all age groups; from children of 6 years old and upwards to senior adults. I have witnessed great progress in students of all demographics, so it is certainly never too late to pick up an instrument!

You are by no means required to attend lessons every week. Some of my current students opt for lessons every three or four weeks, however I recommend keeping lessons no more than two weeks apart in order to maintain consistent progress.

If you must cancel a lesson then that is absolutely fine. Life can be very unpredictable! I must insist however that students abide by a 48 hour cancellation policy in order to keep my time and your money working as efficiently as possible. This simply means that you must notify me of a cancellation 48 hours or more prior to an agreed time slot.

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Online via Zoom & Skype
Teaching Space
Online learning truly is a wonder of the modern age. After several years of in person teaching in schools and out, I can confidently invite learners to a thorough and exciting process from the comfort of their own home!
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Guitar Teacher

Arthur Stanley
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