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Hi my name is Martyn, I am a guitar teacher of 30 years and specialise in metal. During my extensive time as an educator, I have guided many students towards achieving incredible results on their instruments!

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Martyn Rapley - Professional Guitar Teacher

Metal Guitar Teacher Teacher - Martyn Rapley
My Mission

Metal & Rock Electric Guitar Lessons

I regularly teach many sub-genres of rock & metal guitar playing including progressive metal (prog), classic rock and djent. Thanks to my many years of teaching students of varying abilities, I have become efficient in nurturing great technique and confidence right from the first lesson.

My musical achievements, I am proud to state, have included performing as a finalist in numerous highly regarded guitar events throughout the past several decades such as International Guitar Idol, Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year and Guitarist Of The Year. The experience I have gained through composing, performing and teaching alike have revealed to me the key aspects of metal guitar playing that all students, beginner or advanced, will surely take value from.


Zoom, Skype, FaceTime

Guitar Teacher

Martyn Rapley
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My Lessons

Learn Metal Guitar

My lessons are hosted online and are accessible to my students from all over the world via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and more. As this type of learning works so well for both parents of students and older players from a logistical standpoint, I have proven my worth as a remote specialist to all ages from 6 years upwards.

Watching my students develop as players is an incredible joy and I am consistently impressed with the persistance and progress they demonstrate from session to session. No matter what your aspirations may be with rock & metal guitar, I will help you reach them with utmost efficiency and enjoyment.


£15 per 1/2 hour
£25 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Build Solid Technique for Rhythm and Soloing

Learn proven fundamentals to attain comfort, speed and accuracy in your playing. From executing powerful rhythmic patterns to smooth, agile solos, our lessons in metal guitar will cover everything you need to know!

Lesson Focus

Beginners Are Welcome

I teach many beginners and love meeting those new to guitar!

My Experience as a Teacher

I have taught guitar professionally and regularly for over 30 years, educating hundreds of students at all stages of life and skill level.

Much of my time as a teacher has also been spent educating players on other valuable musical skills, such as the understanding of music theory, sight reading and ear training for those wishing to pursue. These topics are not compulsory, however they certainly do help in gaining a broader musical perspective and training.

I am well versed in giving lessons via online platforms. Over the years, I have developed specific techniques to fully adapt to remote, digital teaching.

Lessons Focus

Learn the Strategies and Skills of a Metal Guitarist

I employ techniques and exercises that ensure efficiency in your practice and focus on heavier styles. Get much further, much quicker!

More About My Lessons

My lessons have always been uniquely tailored to suit the needs and interests of individual students. There is no 'one method fits all' approach; personal goals and traits will always determine how lessons are structured.

After years of experiencing life through guitar as a performer, composer and teacher, my students now benefit from 3 decades of experience. I guarantee quality information that will bring your playing to the next stage.

I always ensure relaxed and positive learning for all. The satisfaction of my students is top priority! I strongly believe that the happier the learner, the greater and more effective the sessions will be for both parties.

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Metal Guitar Teacher Teacher - Martyn Rapley
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I can help you to

My experience as a professional metal guitarist and teacher will give you the edge in your practicing. I am a friendly, informative and enthusiastic instructor offering students the guidance to progress and prosper in their pursuits!

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons cost £15 for half an hour, and £25 for a full hour.

Lessons take place online via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime and more. This often works well for students from all over the world seeking the guidance of a specialist!

I teach all ages from 6 years old upwards. I would like to make adults aware that I regularly teach older students and often see great results! Age is certainly not a factor when learning guitar.

Certainly not. I completely understand how busy life is, so I am more than happy to arrange structures that suit you. In order to ensure consistent progress however, I do recommend attending a session every two weeks.

If your schedule does not allow for our arranged time slot then that is absolutely fine, however I must insist that students adhere to a 48 hour cancellation policy. This simply means that you must notify me 48 hours or sooner of an inconvenient session in order to keep my time efficient and your money unspent.

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Zoom, Skype, FaceTime
Teaching Space
Online sessions have worked for many of my students and offer convenience for those further afield. Not only can you schedule a time to suit you from the comfort of your own home, but you can also receive 1-1 lessons from an experienced specialist hundreds of miles away!
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Guitar Teacher

Martyn Rapley
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