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Hi, I'm Sam, a professional guitar teacher based in Bristol. I offer professional high-quality guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities, helping my students to rapidly develop their guitar playing ability through individually tailored guitar lessons.

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Sam Roberts - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Bristol Teacher - Sam Roberts
My Mission

Guitar Lessons Tailored to You

I'm a professional guitar teacher, with many years teaching experience. This enables me to create courses of lessons individually tailored to the musical interests of each one of my students.

By teaching my students the songs that inspired them to pick the up the guitar my students rapidly develop their playing ability. The student selected songs are blended with technical exercises that improve the skills needed to play the guitar with confidence and genuine ability.

It also promotes a culture and habit of home practice, an aspect of playing that I am keen to make as painless as possible. Indeed, the lesson resources I provide are designed to be high-impact low-time consuming to maximize the student's results.


Luckwell Road, Bristol, BS3 3ET

Guitar Teacher

Sam Roberts
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My Lessons

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lessons

I offer lessons on both the electric and acoustic guitar, helping my students to learn music from a wide range of different genres that I cover. These include Rock, Blues, Funk, Pop, Jazz and Contemporary to name a few.

I specialise in finding what is unique in you and bringing that to your musicianship. I like to help people learn their own way especially if conventional grades, sight-reading and exams have alienated them.


£20 per 1/2 hour
£30 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I welcome both beginners and advanced students in a wide range of genres and styles. I will help complete beginners to rapidly learn the skills required to play the basics on guitar.

Lesson Focus

Beginners Welcome

I welcome both beginners and advanced players

My Experience as a Teacher

As a teacher, I specialise in teaching improvising, song-writing and techniques for children and adults to play the guitar proficiently. I believe that the only thing more important than having good, foundational instrumental technique is that you use that technique to explore and enjoy your instrument.

I have been a professional performing musician for 10+ years. I am an active session musician and performer in several bands in Bristol and South Wales, playing in famous venues such as The Fleece and O2. I also write and produce my own music, doing the arrangements for all of the band parts including bass, drums, guitar and vocals.

I can teach from my home music studio or travel to students. I am also offer high-quality online lessons for those students who are interested in learning online.

Lessons Focus

All Styles

I love a wide range of styles and genres and love to teach them all

More About My Lessons

I like to make sure my students feel relaxed and comfortable to get the very most out of our lessons and progress rapidly. Consquently, for beginner students I ensure that we go through the building blocks of how to play the guitar at a pace that suits the student. This includes everything from how to strum chords, playing simple guitar riffs, to how to develop your finger strength and speed to tackle more complex guitar parts.

I teach with a student-focused approach. Meaning my lessons can be planned around the students individual goals and needs. We can cover anything from the songs you love to music theory and techniques.

I am very passionate about music and my students progress. Whether you want to rock out on stage or just learn how to pitch a melody, I want to help you to improve and to attain your goals, regardless of age and experience. It's never too late to pick up an instrument.

Teacher Tips

Music Shops in Bristol

Music stores in the area

Music Shops in Bristol

There is a wide range of music shops on offer in Bristol. Here are some well worth visiting to find your first guitar or expand your collection of guitar equipment.

PMT Bristol, is located on 5 Rupert St, Bristol, BS1 2PY. One of the largest music chains in the UK, they stock everything the modern guitarist needs.

Hobgoblin Music, is located on 36 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5JG. A treasure trove for acoustic and folk instruments, they have a huge range to choose from.

Mickleburgh Music, is located on 1-9 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PL. Renowned for its outstanding reputation in both quality service and product. Mickleburgh is a family business that has grown and evolved since 1870 through the experience of its customers’ needs into a mammoth musical maze covering 10,000 sq/ft.

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Guitar Lessons Bristol Teacher - Sam Roberts
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I can help you to

I'm a professional guitarist and teacher who can help you supercharge your playing in no time at all. I will make a lesson plan that helps you build on your strengths and learn new skills. If you want to know more about my lessons then please feel free to send me an email at anytime.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at £25 per half hour and £30 per hour.

I take the most of my lessons at my home teaching space on Luckwell Road, Bristol, BS3 3ET. I also offer online lessons for those students interested in learning in the comfort of their own homes.

I teach students of all ages in a wide range of genres. I would recommend starting no younger than age 6.

The frequency of lessons is entirely up to you. Weekly lessons, combined with plenty of practice is what I would recommend if you want to make quick progress.

Guitar Lessons Bristol operates 48-hour cancellation policy. Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will still be charged full price.

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Guitar Lessons Bristol Music Studio Address


Luckwell Road, Bristol, BS3 3ET
Teaching Space
I teach in a home teaching space on Luckwell Road, Bristol, BS3 3ET. This room has been designed to be a relaxing and comfortable environment perfect for learning. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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Guitar Teacher

Sam Roberts
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