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Hi, my name is Louise Macphail and I am a professional guitar teacher offering high quality guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities in Lewisham and surrounding areas.

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Louise Macphail - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Lewisham Teacher - Louise Macphail
My Mission

High Quality Guitar Lessons Provided

I take great pride in offering professional guitar lessons of the highest quality. My lessons are suitable for all students of any background and skill level. No matter if you have never played a guitar before, or if you have been playing for years, my lessons cater for all students.

I have a vast amount of teaching experience and over the years have worked with all ages of learner. I tend to teach students from all ages 8+ through to retirees who are looking to pass the time with a new skill and everyone in between. I feel it's almost never too early or too late to learn how to play an instrument.


Albury St, Lewisham, SE8 3PT

Guitar Teacher

Louise Macphail
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My Lessons

All Genres and Styles Welcome

The lessons I provide can cover all styles and genres. No matter which direction you would like the lessons to go, together we can study music that you like by the artists or styles you enjoy the most such as Jazz, Rock, Blues & Funk, Pop etc. I will provide you with all the technical skills and the knowhow to play in just about any style or genre you could ever want to play.

As well as covering all the different styles and genres, I also offer guitar lessons for both the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. Generally speaking playing these different guitars often requires a different set of skills as you generally tend to spend more time fingerpicking and strumming the acoustic, and more time playing lead lines and solos on the electric. The skills do however cross over from one another!


£40 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

Lessons are available for all level of guitarists, whether you're looking to start from scratch or you're wanting to develop on your existing skills and take them to that next level I am happy to work with students of all abilities.

Lesson Focus
Beginners Welcome

Introduction to Guitars, Basic Songs, Simple Melodies

My Experience as a Teacher

I’m a professional musician who specialises in guitar, music theory, singing, piano and songwriting. I play in an alternative / indie rock band but have experience playing both classical and jazz guitar.

I am passionate about teaching and I have experience of tutoring people of different ages with varying abilities, both in person and over zoom in preparation for formal music exams and also on a more casual basis. I always ask my pupils to make me a playlist of their favourite songs and then from that I create lesson plans based around their interests in music. For example, if the pupil wants to learn how to improvise, I would teach the pupil scales found in their chosen songs and we would examine how they are used in contexts they are familiar with.

I pride myself in being a flexible and adaptive teacher in which I adapt lessons to the specific needs of the pupil and find ways to keep it fun and engaging!

Lessons Focus
Intermediate/Advanced Guitar players Welcome

Harder Playing Techniques, Complex Theory, Complex Songs,

More About My Lessons

My main teaching method for these lessons will vary depending on the needs of each individual student. I understand that we all love different things about music and as such I will always try and tailor my teaching approach to that individual. I will primarily be teaching you the songs that you love, by your favorite artists to help keep you motivated and inspired along the way.

If you would like to take a more formal approach to your learning I do also offer exam study lessons if this is something that you would like to pursue. I have previous experience teaching and taking my students through graded exams, particularly the Rockschool and ABRSM grading syllabus. These can also help with College and University applications further down the line.

Most of my adult learners tend to take one 60 minute lesson with me each week and I find that this tends to allow for the most solid progress and development between the lessons. I would however recommend the 30 minute sessions for younger learners as this tends to help keep their attention span for the full duration of the sessions.

Teacher Tips
Local Music Stores

Here is a list of music stores you can try for all your musical needs.

Music Shops in Lewisham

There aren't many options in the area when it comes to music shops but here are a selection of the ones that I would recommend.

Eric Lindsey Music, is located 20-22 Rushey Green, Catford, London SE6 4JF and is one of your best local options if you are looking for a music shop that stocks a wide range of instruments including guitars and basses.

Record Collector, is located 70 Lee High Rd, Lewisham, London SE13 5PT. Whilst not being an instrument store, it is a great music shop that stocks a wide range of everything from CD to Vinyl in a wide range of genres.

PMT London, is located 35-39 Old Street, Clerkenwell, EC1V 9HX which is a short drive away closer to London but this is a great store that you can try for all things music. Here you will be able to find everything you will need for any instruments, especially guitars.

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Guitar Lessons Lewisham Teacher - Louise Macphail
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I can help you to

I am a passionate and driven guitar player who's main goal is to help you along your musical journey and to help you become the guitar player you've always wanted to be.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons are £40 for an hours tuition.

I teach the majority of my lessons from my home in Ashmead Road, Lewisham, SE8 4DY, my full address would be provided upon booking your first lesson.

I teach students of all ages 8+.

No you can attend lessons as and when you like. I would recommend one hour a week for the most consistent progress.

Any lessons cancelled within 48 hours can still be charged for. I am happy to reschedule cancelled lessons where possible.

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Guitar Lessons Lewisham Music Studio Address


Albury St, Lewisham, SE8 3PT
Teaching Space
I teach my lessons from a teaching space located in London SE8 3PT, UK. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking. I also offer online and mobile music lessons (subject to my availability and your location). For more information about my music lessons simply get in touch.
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Guitar Teacher

Louise Macphail
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