Bass Lessons

Bass Lessons

Find professional bass teachers able to help you to progress your playing ability by searching the international teacher database. Complete beginners to advanced bassists welcome, with almost all musical styles taught.

Guitar lessons are individually tailored to each student, helping them to learn the music that inspired them to pick up a guitar.

All Styles Taught

The teachers within this community are able to help you learn many different styles of bass guitar, from jazz, pop, rock and funk, to alternative, folk and soul. Across these genres there are an array of different techniques and approaches to playing bass, with different members in our bass teaching community specialising in them.

Many of our students start as complete beginners, including those who have never played the bass before their first lesson. For intermediate and advanced bass players we have courses of lessons that really help them push on, developing skills like improvisation, composition and stagecraft. We offer both in-person and lessons online to students based around the world.

Reach that next level on bass

The bass teachers we work with are often experienced performers, having honed their craft over many years. This ability to play more complex bass lines will under the pressure of performing online or being in the recording studio is an area that we can help you to improve upon, paving the way to enable you to develop as an active musician in your own right.

Composition and improvisation are also areas that we focus on when helping to develop advanced bass players. Bassists who are able to draw upon a wide range of musical genres to create riffs that add to the overall musical composition.

We are able to help students who are interested in undertaking graded exams to progress through a variety of syllables, depending on the students preferred exam board. These graded exams are certainly not compulsory, with many students simply learning to play the bass for their own enjoyment or as a hobby.

Whatever your goals for learning to play the bass or the level you are currently playing at, there are teachers within this music community who will enable you to reach that next level on the bass. Giving you the confidence and technical ability to perform at the highest-level and explore building a career in playing music should that be your ambition. Equality, your teacher will build courses of lessons for you to really enjoy playing the bass as a past-time purely for your own enjoyment if that is your prefer goal.

Once a beginner has learned the foundations of how to play the guitar then we look to help them reach that next level, which explores how to use your guitar to communicate with others
Many of the guitar teachers in this community teach students online and via in-person lessons. They use this platform to find more students to teach, helping them build thriving careers as guitar teachers.

Are you a bass teacher?

I work with bass teachers across the world, helping them to find new bass students to teach either online or in-person. We have a really active community of professional bass tutors, enabling peer support to earlier stage bass teachers enabling them to develop their teaching ability and for more experienced bass teachers to help mentor earlier stage teachers.

Across the bass teachers in this community, we teach almost every musical genre, reflecting the variety of interest from bass students in terms of the styles of bass music that they want to learn. If you are interested in teaching more bass students simply fill out the Teacher Application Form.

Bass Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional bass teacher in your area.

Bass Hubs in the United Kingdom

Brixton: Nick Morgan is a professional bassist and bass teacher located in Brixton, London. He is able to help students of all learning abilities, including complete beginners. To find out more visit the Bass Lessons Brixton page.

Online Bass Lessons

Zoom: Matt Fry has been teaching bass since 2016, helping students of all learning abilities to progress their playing ability through individually tailored lessons. He now teaches Zoom bass lessons to students around the world