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My name is Kristie Leigh and I am a professional guitar teacher offering high quality guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities, in and around Scarborough.

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Kristie Leigh - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Scarborough Teacher - Kristie Leigh
My Mission

Relaxed and Fun lessons

I strongly believe that learning an instrument should be a fun experience and as such I like to try and keep my lessons as relaxed but informative as possible. My guitar lessons can cater for all ages and all styles/genres of music, so no matter what music you like we can tailor a lesson plan to suit you.

I take pride in offering the highest quality guitar lessons while maintaining a comfortable and relaxed setting for the lessons. I have a real passion for guitar having taken lessons myself from a very young age, I am now in a position to be able to pass these skills on to you!


Scarborough, YO11 1LD

Guitar Teacher

Kristie Leigh
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Feel free to get in touch for more information on my guitar lessons.

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My Lessons

Lessons Suitable for All Students

Over the years I have worked with students from all different walks of life. Since then I have studied, taught and performed in a wide range of style and genres. I feel confident playing and teaching in many styles such as Pop, Rock, Folk and Blues.

My lesson plans are tailored to each individual students as I understand we all like different music and have different goals with our instruments. Together we can begin learning your most favorite pieces that you've always dreamed of playing, ensuring not only technical progress but a huge reward at the end by being able to play the songs that you love.


£15 per 1/2 hour
£30 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

No matter what current playing ability you have; whether you are looking to pick up a guitar for the first time or you are just looking to move up to that next level, my lessons can cater and provides for students of any ability or skill level.

Lesson Focus

Introduction to Guitar - Basics

How to Tune The Guitar, How to play simple melodies, How to play chords

My Experience as a Teacher

I have always loved the guitar and have had a passion for it ever since I was young. I received lessons myself at a young age which allowed me to grow and develop very quickly. I used to watch famous artists and used to dream of being good enough to play them. This was a huge driving force behind my own progression as a guitar player.

I understand that learning the guitar, and really any other instrument, can sometimes be a difficult and frustrating process. Therefore it's my job to help motivate and guide you through the rough patches so we can come out the other side as a better player. Always remember, Practice Practice Practice!.

I enjoy teaching and working with students of all ages. I accept that Children will learn differently to Adults and as such I will always tailor and structure my lesson plans to meet the needs of that individual student. Lessons provided offer an insight in to both the Practicial and Theoretical sides of music.

Lessons Focus

Intermediate / Advanced Students Welcome

Complex Chords, Full Songs, Solos, Composition and Harmony

More About My Lessons

Motivating people to stay focused and to practice on the guitar can be a very difficult task, but with the right guidance and appropriate goal setting, together I feel confident we can get you to be the guitar player you've always wanted to be. Maintaining regular practice in between guitar lessons is crucial for allowing yourself to develop and grow as a musician.

For those more advanced students, my lessons will deeply explore a wide range of musical topics covering both practical and theoretical elements such as Scales, Composition, Harmony etc. I believe having an understanding of the behind the scenes of music is just as important as being able to play your instrument technically well.

I have played and performed Gigs in and around Scarborough for around the last 25 years or so. This means I have many years experience as an active musician within the local scene. I have also graduted with a BA Hons degree in Music. These experiences and qualifications combined have allowed to provide high quality guitar lessons for a wide range of students.

Teacher Tips

Here to Help

Whether its help learning a song or advice on buying your first guitar, I'm always happy to help in anyway I can.

Music Shops in Scarborough

I'm often asked where can I buy a guitar in Scarborough so below is a short list of a few local places you can pick up your first guitar from.

Guitar Galleries, is probably the best shop in the area that specialises in guitars. They have a wide range of both acoustics and electrics and the staff are always very helpful. You can find them on 11 Bar St, Scarborough YO11 2HT.

Knights Music, is great little all-round music store where you can purchase everything from the Guitars themselves, to picks, strings, cloths, cables and other accessories. This store is located on 17 Victoria Rd, Scarborough YO11 1SP.

Mancinis Music, is a small independent music store that caters to a wide range of musicians. The staff here are very knowledgable and very friendly so whether you're looking for a first guitar or looking to upgrade the one you have, here is definitely worth a try. The shop is located on 22 Franklin St, Scarborough YO12 7JU.

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Guitar Lessons Scarborough Teacher - Kristie Leigh
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I can help you to

I am a passionate guitar teacher who just loves all things guitar and I want to share these skills with you. I love being able to a part of my students musical journeys and love to see their development and growth as a performer and an all round musician.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are £15 for half an hour or £30 for an hour.

I take my lessons from my dedicated teaching space in central Scarborough.

I teach students of all ages 6+.

No, you can attend lessons as and when suits you. I would recommend one hour a week for the most consistent progress.

Lessons cancelled within 48 hours can still be charged for. I am happy to try and reschedule cancelled lessons where possible.

Still have questions? Get in touch
Guitar Lessons Scarborough Music Studio Address


Scarborough, YO11 1LD
I take my lessons from my home teaching space in Scarborough. This is a great place to learn where you can feel comfortable while learning to play the guitar.
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Feel free to get in touch for more information on booking your first guitar lesson.

Guitar Teacher

Kristie Leigh
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