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Hi! My name is Nick Mackey and I'm an award winning, experienced guitar instructor based in Clitheroe. I teach guitar, bass and various other stringed instruments at all levels and in many styles. I would love to continue guiding new students to help them make the most of their musical pursuits.

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Nick Mackey - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Clitheroe Teacher - Nick Mackey
My Mission

Electric, Acoustic & Bass Lessons

I offer lessons in electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar as well as various other stringed instruments including banjo, mandolin and ukelele. Building my skills on multiple instruments has helped me become adept at many styles that I now teach regularly.

Having taught instrumental lessons for 30 years, I have picked up several qualifications along the way. I am an examiner for the London College of Music, a writer for the Banjo, Mandolin And Guitar Society Magazine, quality ensured through the BwD Music Group, DBS checked and a proud recipient of the 'Experienced Exam Tutor' status by the RGT.


Chatburn Avenue, Clitheroe, BB7 2AU

Guitar Teacher

Nick Mackey
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My Lessons

All Levels, Ages And Styles Are Welcome

I have taught a great many students of all manner of abilities, from complete beginners to advanced players looking to take the next step. All of my lessons are highly customised to suit specific skill levels, interests and personalities.

Watching my students progress and grow is a deeply enriching experience as a teacher. I ensure a fun, relaxed and informative learning environment in which previous students have achieved incredible results and discovered lifelong interests.


£17.50 per 1/2 hour
£34 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

No matter what stage you are at or what specific interests you may have, I guarantee an enjoyable experience and valuable information for anyone looking to progress.

Lesson Focus

Become A Confident Beginner

Learn your first open chords, famous riffs and technique fundamentals to tackle your favorite songs.

My Experience as a Teacher

As well as having written the current exams for The International London College of Music, I have passed the University of West London Child Protection Course, received an RGT award for 'Experienced Exam Tutor' and have examined both across the UK and internationally.

I have been an instrumental instructor for 30 years and currently hold an advanced DBS, a membership to The Incorporated Society of Musicians and have passed the HM Government PREVENT training.

Styles I have taught regularly during my time as a teacher encompass Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk and Indie. I have also instructed students on a wide array of stringed instruments including electric/acoustic/nylon/bass guitars, 5 string/Irish tenor banjos, mandolins and ukeleles.

Lessons Focus

Hone In On Your Progress And Reach The Next Level Of Playing

Use methodical and focussed exercises to improve your skills at a significant rate.

More About My Lessons

After 30 years of teaching at all levels, I continue to enjoy nurturing my students abilities. Many have produced incredible results despite the recent change to online lessons, and I am regularly impressed with their continually rising confidence.

Absolutely all skill levels, stylistic interests and ages are welcome in my lessons. I love getting to know new students and always enjoy hearing about their specific inspirations, goals and past achievements. By finding out more about my students' varied interests, I am able to form effective lesson plans that focus on material applicable to each individual.

I currently offer online lessons and in-person visits to my home in Clitheroe, provided current regulations permit. No matter how lessons are carried out, they will certainly benefit those willing to improve their skills!

Teacher Tips

Receive Local Assistance With All Aspects Of Your Playing

Find the right instrument and servicing for you

Music Shops in Clitheroe

Students of mine regularly enquire about sourcing instruments suited specifically to them. Luckily, there are several outstanding music shops located around Clitheroe that offer exceptional services and will certainly have you playing your own instrument in no time.

Forsyth Music ShopAn excellent guitar & general music store located on 126 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2GR. There is something here for everyone, whether you are a beginner looking for your first nylon acoustic or a seasoned pro after a more exotic instrument.

Louandy's Music ShopA stringed instrument specialist, Louandy's is a highly regarded provider of instruments and servicing for all types of customer. They are located on 93 Albert Road, Colne, BB8 0BS.

Reidy's Home Of MusicReidy's Home Of Music is just that. A convenient provider of instruments for both pros and beginners situated on 1 Nab Lane, Blackburn, BB2 1LN.

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Guitar Lessons Clitheroe Teacher - Nick Mackey
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I can help you

I am a highly experienced and friendly teacher offering enjoyable, relaxed lessons packed with high value information that will keep you busy and progressing for years to come. I have a broad knowledge of many stringed instruments and styles, having written the current exam syllabus for The London College of Music and receiving status as 'Experienced Exam Tutor' by RGT.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons range from £17.50 for 30 minutes to £34 for a full hour.

Lessons can either take place online via Skype or Zoom etc, or at my home in Clitheroe BB7 2AU. I ensure a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment to all of my students. You may view this location on the map below.

I welcome all ages from 7 years old upwards. I have extensive experience teaching both younger students and adults at all stages of life. I can confidently disclose that age does not matter when starting an instrument; the benefits are always the same.

Absolutely not, I provide lessons to suit your specific schedule. If you would like weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions then that is completely fine, however I do recommend attending every couple weeks if possible in order to get the most out of your learning experience.

I ask all students to take notice of my 48 hour cancellation policy. This simply means that students must contact me regarding problems with attending 48 hours or more prior to an upcoming session. You are completely free to reschedule of course, but in order to keep your money and my time productive I do ask that this policy is practiced whenever possible.

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Guitar Lessons Clitheroe Music Studio Address


Chatburn Avenue, Clitheroe, BB7 2AU
Teaching Space
I teach both online and at my home in Clitheroe. For those wishing to visit, I always guarantee a positive and fun learning space in which students can feel comfortable and inspired. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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Guitar Teacher

Nick Mackey
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