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Hi Everyone, My name is Garry & I'm a professional guitar teacher based in Havant offering high quality tuition in a wide range of styles and genres for students of all ages and all ability levels.

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Garry Webber - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Havant Teacher - Garry Webber
My Mission

Lessons Tailored To You

I specialise in composition on the guitar, using unconventional techniques to create a unique and modern/electronic sounding music. Palm muting, poly-rhythms, parallel harmony, tremolo picking and particular effects are just some of the techniques I use to achieve this sound. Education and qualifications aside, I have a real passion for music and the ability to communicate what I have learned to my students.

Every student will be unique and I have the experience and understanding to adapt and tailor the lessons to the student's needs. Alongside keeping the material challenging and engaging, it's important to remind ourselves that learning/playing music is one of the most enjoyable activities one can do. This is always considered when I plan my lessons.


Teacher Road, Havant, PO1 2ST

Guitar Teacher

Garry Webber
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My Lessons

Learn The Music You Love

I cover a wide range of different musical styles, including Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Funk, R&B, Jazz and Country, on both electric and acoustic guitar.

Whether you want to learn to strum chords, learn music theory, do grade exams or just play your favourite songs, I can help you reach your musical potential.


£15 per 1/2 hour
£30 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I welcome students of all ages and ability levels to take my lessons. I will make a lesson plan based around your ability level.

Lesson Focus
Beginner Lessons

I have experience teaching beginners.

My Experience as a Teacher

I have had the pleasure of teaching children and adults in 1-1 lessons and groups for over 3 years, both in schools and out. I hold an advanced DBS certificate and provide all the resources you could require during the learning process, such as tabs and guitar tuners.

Through guiding varied ages, skill levels and musical interests, I have adopted many methods and tricks to help present new information in fun, time efficient ways. Teaching has helped me better identify many common mistakes of beginners that I now help remedy on a frequent basis. It is very important to me that beginners have the best start to their musical journey and do not become put off when something doesn't come straight away.

Understanding the way in which different age groups respond to material has also had a tremendous impact on my ability to teach different types of learner. Students of mine now benefit from my years of experience eliminating bad habits and nurturing excellent ones!

Lessons Focus
Advanced Players Welcome

I also offer advanced lessons.

More About My Lessons

My focus is on keeping lessons fun and educational – including some theory and studying students' favourite songs so they can put what they have learnt into practice.

I have a wide range of experience when it comes to performing and composing. I can prepare students for exams, live performance or even how to write and compose your own music.

As I have my own studio, I have all the resources needed to take engaging and fun guitar lessons in a relaxing environment.

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Guitar Lessons Havant Teacher - Garry Webber
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I can help you to

I like to keep my lessons both enjoyable and fun for anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar. For more information about my lessons in Havant please send me an email. I'm always happy to talk about any issues or questions you might have.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at £15 per half hour and £30 per hour for all students.

I take my lessons from my home studio in central Havant.

My lessons are open to both young learners and adults.

Weekly lessons are by far the best way to improve your playing over a short period of time.

Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will still be charged full price.

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Guitar Lessons Havant Music Studio Address


Teacher Road, Havant, PO1 2ST
Teaching Space
I take all of my lessons from my home teaching space in Havant, This is a great place to learn that is easy to find. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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Guitar Teacher

Garry Webber
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