5 Reasons To Learn Guitar Online

5 Reasons To Learn Guitar Online

As an online guitar teacher, I am always asked the same questions relating to my job when I speak to just about anyone. This would be due to the majority of the general public assuming that teaching a musical instrument has to be something that is done in person & this has been the case for years and years, however in the last 5 years or so, with the advancement of fast internet connections and the quality of video calls I very much believe that teaching guitar online really is the way forward for guitar tutoring. There are many perks to this for both the student and the teacher although the following are my top 5 reasons why you should start learning guitar online now:

1. Learn from the comfort of your own home.

This is the biggest selling point for online lessons. Rather than having to worry about going to your local music school or to your closest teacher you can take the lesson from your own living room. An added perk to this would be that you can set up for your lesson 10 mins in advance and right after your lesson you have free time again. This have proved to be really good for those who have a tight schedule with work or college & for younger students who have school and other extracurricular activities.

2. More genre-specific teachers to choose from.

I feel that online there are a wider range of guitar teachers available so if you are specifically interested in learning blues or metal I feel you have a bigger chance of finding a teaching that best meets what you want to achieve. Another good side to this would be if you are an advanced guitar player, as sometimes locally there are very few teachers who cater to advanced players whereas online, myself included cater to all levels of player from beginner to advanced.

3. No transport costs.

This point links in with my first point but again is very important. If you are driving or using public transport to get to and from lessons at the time it won’t seem like a big cost but if you add that up over a month you could be spending the cost of 1 or two lessons purely on transport. I think everyone prefers to save money rather than spend it so I won’t go too much further into this one. It’s a no-brainer really.

4. You learn faster.

I know you will be thinking how can I learn faster online? To be honest I really feel that learning online really pushes a student to be more independent and less dependent on the teacher which in the long run makes you a better guitar player and helps you develop your own playing style rather than purely mirroring your teacher or always relying on them to be able to play along with a track. I do believe it’s important to play with other guitarists to develop your playing but this way you will be more inclined to play guitar with your friends to work on that side of your style.

5. The lessons are no different to a face to face lesson.

In all honesty having taught the majority of my students in person and online, both myself and my students feel that there is little difference between the two. In fact almost all my students prefer learning online as it really is more convenient and has a lot more benefits to you as a guitar player. There are obviously perks to learning guitar face to face but don’t be so quick to write off online lessons as they are just as beneficial and more so in some ways.


If you have been struggling to progress on the guitar, finding YouTube videos frustrating to learn to play the guitar from or based in a rural location so find it hard to access local guitar teachers why not give Skype Guitar Lessons a go. After all you can book a single lesson then decide after whether it is right for you. To find out how to book your first Skype Guitar Lesson with an a professional guitar teacher simply check out the info below.

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