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I'm Jem Hunns, a professional guitar teacher based in Ipswich. I offer high-quality guitar to students of all ages and abilities in the Ipswich area.

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Jem Hunns - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Ipswich Teacher - Jem Hunns
My Mission

Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Lessons

I teach electric, acoustic and bass lessons, covering a vast range of music styles, helping my students learn the guitar through the music they love.

If you want to learn to play the guitar in rapid time by playing the music you love in a comfortable setting, don't hesitate to get in touch with me to book your first lesson now!


Martlesham, Ipswich, IP5 3SX

Guitar Teacher

Jem Hunns
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My Lessons

Individually Tailored Guitar Lessons

I offer a student-focused approach. This means I will create a tailored lesson plan with you based around your interests and musical goals, to make learning the guitar a relaxing and truly enjoyable experience.

I believe all people should benefit from the therapeutic effects of playing an instrument, this is why I offer my guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities starting from 6+.


£14.50 per 1/2 hour
£29.00 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

Whether you are just starting to learn the guitar or an experienced guitarist contact me and start the journey to becoming the achieving your aims.

Lesson Focus

Learn the Basics of Guitar

Take a course of lessons as a beginner to start your journey playing guitar

My Experience as a Teacher

I am a professional and qualified guitar/bass teacher having achieved following qualifications: Grade 6 – RGT – (London College of Music) for Electric Guitar, Grade 5 – Piano & Theory – ABRSM and an Access to Music - OCN Level 3 – Instrumental Music Facilitator Course.

I have been teaching in local high schools for abt 20 years and also teach privately from my studio in the Martlesham Heath area. My teaching experience and passion for guitar gives me a large amount of knowledge and experience that I would love to pass onto you as a student.

I am a very friendly and experienced teacher, my lessons are very informal and easy to follow. Should you ever need to make or change a booking I am very easy and quick to contact.

Lessons Focus

Take Your Playing Further

My lessons help intermediate and advanced guitarist to keep improving

More About My Lessons

I understand exactly what it feels like to be a beginner and will make 100% sure you feel comfortable at all times. Lessons are tailored to the students' musical goals and interests making learning a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

I have had experience teaching in almost any style, I specialise in in rock, blues, pop, acoustic and metal music. However, I would be happy to cover any style you want to learn in our lessons.

As a professional teacher building guitar lessons around students' interests and needs, I can offer flexible teaching hours in the daytime, evenings and weekends. Meaning you can be sure that learning the guitar will fit around your lifestyle easily.

Teacher Tips

Holistic Approach to Guitar

Here to support all aspects of learning, from equipment advice to exam tuition

Music Shops in Ipswich

Here at Guitar Lessons Ipswich I am able to support my students beyond teaching them how to play the guitar, instead helping them to become guitarists. This means I am happy to help recommend guitar equipment to students of all abilities, explore how to approach stage performance or enter the recording studio for the first time.

Many beginner students are interested in where they can buy their first guitar from, luckily Ipswich has several great music stores to check out. For example, Music World, located on 16 Queen Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1SS has a wide range of guitars & Amps by world’s famous brands, including Fender, Admira, Martin & Co, Sigma Guitars and others.

Rocket Music offers different types of guitar, including second-hand instruments - so this shop will be a good place to get guitars for beginner students. They are based on 6-8 St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1TJ.

At EES Music any guitarist can find the instrument that matches him. Any accompanying detail to complete the final guitar set up can be found here. The shop is located in 18-19 Brookhouse Business Park, Brunel Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 0EF.

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Guitar Lessons Ipswich Teacher - Jem Hunns
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I can help you to

I am a professional guitar teacher with over 25 years experience, helping students in to rapidly improve their guitar playing ability. I teach students of all ages, covering a wide range of different musical genres including rock, pop, blues, acoustic, metal and many more.

With over 20 years teaching in local high schools, a full DBS Check and music grades in guitar, piano and music theory, I am able to provide the type of high quality tuition required for you to succeed on guitar.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Guitar lessons are priced at £14.50 per half-hour or £29.00 per hour lesson.

I teach the majority of my lessons from a specialised home studio located on Manor Road in Martlesham, Ipswich IP5 3SX.

I welcome students from the ages of 6 years old and upwards to attend my guitar lessons.

Not at all, you can have lessons whenever you want. Most of my students take lessons once a week, with a few having lessons once a fortnight or even twice a week. It is really up to you.

That’s absolutely not a problem. Just contact me know within a 24 hour period before the lesson and we can rearrange to another time. Guitar Lessons Ipswich does have a 24 hour cancellation policy which does mean that if you cancel your lesson within this time you will still be charged the full price.

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Guitar Lessons Ipswich Music Studio Address


Martlesham, Ipswich, IP5 3SX
Teaching Space
My teaching studio is fantastic for students as it contains all the resources we need to take great guitar lessons and is located close to public transport links. My studio is located only a 1-minute walk from Manor road bus stop. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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Guitar Teacher

Jem Hunns
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