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My name is Zaid Crowe and I am a professional Guitar Teacher based in Birmingham. I pride myself on providing high quality guitar lessons to students of any age or ability. The lessons are tailored to suit your individual musical goals and aims, so rest assured the lessons will always be taken in a direction you want to go.

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Zaid Crowe - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Birmingham Teacher - Zaid Crowe
My Mission

High Quality Guitar Lessons

I am a professional guitar teacher who has years of experience teaching students of any level. Most of the lessons that I teach are done from a teaching space based at my home on Longleat Avenue, B15 2EX. This is a great place to learn the guitar because I have created a calm and relaxed environment for us to learn and grow in.

Another great thing about this teaching space is that I also have all the relevant equipment for lessons to take place. No worries if you maybe don't have your first bass yet, or aren't able to bring an amp of your own, all needed gear is here ready to go and for you to use.


Longleat Avenue, Birmingham, B15 2EX

Guitar Teacher

Zaid Crowe
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My Lessons

Lessons Suitable for any Student

Over my years of playing and teaching guitar I have worked with students of all different levels and feel comfortable working with anyone. Each lesson is tailored and structured to you, so no matter if you have never played a guitar before or if you have been playing for years. Any student is welcome!

The lessons will cover all elements of what it takes to be a good guitar player. This includes not only studying and learning the practical techniques needed but also the music theory and the behind the scenes of music too. I feel both elements are just as important as each other when it comes to growing and developing as a musician.


£15 per 1/2 hour
£25 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

All Styles & Genres Covered

Whether this be Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classical, Metal, Folk; my lessons can provide everything you'll need to be the guitarist you've always wanted to be.

Lesson Focus

Perfect the Fundamentals

Learn the parts of the Guitar, The Names of the Strings, Learn some Simple Songs and Famous Riffs, Power Chords and basic Strumming Patterns

My Experience as a Teacher

I am an extremely experienced and qualified guitar teacher. In a career spanning 25 years, I have achieved a lot in the music industry. I currently hold a BA (Hons) degree in music technology. I have years of experience playing live as well as a host of experience as a studio engineer.

My approach to teaching is an easy one. I appreciate that every student is different and that we all want and love different things about music. If you're aiming to go down the more academic route and learn grades or a more free-form approach I will tailor make my lessons suit this.

I also realise that not everyone who wants to learn guitar wants to be a professional rockstar, sometimes you just want to play for fun and bedroom playing. I am more than happy to accommodate for this and will have you playing these 3 chord wonders in absolutely no time at all.

Lessons Focus

Developing to the Intermediate/Advanced Level

Covering Open Chords, Barre Chords, More Complex Chord Extensions and Progressions, Harmony, High Tempo playing, Solos

More About My Lessons

Beginner students are more than welcome, as are more advanced students. I have experience in teaching all levels and styles. Lessons for younger students are available from ages 6 and above. I would love to help you play the guitar, If you need more information please do so by contacting me with any questions you might have.

My lessons are based around what the student wants to learn. Whether that is to complete a few grades or simply to learn a few songs for fun. I can definitely help you with whatever you wish to achieve. However, I will make sure every student has a good understanding of the guitar as well as going through all the necessary exercises to reach your goals.

I welcome students of all abilities. If you are a beginner and have no idea where to start or have had problems learning. I guarantee you will make progress taking lessons with me. Alternatively, if you are a more experienced player with a certain goal in mind or have had an issue with a certain aspect of your playing, we can make a lesson plan that works for you.

Teacher Tips

Here to Support all your Musical Needs

Whether it's buying your first guitar or completing Grade 8, always happy to provide input and advice on any musical topic!

Music Shops in Birmingham

I'm often asked of any places in Birmingham where you can pick up your first/new guitar or other equipment such as strings, amps etc. Here is a short list of the best places to try!

PMT Birmingham, is located Unit 4, Trident Retail Park, 6 Westley Street, B9 4EH. This is an amazing store for all things music. Here you will find everything you need for all things guitars, amps and other accessories.

Guitar Guitar Birmingham, located 104 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 8LT. Don't let the name fool you, here they sell a huge selection of all musical instruments as well as guitars. With such a huge selection to choose from you really are spoilt for choice here.

Hobgoblin Birmingham, is located 8 Priory Queensway, Birmingham, West Midlands, B4 6BS and here they sell a wide range of instruments including guitars, amps and pedals. They have a great selection here that suits all budgets and prices ranges.

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Guitar Lessons Birmingham Teacher - Zaid Crowe
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I can help you to

Alongside teaching students in Birmingham I also offer Skype Guitar Lessons to students based worldwide. This is ideal for students who are interested in rapidly progressing their guitar playing with an expert teacher in the comfort of their own home.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard lesson prices are £25 for an hour or £15 for half an hour.

The location of the lessons is very relaxed. I am a mobile tutor who is happy to travel around the city to the students home if this suits, but also have teaching space available at my own home too (B15 2EX) if needed.

My lessons cater for students of all ages (6+).

No, there is no demand for regular lessons to be had, really it's about what works for you. I do however recommend that around one hour per week tends to allow for the most consistent progression.

Any lesson cancelled within 48 hours of the agreed lesson time can still be charged for. I understand that things out of control can pop up from time to time and will always be happy to work with you in the most reasonable way possible. Once confirmed however, any cancelled or no show lessons can still be charged for at full cost if no prior notice (within 48 hours of the lesson) is given.

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Guitar Lessons Birmingham Music Studio Address


Longleat Avenue, Birmingham, B15 2EX
Teaching Space
I do have allocated teaching space at my home address based (B15 2EX).
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Guitar Teacher

Zaid Crowe
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