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Hello, my name is Ben Turner and I am a professional guitar teacher based in London. I work with a small team of professional guitar teachers located across the city to enable you to take lessons with a local guitar teacher.

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Ben Turner - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons London Teacher - Ben Turner
My Mission

Relaxed and Informative Lessons

Sometimes learning a new instrument can be difficult and as such I like to try and keep my lessons as relaxed as possible. I think learning should be fun and I will always do my best to ensure a relaxed and comfortable learning environment. We will primarily be learning by studying the songs that you love.

The lessons provided are always tailored to you and your individual music tastes and goals. This way not only can we allow for steady progress to be made when studying and learning the songs, but there is also the reward of being able to play songs you've always dreamed of at the end of it too!


Clapham Common West Side, London, SW4 9BA

Guitar Teacher

Ben Turner
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Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information on booking your first guitar lesson.

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My Lessons

Lessons Suitable for all Styles/Genres

Personally I am interested in a wide range of music and I believe that this reflects in my teaching. In my lessons I can teach anywhere from Blues or Pop music to Rock and Heavy Metal. Each genre also sometime uses Acoustic or Electric guitars and as such the lessons provided can cater for both.

So no matter whether you're looking to strum some nice chords on an acoustic guitar or you're looking to rip those solos on an electric guitar, together we can work through exercises and songs tailored to suit you specifically.


£40 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I take pride in offering lessons suitable for all music lovers, no matter if you've been playing for years or you're just looking to pick up a guitar for the first time. I have been teaching the guitar for over 10 years at this point and in that time I have worked with students from all walks of life and skill sets. I feel comfortable working with any student on any level in any style or genre!

Lesson Focus

Beginners Welcome

Introduction to Guitar, Basic Chords, Basic Melodies

My Experience as a Teacher

I am very passionate and just love all things music in general. My music tastes span across such a wide range of genres and I love studying and playing the different styles. This really helps me be flexible with my lesson and allows me to cater for the needs of all.

I have been working as a professional musician or the last 15 years, having worked with both international and national artists. Recently I was fortunate enough to perform in two of Londons' larger venues (O2 Academy Shepherds Bush and Camden Roundhouse). Outside of performance I also compose for a variety of multimedia outlets such as TV, Film, Documentaries and Podcasts.

Lessons Focus

Advanced Students Welcome

Complex Rhythms, Music Theory, Composition, Arrangement

More About My Lessons

I currently hold a bachelors degree from the BIMM Institute in London, as well as my Masters Degree in Music and Sonic Media. As a guitar teacher I have been working with students for the last 10 years, helping them to achieve their music playing goals!

The most important thing to me is that you enjoy the lessons. Together we can work through your weaker areas and help you get passed those frustrating scales, or whatever it may be. I will always try to help keep you motivated and together we will help you get playing those songs you've always dreamed of.

My lessons are taken from an easy to access location in Clapham Common (full address will be provided at the time of booking a lesson). This location is easy to find and acts as a great environment for the lessons to take place. I do also provide online lessons via things like Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

Teacher Tips

Music Stores

Here is a list of music stores you can try for all your guitar needs.

Music Shops in Location

Many people often ask where they can buy a guitar, so here is a list of some nearby stores that are worth a visit for all your guitar needs.

London Guitar Studio , can be located at 62 Duke Street, London, W1K 6JT and has provided equipment for some big names like Eric Clapton and Elton John. Here you will find a great selection of guitars to choose fom as well as all accessories, cables, pedals etc that you may need.

Wunjo Guitars, is located on Denmark Street (WC2H) and is packed full of fantastic guitars backed up with in-store expertise that will help you to find the guitar that is right for you. Here you can find a selection of guitars to suit all price ranges.

Guitar Guitar London, is located at 6 Capitol Square, Church St, Epsom, KT17 4NY, is well worth the trip outside central London to as it boasts a huge range of guitars and equipment for guitarists of all abilities.

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Guitar Lessons London Teacher - Ben Turner
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I can help you to

I am a passionate musician who loves all things music and loves to share my passion with others. Please feel free to get in contact for more information on booking your first guitar lesson.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My guitar lessons are £40 per 1 hour one-to-one lesson.

Lessons can take place either at my home teaching place in Clapham Common (full address is provided at the time of booking the lesson) or online.

I teach students of all ages starting from the age of 5.

No, you can attend lessons as and when you like. I would recommend one hour a a week for the most consistent progress.

Any lessons cancelled within 48 hours can still be charged for. I am happy to reschedule cancelled lessons where possible.

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Guitar Lessons London Music Studio Address


Clapham Common West Side, London, SW4 9BA
Teaching Space
I currently take the majority of my lessons from my home teaching studio in Clapham Common, London, SW4 9BA. This is a great place to learn as it is a safe and comfortable environment where you can learn to your full potential.
Ready to start?

Don't hesitate to get in touch for more information on how to book your first guitar lesson.

Guitar Teacher

Ben Turner
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