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Can Anyone Learn Sing?

So you are a music tutor, espousing your knowledge and shaping the minds of students in all things musical. Teaching any kind of beginner has its challenges……read more.

Five Of The Perils Of Being A Guitar Teacher

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Job. Seeing someone go from playing the first few tentative notes of Smoke On The Water to shredding their way through Purple Haze is one of the most rewarding things in life, BUT, being a guitar tutor in 2017 does present some problems……read more.

Guitar Toys for Christmas

We take a look at a few guitar toys for Christmas presents, inspired by what our guitar students have said that they would love to be given this year……read more.

Suzuki Piano

As a parent or a new learner you might have seen references to “Suzuki Piano”. This naturally leads many individuals to wonder what “Suzuki Piano” is?……read more.

A Trip To Marshall HQ

Last week found out about an interesting opportunity that had come my way – getting to go to Marshall Amps HQ in Milton Keynes to take part in an event where 50 guitarists of all ages and skill levels were going to be playing the same song together…….read more.

Practicing Music Improves Mental Abilities

If you have faced this strict action by your parents regarding the music classes, then you will be happy to know that science has proved music improves your mental abilities and it also produces incredible effects on your mind which make you healthy by the mind……read more.

History of Bodhran

The musical instrument Bodhran is an old but a young instrument of this era. Bodhran exists in Ireland for last many decades and it is also considered as a heritage instrument of Ireland respectively……read more.

5 Reasons To Learn Guitar Online

As an online guitar teacher, I am always asked the same questions relating to my job when I speak to just about anyone… more.

Viva Roxy Music

John bought his Roxy Music record in 1979 and has “for what appeared to be for no sensible reason, gathered together one of the largest collections of Roxy Music & solo records, CDs, cuttings & memorabilia” anywhere in the world…….read more.

5 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs

It’s what we all do when learning something new 90% of the time, we learn from home in our own spare time, whether that is learning an instrument or learning a new language……read more.

25 Best Guitar Blogs

The results are in from our Best Guitar Blogs vote! Many thanks to our community of guitar students for providing their favourite guitar blogs from across the internet and commenting on why these blog posts rock…….read more.

5 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs

There are some fantastic tools online to help guitarists improve. Here are 5 online tools every guitarist needs……read more.

Chuck Berry – The Rock and Roll Master

There aren’t many players who can lay claim to building the foundations of rock. If you have dug into the history of rock in its many forms, the name Chuck Berry should have come up from time to time. One of the most influential guitarists of all time……read more.

Guitar Intonation Demystified

There seems to be this general perception among a lot of guitar and bass players that the process of intonation is some sort of mystical and highly technical ‘thing’ better left to guitar techs……read more.

8 Useful Online Resources for Guitar Teachers

We’ve asked our panel of expert teachers to pick some of their favourite online resources they use in lessons. The only rules we set were that the resources had to be online and that they could be accessed for free in and out of lessons……read more.

5 Reasons You Need a Telecaster

I was personally a latecomer to the Telecaster party because I spent about 5 years trying to find “the one”. I had the perfect Telecaster in my mind and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than what I wanted so it took me a long time to add one to my collection……read more.

Influences of Material on the Sound Quality of Woodwind Instruments

From the past to now the material of musical instruments has been playing a crucial role. As the material from which an instrument is made of determines the characteristics as well as tone quality of the musical instrument… more.

Anyone Can Play Guitar

We are delighted to share with you one of the best new music podcasts out there. Anyone Can Play Guitar is the podcast for music lovers and aspiring musicians that goes behind the scenes of the music business… more.

Building a Practice Space in Your Mind

Practice makes perfect, but to practice to a high standard you must first assume the mindset of practicing. This means no distractions. If you want the quality of practice and visible results, you need to find a way to focus on your practice… more.

7 Tips to Increase Your Lesson Bookings

Over the years I have been asked by many teachers how to improve their conversion of enquiries to students. I have drawn together this advice into the article below to help maximize your chances of converting a new enquiry into a student……read more.

Reducing Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety can affect even the most experienced musicians, crippling their confidence before they take to the stage. So how can you overcome it?… more.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Music Online

2020 changed the world and it changed the private music tuition industry entirely. Many teachers all across the globe have been forced to rethink their approach and rely on the technology available to allow them to continue working with their students and driving them to succeed……read more.

Identifying Music Students Suffering From Depression

Depression can be difficult to spot, especially in young people. This is because the symptoms can be quite subtle and they are good at hiding how they really feel. It is also possible to mistake grief or loss for depression, as many of the symptoms are the same. There is a big difference between someone feeling down or slightly depressed (which is normal)……read more.

Resuming Face to Face Music Lessons

Moving into Summer 2021, as close contact services start to reopen, seemingly for good this time, music teachers are ready to make the step back to teaching in person lessons, so what do you need to consider when return to in-person tuition?… more.

10 Secrets to Being an Outstanding Piano Teacher

To all you music teachers/tutors out there, have you ever felt like you’ve hit a wall with trying to make your lessons more interesting for your students? You know, that one pupil who keeps asking when the lesson will be over and you can’t help but feel like what you’re teaching could be more engaging or not engaging enough….read more.

Top 5 Tips for Smashing a Graded Music Exam

So, you’ve got your graded exam booked, it’s a few months away but you know it will come quickly. You attend weekly lessons with your tutor who is helping you prep for it but you still feel that wee voice nagging you at the back of your mind, “what if I mess up”….read more.

Top 5 Piano Practise Scales for Beginners

Find resources to practice the piano between lessons can be a challenge for beginner piano students. To help we have pulled together the top 5 practise scales that a beginner should concentrate on….read more.

Teaching Music in Uganda

Professional singing teacher Jordan Hodson traveled over to Uganda to teach music. As Jordan is part of the community of music teachers here on….read more.

The 3 Basic Triads Explained

A triad is a chord formed of 3 notes. Only certain chords are triads, for example a power chord is not a triad, as it’s made of only 2 notes, and major 7, minor 7 or dominant 7 chords, being made of 4 notes, are not triads either….read more.

Kirk Hammet Guitar Rig

Kirk Hammett is known as the lead guitar player in Thrash Metal giants Metallica. Over the years his rig has changed based on the needs of the album they are touring, but it has remained mostly faithful to a few select pieces of gear….read more.

Randy Rhodes Guitar Rig 1981

Randy Rhodes had a very short career in the spotlight but in that time he became a certified guitar hero. Most notably for his work with Ozzy Osbourne on 1980s Blizzard of Ozz and 1982’s Diary of a Madman….read more.

Brian May Guitar Rig 1975

1975 was a year that forever changed the lives of the members of Queen. They released their classic album A Night at the Opera which contained the massive hit Bohemian Rhapsody….read more.

Eric Clapton Guitar Rig 1965

In 1965, a young Eric Clapton was making huge waves on the London music scene. First as a member of the Yardbirds, then in 1965 as a member of John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers. It was in 1965 that Eric Clapton presented to the world, one of the most coveted and desired guitar tones of all time….read more.

Tom Morello Guitar Rig 1992

Tom Morello is something of a sonic architect. Millions will have heard his otherworldly guitar parts in Rage Against the Machine and wondered just what was going on. Some of the most iconic RATM riffs don’t even sound like a guitar… more.

Matt Bellamy Guitar Rig 2001

Matt Bellamy has caused something of a shake up in the guitar world since Muse burst onto the scene in 2001. He has made guitars sound like everything other than a guitar over the years, and this leaves many people wondering just how he does it… more.

Slash Guitar Rig 2015

You probably know him best for being an 80s rock guitar hero from the band Guns ‘N Roses but these days Slash is an accomplished solo artist in his own right… more.

John Mayer Guitar Rig 2005

Many write him off as a flash in the pan pop artist, but the truth is, John Mayer is a guitar player through and through. He may divide opinion with some of his antics but let’s face it, he’s a great player with a fantastic tone… more.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Rig 1984

If you’re a fan of Texas blues, you’re probably a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan. One of the hardest hitting, meanest guitar slingers in the world. SRV, as he’s known, took the blues formula, sprinkled some Texas magic on it and turned it up to 10… more.

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Rig 1969 (Woodstock Festival)

Jimi Hendrix is one of the best known names in the guitar world. You don’t need to look far to find traces of his influence. Chances are, if you’ve picked up the guitar in the last 50 years, you’re probably inspired by Hendrix in some capacity… more.

John Frusciante Guitar Rig 2000

Let’s explore the guitar rig used by John Frusciante on the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s 1999/2000 era Califiornication album and tour……read more.

Eddie Van Halen Guitar Rig

In 1978 a young Dutch born guitar player named Eddie Van Halen rewrote the blueprint for Electric Guitar. Let’s check out his guitar rig from the first album……read more.

Jimmy Page Guitar Rig

Jimmy Page is the guitar player from Led Zeppelin. For over 50 years his guitar riffs and licks have been inspiring countless generations of guitar players, and he will continue to do so for many years to come… more.

Dave Grohl Guitar Rig

Dave Grohl is a man of many talents. From his thundering drums on Nirvana’s discography to his guitar slinging, songwriting prowess for alt-rock superheroes the Foo Fighters. You’ve probably heard something this mans talents has graced over the years… more.

Alex Turner Guitar Rig 2006

Alex Turner’s guitar rig during Arctic Monkeys explosion into fame was fairly simple. Comprised of only two pedals it nonetheless had a distinctive tone… more.

Introducing the MXR Phase 90

The MXR Phase 90 is a pedal that has been seen on countless pedalboards all around the world. It’s been doing the rounds in the guitar community for over 40 years and it is still a mainstay for guitarists needing a robust and reliable phaser pedal… more.

Jack White Guitar Rig 2003

Jack White is one half of the alt-rock duo The White Stripes. His style is rooted firmly in blues. The White Stripes tool the old blues formula, cut it up, added some fuzz and crafted their own unique brand of riffy retro rock and roll… more.

Must Have Guitar Equipment During Lockdown

During lockdown, many of us have decided to take up something new with the free time we find ourselves with, this is the guitar equipment you need to make the most of lockdown… more.

Kurt Cobain Guitar Rig 1991

Kurt Cobain’s Nevermind era guitar rig was surprisingly sparse, purchasing only a few guitars, pedals and amps with the $287,000 advance from Geffen Records… more.

Covid-19 and Your Teaching Space

With many teachers in the UK currently working towards resuming normal service, and others already having done so, it raises a few questions about how we can be best prepared for this with the suitability of our teaching studios… more.

How to Sing Rock

If there is anywhere in the world of singing technique where people get the wrong idea about how to achieve great sounding vocals then it’s in the rock genres. Often, singers aren’t even thinking about what they are doing to their voices, they are just doing it… more.

Whatever Happened to Guitar Geek?

Guitar Geek had such awesome diagrams of famous guitarist guitar rigs. As a teenager, I was totally obsessed with reading through each rig just imagining that I had the gear detailed in the diagrams… more.

Best Music Courses UK

The UK has some of the best courses in the world when it comes to courses for musicians of all styles and backgrounds. Here are a few of the courses for guitarists looking into furthering their education or understanding of music and the music industry from an academic point of view… more.