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My name is Danny Binnington and I am a professional Guitar Teacher based in Hull. I provide high quality guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities on Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars. Lessons provided cater to all styles and genres!

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Danny Binnington - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Hull Teacher - Danny Binnington
My Mission

Relaxed and Informative Lessons

I have played and taught Guitar professionally for many years and have catered for students of all different styles and backgrounds. I pride myself on providing tailored and specific lessons to ensure the most possible progress is made! The lessons can be from my home, your home or online allowing me to teach students internationally.

I am an active musician with years of Performing and Gigging experience in a signed/touring band. I am a Graduate with a BA HONS in Popular Music and Music Performance.


Aysgarth Avenue, Hull, HU6 8QU

Guitar Teacher

Danny Binnington
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My Lessons

Lessons cater to all Ages and Abilities

The lessons provided are suitable for all students of any skillset or age. Each lesson is tailored and structured specifically to the individual to ensure the lessons are both fun and informative!

I thrive on helping my students progress and develop to that next step all the while learning fun songs and content that is suited to their tastes. Playing guitar has been my passion for over more than half my entire life and I believe with this combination of experience and study, I can provide the lessons you need to get you to that next step.


£15 per 1/2 hour
£25 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

All Styles & Genres Covered

Whether this be Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classical, Metal, Folk; the lessons can provide everything you'll need to be the guitarist you've always wanted to be.

Lesson Focus

Perfect the Fundamentals

Learn the parts of the Guitar, The Names of the Strings, Learn some Simple Songs and Famous Riffs, Power Chords and basic Strumming Patterns

My Experience as a Teacher

I am currently 27 and have played the guitar since I was around 12 years old. I am a self taught musician who later went on to complete and graduate with a BA HONS in Music Performance. I have professionally performed in bands and taught guitar lessons all around the UK since I Was 17.

I like to ensure that the lessons are kept relaxed but informative to ensure the best learning environment possible. I primarily like to teach the guitar by actively working through songs that you enjoy, but also songs which help us develop on specific and focused techniques.

The lessons have an equal balance between both the physical side of playing the guitar and the theoretical side too. Offering the chance to not only improve as a general performer but as an all round musician through that deeper understanding behind the magic of music.

Lessons Focus

Developing to the Intermediate/Advanced Level

Covering Open Chords, Barre Chords, More Complex Chord Extensions and Progressions, Harmony, High Tempo playing, Solos

More About My Lessons

No matter where you are at with your guitar playing, the lessons are designed to make you feel comfortable, assess your weaknesses and together work through the problems that all of us guitarists face!

With vast levels of teaching experience both in a Private and School setting, I am confident and fluent in adapting my teaching style and material to that specific student to ensure their always engaged and working towards their specific goal the whole time.

Rest assured, I'm a nice guy who loves to play his guitar above all else, I'll always be there as a teacher to guide you and give you the information you need, as well as being a friendly approachable person who you can just talk all things music too!

Teacher Tips

Here to Support all your Musical Needs

Whether it's buying your first guitar or completing Grade 8, always happy to provide input and advice on any musical topic!

Music Shops in Hull

I'm often asked of any places in Hull where you can pick up your first/new guitar or other equipment such as strings, amps etc. Here is a short list of the best places to try!

Gough & Davy, located 13 Paragon St, Hull HU1 3NA directly in the City Centre. Gough & Davy is an easy to access music store that sells a whole range of musical instruments from Classical to Guitars/Ukuleles which can be found downstairs. Here you'll be able to find all things needed to maintain and play your guitar, as well as taking advantage of the services they provide such as restringing and adjusting guitars.

Antones Guitars, located 326 Beverley Rd, Hull HU5 1BA is another option for all your guitar needs. Here you'll find a large selection of guitars hanging on the wall and all other Beginner/Advanced equipment. Whether you're looking to pick up your first guitar or just to upgrade the one you have, Antones is definitely worth checking out.

Paddy Music, located 519 Hessle Rd, Hull HU3 4UD Paddy's Music is a musical instrument repair shop which also offers a nice range of acoustic and electric guitars. If you have an old guitar in need of some work first to help you get started, here is a well priced place to have the repairs done.

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Guitar Lessons Hull Teacher - Danny Binnington
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I can help you to

I am a passionate musician who essentially lives and breathes guitar. I am a self taught musician with vast real world experience in performing, composing and recording music and love to share this passion with others. I am a graduate with a BA Hons in Music Performance and take pride in providing lessons to the highest standard whilst maintaining a relaxed and comfortable environment. Always happy to talk music, offer second opinions and provide advice on just about any musical topic.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard lesson prices are £25 for an hour or £15 for half an hour. Within a reasonable distance I am happy to travel to the student's home included within these costs, however sometimes additional funds may be needed to help cover additional travel costs for longer distances. I do also offer online lessons allowing me to teach students internationally.

The location of the lessons is very relaxed. I am a mobile tutor who is happy to travel around the city to the students home if this suits, but also have teaching space available at my own home too (HU6) if needed.

My lessons cater for students of all ages (5+). I currently work locally in Primary schools so have experience working with younger children and special needs. I have worked with people from all walks of life all the way through to retirees who are looking to learn a new hobby to pass the time, so no matter what stage you're at, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

No, there is no demand for regular lessons to be had, really it's about what works for you. I do however recommend that around one hour per week does tend to allow for the most consistent and steady progress.

Any lesson cancelled within 48 hours of the agreed lesson time can still be charged for. I understand that things out of control can pop up from time to time and will always be happy to work with you in the most reasonable way possible. Once confirmed however, any cancelled or no show lessons can still be charged for at full cost if no prior notice (within 48 hours of the lesson) is given.

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Guitar Lessons Hull Music Studio Address


Aysgarth Avenue, Hull, HU6 8QU
Teaching Space
I do have allocated teaching space at my home address based (HU6). I am however primarily a mobile tutor who is happy to travel to the students home around the city. I tend to do this included in the standard costs of the lesson within a reasonable distance. I find that people learn best this way being in that familiar and comfortable environment.
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If you're looking to get started, please feel free to get in touch and book your first lesson today!

Guitar Teacher

Danny Binnington
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