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I'm Carlos Morgado, I'm thrilled to introduce myself as your dedicated guitar teacher. Over many years, I've honed my skills both as a musician and an educator. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your technique, I'm here to guide you on your musical journey.

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Carlos Morgado - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Ealing Teacher - Carlos Morgado
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Hello, my name is Carlos Morgado. I am a highly motivated, responsible and organized person with a strong passion for music and teaching. Along my career, I have worked as a music teacher in various schools having had students with a wide range of ages. I have also had the possibility to develop myself as a professional musician, producer, arranger, music director, chorister and singer for some of the most well known European and American artists.


£80 per hour

Guitar Teacher

Carlos Morgado


Wembley HA9, UK
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Student Advice

Exploring Guitar Lessons in Ealing

Whether you're just starting to pluck your first chords or you're an advanced player looking to delve deeper into complex jazz improvisations, finding the right guitar tutor in the heart of West London can make all the difference.

Here at Guitar Lessons Ealing, I offer lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. From the lively strums of an acoustic guitar to the electrifying riffs of an electric guitar, I am a guitar teacher who is passionate about helping you achieve your musical aspirations.

More Guitar Teachers Near Me

Discover more local guitar teachers, who share a passion for teaching. Explore their profiles below to find the perfect fit for you:

Luca Chessa

Luca Chessa

~5.8 miles (9.3 km) away

I am an experienced and dedicated guitar instructor with a passion for teaching and a talent for inspiring students. With over 5 years of teaching experience, I’ve helped countless students of all levels and ages to achieve their musical goals. I have a diverse musical background, with a deep understanding of a variety of genres and styles, including rock, blues, jazz, and classical. This allows me to tailor lessons to each student’s individual needs and interests, whether they are beginners looking to learn the basics or advanced players seeking to refine their technique.


Melrose Gardens, London W6 7RN, UK

Lesson Prices:

£30.00 per 1/2 hour, £40.00 per hour

Andy Basiola

Andy Basiola

~2.5 miles (4 km) away

Hi there! My name is Andy Basiola, I am an experienced guitarist and guitar teacher with more than 12 years of experience, based in London, UK. A little story about me: I started playing guitar at the age of 12 thanks to my dad, listening to guitarists such as Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, etc… In 2009 I moved to London, after winning a scholarship to study at Tech Music School, one of Europe’s leading music college, where he graduated in 2010.


Churchfield Rd, London W3 6BS, UK

Lesson Prices:

£40.00 per 1/2 hour, £50.00 per hour

Tom Marshall-Andrews

Tom Marshall-Andrews

~5 miles (8 km) away

I have always had a huge passion for performing. I started out as a budding actor, singing in school choirs and performances in and out of school. As I got older I established my own music taste and started to explore. The more music I heard the more inspired I became to pick up and instrument myself.


Southall, UK

Lesson Prices:

£30.00 per 1/2 hour, £40.00 per hour

Advice for New Students

At Guitar Lessons Ealing, I have a diverse array of courses covering numerous genres—including rock, blues, and classical guitar—for students to choose from. These courses are crafted to prepare students not just for grades and examinations, but also for real-world musical experiences.

For children who are eager to learn and adults who've always had a passion for music, you will find that weekly or fortnightly lessons are a gateway to exploring musical creativity and learning guitar skills that last a lifetime.

Unlock Your Potential: Electric Guitar Lessons Made Easy

Designed to be clear and comprehensive, my guitar lessons will start with the fundamentals, from grasping the chords to mastering riffs that improve your finger strength and playing speed.

My approach as a guitar teacher is to blend music theory with hands-on playing, ensuring a holistic approach to learning. Whether you're strumming your first lesson or delving into more challenging techniques, my method as a guitar tutor caters to all ages and styles.

What sets my guitar lessons apart is the personalised attention you receive, ensuring each student is taught the music that inspired them to start playing guitar. I adapt my guitar lessons to your pace and preferences, with my role as a guitar tutor focusing on delivering you a course of lesson that will rapidly improve your guitar playing.

From jazz to rock, my lessons cover a variety of genres, honing your skills to navigate the vast array of music with confidence. Plus, I work alongside more teachers who can offer online or in-person sessions, as well as flexible courses to fit into your weekly schedule with ease. These guitar tutors welcome both children and adults of all ages, designing a course of lessons suitable for each learner.

So whether you're a bright-eyed beginner eager to hit the first chord or an aspiring guitarist ready to tackle intermediate or even professional-grade complexities, our guitar lessons in Ealing have you covered. Join us for a journey tailored to amplify your talent, allowing you not only to play but to articulate your musical voice with every strum.

Mastering Acoustic Guitar: Your Journey Begins Here

Embrace the Strings: Begin with the Basics

Embarking on your journey with Acoustic Guitar at Guitar Lessons Ealing means laying a solid foundation with the basics. You don't just learn how to play; you understand the 'why' behind each chord and strum through comprehensive music theory. My engaging lessons are tailored to make learning fun and full of a sense of achievement as you work through a course of lessons.

Integrating Electric and Bass Guitar

Our lessons in Ealing aren’t limited to the acoustic and electric guitar lessons. If bass guitar beckons you, then we have bass tutors in our community that are skilled in every genre, from rock to indie. With individualised attention in each bass guitar lesson, you get the unique opportunity to explore various guitars and avenues in music.

Advanced Tutoring for Music Mastery

For those dreaming of a professional musician's life or keen on advanced studies, Guitar Lessons in Ealing offer specialised pathways. In our small community of guitar tutors we have teachers who are adept at nurturing advanced students, ensuring that your transition to intermediate and advanced levels is as smooth as possible. Your advanced playing journey will be a mix of rigorous technique, exciting new songs, performance skills and even preparation for grades and assessments should that be of interest.

My guitar lessons aren’t just about playing a few riffs; they’re about growing as a complete musician. My weekly lessons are designed to suit every age and stage – helping every child, beginner, or advanced players to achieve their musical aspirations in the rich and diverse London music scene.

My music lessons at Guitar Lessons Ealing are more than a service; they are a stepping stone to fulfilling your guitar playing ambition. Every lesson, every chord, every song is a step forward in your personal music journey. Whether you are just starting out, picking up from where you left off, or honing your professional skills, my fun teaching philosophy ensures that every student is given the room to grow and the guidance to flourish.

Dive Into the World of Music Theory in Guitar Lessons

Whether you're plucking the strings for the first time or have been in tune with the guitar for years, I offer tailored theory lessons to your skill level. From the mechanics of melodies and harmonies to the subtleties of rhythm and timing, our first lesson is designed to set a solid foundation. As you venture further, my lessons evolve—just as your mastery of the guitar does.

Connecting Chords and Concepts

It’s one thing to teach how different notes come together to create chords, but during my guitar lessons, we delve deeper. I connect theory with your playing, showing you the intricate relationships between scales, chords, and expressions, so your guitar technique blossoms. This knowledge helps a guitarist across all styles, including classical, blues and rock - as well as understand musical relationships between singing and guitar riffs.

For the Love of Genres

My guitar lessons celebrate the diversity of music. As we explore the fundamentals of rock, jazz, and other styles, I encourage beginners and more experienced students alike to discover the unique theoretical underpinnings of each genre. This approach not only broadens your musical palate but also infuses a deeper appreciation and understanding of the craft.

Flexibility in Learning

I understand that everyone's lives are as busy. That's why my guitar lessons in Ealing offer flexibility. Whether you prefer the convenience of online guitar lessons, as offered by some guitar tutors in the community, or the personal touch of an in-person tutor, my courses are structured to fit into your week—not the other way around.

Dive with us into the world of music theory, where each guitar lesson is a stepping stone towards becoming a more knowledgeable and expressive musician. Our approachable, London-based guitar teachers are excited to accompany you on this journey, providing the technique, support, and inspiration you need to let your talent shine.

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Guitar Lessons Ealing Teacher - Carlos Morgado
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I can help you to

My teaching method isn't just about imparting musical theory and technique; it's about creating a fun and engaging atmosphere where our students can thrive. With courses that range from beginner lessons to advanced sessions designed for professional musicians, I take pride in my ability to tailor my approach as a guitar teacher to each individual's needs. I believe that your first lesson sets the tone for a rewarding musical journey, and I am dedicated to ensuring it's a memorable one.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Guitar Lessons Ealing, you can expect personalised instruction tailored to your skill level and goals. Whether you're a beginner or advanced player, I will help you improve your technique, learn new songs, and achieve your musical aspirations.

Certainly! Whether you're a complete beginner or picking up the guitar again after a hiatus, my adult beginner guitar lessons in Ealing are tailored to help you progress at your own pace.

My guitar lessons cover a wide range of musical genres, allowing you to learn songs that inspire you. From classic rock to pop hits, I will help you master your favourite tunes while building essential skills along the way.

While my focus is on guitar instruction, other teachers at also offer lessons for bass, piano and singing. Whether you're interested in mastering multiple instruments or exploring your vocal abilities, the experienced tutors at can help you achieve your musical aspirations.

During your first guitar lesson in Ealing, you will discuss your goals and interests, and dive into some basic techniques and exercises to get you started on your musical journey.

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