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Hi, my name is Marcela Tingle. I am an experienced guitar and ukelele teacher of several years, based in Hucknall. I pride myself in providing positive, focussed lessons that get right to the point and keep learners moving forward.

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Marcela Tingle - Professional Guitar Teacher

Guitar Lessons Hucknall Teacher - Marcela Tingle
My Mission

Learn Acoustic & Electric Guitar and Ukelele

Having spent years getting to grips with these wonderful instruments, I now cater to a great many students with varying musical interests. Genres I often teach in include pop, rock, folk and classical among others.

Through achieving grade 8 in acoustic guitar playing, I developed solid technique, a strong understanding of musical theory and a clear sense of how to present information to my own students. Grades are certainly not necessary to gain great skill on guitar, however my lessons are structured logically and efficiently, reflecting my own enjoyable learning process.


Tudor Court, Hucknall, NG15 6RU

Guitar Teacher

Marcela Tingle
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My Lessons

Welcoming and Positive Teaching Environment

My home teaching space in Hucknall has provided many students with an excellent space to learn and develop. My door is open to any who seek in depth support and encouragement with their instrument!

During your visit, you will be made to feel most welcome. Learning any instrument should be exciting as it is challenging, so student comfort is of paramount interest to the running of my lessons. I also offer remote and online lessons, should travel be inconvenient.


£15 per 1/2 hour
£25 per 1 hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I teach a diverse range of students, from new to experienced players, from children to senior adults. All make regular progress and it is always a joy to meet new enthusiasts!

Lesson Focus

Learn Valuable Starting Tips

My Experience as a Teacher

I have had the pleasure of teaching children and adults in 1-1 lessons and groups for over 3 years, both in schools and out. I hold an advanced DBS certificate and provide all the resources you could require during the learning process, such as tabs and guitar tuners.

Through guiding varied ages, skill levels and musical interests, I have adopted many methods and tricks to help present new information in fun, time efficient ways. Teaching has helped me better identify many common mistakes of beginners that I now help remedy on a frequent basis. It is very important to me that beginners have the best start to their musical journey and do not become put off when something doesn't come straight away.

Understanding the way in which different age groups respond to material has also had a tremendous impact on my ability to teach different types of learner. Students of mine now benefit from my years of experience eliminating bad habits and nurturing excellent ones!

Lessons Focus

Take The Next Step With Your Playing

Use advanced concepts in technique, music theory and ear perception to push your playing forward

More About My Lessons

My lessons are packed with useful information presented in a friendly, positive manner. Playing and learning should both be highly enjoyable activities no matter what your age or current skill level, so I always aim to encourage and inspire.

Though lessons are kept fun and relaxed, they always involve an element of focus. You certainly do not need to practice for 4 hours a day, but concentration is key to making the most out of your learning experience. I offer logically formatted approaches to mastering famous songs, graded exams and many other topics that may well be of value to your own musical pursuits.

There is no 'one method fits all' approach in my teaching strategy. Each lesson is tailored to the age group, skill set and musical interests of the student for maximum efficiency and enjoyment. No matter who you are or what your musical aspirations may be, I will provide you with exceptional tuition that will take your playing further.

Teacher Tips

Guidance In All Aspects

My support can direct not just your playing, but also inform your next purchase

Music Shops in Hucknall

Students often ask about where to find the best outlets to source instruments and musical resources. Fortunately, there are a handful of excellent shops situated around Hucknall that you may find very useful.

Located at 28-32 Alfreton Road, Radford, Nottingham, NG7 3NG, The Music Inn provides a great range of instruments suitable to both beginners and advanced players alike.

Another outlet ideal for all kinds of guitar player is Nottingham's Music Room, located at 246 Victoria Centre, Nottingham, NG1 3QQ.

For all things classical, you may want to consider Guitar Notes, found at POB 10481, Nottingham, NG5 0HW. Instruments here are of exceptional quality, and would be suited more to specialists than beginners.

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Guitar Lessons Hucknall Teacher - Marcela Tingle
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I can help you to

My friendly and relaxed teaching style lends well to the wide range of topics I cover. All lessons are logically laid out and created specifically for my individual students, so that they remained challenged at a pace that is comfortable for them.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are priced at a flat rate of £15 per 30 minute or £25 per hour lesson.

I invite all students to visit my dedicated home teaching space right here in Hucknall, for lessons! It has proven to be an ideal space for learners of all ages and you are always made to feel welcome. If travel is a problem, I also offer online and mobile guitar lessons.

I teach all ages from 8+ onwards, having gained much experience supporting adults and children alike.

You certainly do not need to attend lessons every week, however I do recommend leaving no more than two weeks between sessions. This is so that your muscles and mind maintain their rate of progression and keep well exercised.

For lessons canceled more than 24 hours prior to the lesson then there is no charge. For lessons canceled less than 24 hours then the full price of the lesson is charged.

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Guitar Lessons Hucknall Music Studio Address


Tudor Court, Hucknall, NG15 6RU
Teaching Space
My home teaching studio in Hucknall provides the perfect learning space for students, who regularly benefit from it's relaxing atmosphere and convenient location! My full teaching address will be provided upon first lesson booking.
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Guitar Teacher

Marcela Tingle
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