Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Search the international teacher database to find professional guitar teachers local to you or read on to find information about online guitar lessons to enable you to learn to play the guitar from the comfort of your own home.

Guitar lessons are individually tailored to each student, helping them to learn the music that inspired them to pick up a guitar.

Electric & Acoustic Guitar

The teachers within our community most often are able to offer lessons on both the electric and acoustic guitar, catering to students with an array of different musical interests – from indie, rock and metal to folk, jazz and blues. The lessons we teach will be tailored to a student’s musical interests, blending the music that inspired them to start playing the guitar with technical exercises designed to build the core skill sets required to play.

For beginner students, guitar teachers will guide them through a course of beginner guitar lessons that help to embed a group of core skills – from learning how to play open course and simple riffs, to playing more complex strum patterns and alternate picking. This will provide the foundations to build upon as students get more advanced.

Reach that next level on guitar

We welcome students of all ages, from younger students to adult learners. We even have teachers specializing in teaching kids guitar lessons. For intermediate and more advanced guitar players, we often explore concepts around areas for improvement – often specific to each guitarist – and more challenging topics like improvisation, creating guitar riffs and getting to grips with how to construct guitar solos.

Music theory, often dreaded by guitarists, is also a core aspect of understanding why a song has been created in a certain way and where you can take your own guitar riffs to create different emotitional responses from the listener. Their is no one route to mastering the guitar, but if you feel you have pleatued in your playing, then taking professional lessons can really help you in that journey.

Students can also explore concepts like stagecraft, specifically in reference to performing at local music venues to audiences that are not familiar with your songs. Many more advanced guitarists are also interested in exploring how to record their guitar parts, both in the studio, but more frequently now from their own homes using common software like Garageband and Logic. No matter what your ambitions on the guitar there will be teachers within this international community of guitar teachers able to help you to improve.

Once a beginner has learned the foundations of how to play the guitar then we look to help them reach that next level, which explores how to use your guitar to communicate with others
Many of the guitar teachers in this community teach students online and via in-person lessons. They use this platform to find more students to teach, helping them build thriving careers as guitar teachers.

Are you a guitar teacher?

I am always looking to invite more guitar teachers to join the international teacher database. In particular, guitar teachers who hold a real passion for helping their students learn to play the music that the student is inspired by. Blending technical exercises, music theory with the songs that their students enjoy listening to and playing.

Our community of guitar teachers are based around the world, with many teaching online, but the majority teaching in-person lessons to students within their local area. To find out more about joining our guitar teacher community visit the Become a Teacher page.

Guitar Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional guitar teacher in your area.

Guitar Hubs in the United Kingdom

Belfast: Joel Harkin is a professional guitar teacher based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He offers lessons from a central Belfast location, as well as a small number of mobile guitar lessons across the city. To find out more about Joel’s lesson check out the Guitar Lessons Belfast hub.

Camden: Hawi Gondwe is an experienced guitarist, who has worked with well-known artists like Amy Winehouse and George Michael. He offers guitar tuition to students from his teaching space located in Camden.

Coventry: Nathanael Wheatley is a guitar teacher and guitarist based in Coventry. He can help students from beginners upwards to learn to play both the electric and acoustic guitar. To find out more about his lessons visit Guitar Lessons Coventry.

Hackney: Filippo Meloni is a mobile guitar teacher able to offer guitar lessons in Hackney, helping complete beginners to advanced guitarists to progress on the guitar.

Liverpool: Lewis Elliot is an experienced multi-instrumentalist and guitar teacher based in Liverpool. He runs Guitar Lessons Liverpool, helping students of all ages to learn to play the foundations of how to play the guitar.

London: Ben Turner is a guitar tutor based in Clapham, London. He is able to offer lessons to students across London, subject to his teaching availability. Read more about his guitar lessons in London.

Ruislip: Dan Richardson is an experienced guitarist and guitar teacher based in London, offering guitar tuition to students in the Ruislip area. He is able to help learners of all abilities, providing individually tailored guitar lessons to students in his area. To find out more about his guitar lessons visit Guitar Lessons Ruislip.

Sheffield: Robbie Chapman is a professional guitar teacher based in Sheffield, helping students of all learning abilities to progress their guitar playing. Find out more about his guitar lessons in Sheffield.

Portsmouth: Will Tierney is a guitar teacher, offering mobile guitar lessons in Portsmouth to students of all learning abilities. He has many years of performance experience and can help students learn a wide range of musical genres.

Wandsworth: Lewis Downs is an experienced guitarists who has played with the likes of Tears for Fears, John Etheridge, ABC and Bananarama. He offers mobile guitar lessons in Wandsworth to students of all abilities.

Online Guitar Lessons

Skype: Owen Evans is an experienced online guitar tutor, offering Skype guitar lessons to students based around the world. He is able to teach a wide range of musical genres, on both electric and acoustic guitar.

Zoom: David Jobson is a professional guitar teacher able to offer Zoom guitar lessons to students based around the world, helping them to learn to play the guitar from complete beginner levels upwards.