Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Search the teacher database for professional singing teachers near you. Our international community of singing teachers offer lessons across a wide range of different musical genres, helping complete beginners to more experienced singers reach their full vocal potential.

A male singer reaching for a high-note with neck tension.
Are you straining to hit notes or feel the tension in your neck when singing? Our goal as singing teachers is to help you to sing with the correct technique, improving your sound as well as singing sustainably.

Build Vocal Control & Strength

Booking singing lessons with a professional singing teacher will help you to learn the techniques and exercises to improve your vocal control. Have you ever gone for a note but not quite hit it or find yourself straining to hit notes?

In our singing lessons, you will learn and practice techniques that help you to improve the pitching of your notes, in turn giving you the confidence to know when you go for a note you will hit it accurately. Singing teachers will also focus on reducing neck-tension and vocal strain, enabling you to sing with the correct technique for long-term success.

Increase Range & Confidence

We help our students to increase the range of notes that they can comfortably hit, enabling them to sing a wider range of songs. Throughout the teacher community we cover a wide range of different musical styles and genres, giving students the opportunity to sing the songs that inspired them to start learning.

Confidence is also a key component in singing and a core aspect of our singing lessons. We want to help our students believe in themselves and do this through simple steps, from having the right space to learn and make mistakes, to positive re-enforcement of a student’s progress.

Female singing student working on hitting the high notes.
Giving a student the confidence to sing is a key aspect of helping to unlock a student’s vocal ability. The teachers in our community will guide students through carefully chosen exercises to build vocal confidence.
Two singing students on stage, performing at a singing showcase.
Many of the singing teachers in our community host showcases for their students to sing in front of friends and family. The events are special and incredibly rewarding for all involved.

Are you a singing teacher?

If you are a singing teacher with a passion for helping students to improve their vocal ability and self-confidence, then I am always keen to talk with you about joining our teacher community.

It is a community of experienced singing teachers who pride themselves on offering the very highest-quality of singing lessons to their students. We explore and implement the latest techniques to help our students improve, exploring concepts like sustainable vocal health and development pathways for singers to help achieve success for each student. To find out more about joining our singing teacher community visit the Become a Teacher page.

Singing Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional vocal coach in your area.

Singing Hubs in the United Kingdom

Leeds: Genevieve Begley is a fantastic vocalist and singing coached based in Leeds, teaching students of all learning abilities from a dedicated teaching space. Find out more about her singing lessons in Leeds.

Guildford: Jonny Black, an experienced singing teacher and vocal coach who has recently awarded a distinction for his MA in Voice Studies welcomes students, alongside a second teacher called Nina Green, at the Singing Lessons Guildford vocal hub.