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Singing Lessons Bradford-on-Avon

My name is Sarah Clayton and I am a professional singing teacher based in Bradford-on-Avon. I offer high quality singing lessons for students of all abilities, aged 12+.

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Sarah Clayton - Professional Singing Teacher

Singing Lessons Bradford-on-Avon Teacher - Sarah Clayton
My Mission

Learn To Sing The Way You Want

I have many years singing teaching experience, taking students from complete beginners and helping them to develop their singing ability and vocal confidence.

I love to make sure all of my students enjoy learning to sing, helping them to sing in tune, increase vocal control and strength. I believe that enjoying learning is one of the key aspects to making good progress as a singer. I personalise every lesson to suit your learning ability, whether you are completely new to singing or have previous experience.

During our lessons together, we will learn the correct technique as well as making sure you have a solid grounding of theory. We will also aim towards learning the music that you enjoy listening to in your spare time.


Uncles Lane, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 1FZ

Singing Teacher

Sarah Clayton
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My Lessons

Wide Rang Of Styles Available

I have designed my own curriculum, specific to each student based on their goals and level in Musical Theatre, Rock, Pop and contemporary styles. This could include introducing sight-reading, music theory, preparing for exams, live performance, songwriting or audition.

I have worked with artists long term for several years taking them through Trinity grades (100 % pass rate) up to and including Grade 8 and preparation for university and/or theatre school to continue their professional development.


£30 per 1/2 hour
£40 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I teach learners from ages 12 and above in a wide range of styles and genres. I also have experience in teaching both beginner and advanced students in all styles.

Lesson Focus

Beginners Welcome

Lessons designed around your musical tastes.

My Experience as a Teacher

I have worked as a private singing teacher and vocal coach for 7 years. I am trained in the Estill Method of vocal coaching which uses science to train versatile, clear voices with a focus on vocal health.

I work with singers of all abilities teaching them the structures that contribute to sound and feeling gaining conscious control of them. This method utilises the six distinct voice qualities – Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera and Belt.

I use my experience in both performing and teaching to make sure all of my students receive the best tuition possible & enjoy whilst learning to improve your technique and ability.

Lessons Focus

Learn The Music You Love

I can teach a wide range of different styles as well as the music you love listening to.

More About My Lessons

I teach a wide range of genres during my lessons and have experience in Rock, Pop, R&B, Musical Theatre & Folk. I will use this experience to make sure you can learn in a direction that you want to learn in.

I have an 100% pass rate for Trinity Rock & Pop Exams. If you want to take graded exams then I believe that I have the experience to make sure you can pass your exams with ease. It isn't essential that you take exams & is totally down to you whether your take exams or not.

For those students who don't want to take exams. I will make a persoanlised lesson plan that is tailored to your individual needs whilst making sure you improve your technique & develop your own style.

Teacher Tips

Learn When You Want

Weekly or fortnightly lessons available for all students.

Music Shops in Bradford-on-Avon

Bradford-on-Avon has a small amount of music stores and services available in the nearby area, enabling you to access all your music equipment needs.

GuitarBitz, is a small guitar store that stocks a wide range of electric and acoustic guitars as well as a good range of sheet music. You can find them on 6 Quiet St, Bath BA1 2JS.

The Piano Shop, located at Canton Place, 1 & 2, London Rd, Bath BA1 6AA is the best option if you are looking for a new or second hand piano.

SMP Artizan, is a guitar and amp tech services offering everything from simple setups to full custom work. It is located at 9EQ, 69 Wingfield Rd, Trowbridge BA14 9TN, ideal for those interested in fixing up old music equipment for their set-up.

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Singing Lessons Bradford-on-Avon Teacher - Sarah Clayton
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I can help you to

I can help you improve everything from your technique and posture to learning the music that you love. I will make sure that our lessons together are always enjoyable. I will create a lesson plan that helps you enjoy learning whilst improving your vocals & technique in a positive way. For more information, please send me an email. I am always happy to discuss anything you would like to ask.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are currently charged at £30 per half hour and £40 per hour for all students.

I'm currently located at Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 1FZ & this is where I take the majority of my lessons. I am also offering online lessons for students who want to learn from the comfort of their own home.

I offer my services to students of ages 12 and above. I have experience in teaching both adults and teens & will make sure your lessons are always of a high standard.

You can take lessons as and when you like. I would however recommend a lesson per week combined with plenty of practice at home.

It is fine to re-arrange your lessons however, If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice you will still be charged for the lesson.

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Singing Lessons Bradford-on-Avon Music Studio Address


Uncles Lane, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 1FZ
Teaching Space
I teach most of my lessons from my home teaching space in central Bradford-on-Avon. This is a great place where you can learn to sing in a comfortable learning environment. I am also offering online lessons where you can learn how to sing from the comfort of your own home. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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Singing Teacher

Sarah Clayton
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