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Welcome! I would be delighted for you to apply to join the teacher database – a database of active professional music teachers located across the globe. I have generated over 54,000 student inquiries for music teachers since 2012 and I can’t wait to create a dedicated music teacher profile to help more students find you. To find out how it works read through my approach to helping music teachers find new students to build sustainable careers in music education. Matthew Rusk, Founder of

How it Works

I refer student inquiries to you made on and every time you teach these students this generates a small commission, at the end of each month we add this up to generate an invoice and you pay this into the business account. The commission only applies to students that I pass onto you from Commission is only generated when you have been paid for a lesson by a student.

You can charge whatever you feel is right for your lessons. The commission is 22% of the lesson fee that you charge to the student. The student will pay you directly and you will let me know at the end of each month the referred students that you have taught, by logging them onto the platform by completing a Lessons Taught form.

It is a system that works entirely on trust, as the students pay the teacher and the teacher lets me know the lessons that they have taught. I trust the teachers I work with to be honest about the students that they teach each month and am keen to build strong working relationships with them. I look forward to working with you to help you increase your student numbers.

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Introduce yourself and your experience as a music teacher. What you write here will be the first thing that a student reads about you. So share with them your background as a musician and a music teacher. For example, what inspired you to start playing your chosen instrument(s)? I would recommend at least 300 words, with as much details as you can.

Share any relevant qualifications that you have (Grade(s), Diploma(s), Degree(s), Musical Achievements - recordings, tours, performances). What are you most proud of musically and what inspired you to start teaching music professionally?

Share your approach as a music teacher, what can a student expect during a lesson and what do you really enjoy teaching?

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