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Luca Vitale - Professional Singing Teacher

Jazz Singing Lessons Teacher - Luca Vitale
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Whether you are a beginner struggling to find your voice and want to have fun singing your favourite music or want a more professional level of training, I can provide accessible vocal training for all levels and genres, with a friendly and encouraging approach.   I provide accessible cello tuition for beginner to intermediates. I place great importance on developing a true connection to the cello that is relaxed and focussed, developing a sound that you enjoy.


£15 per 1/2 hour, £25 per hour

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Luca Vitale


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Student Advice

Breathing and Support for Jazz Voice

Breathing is the foundation of vocal technique, especially significant for an aspiring jazz vocalist who must rely on proper breath control to master the subtleties of jazz phrasing and rhythm.

A jazz singer must learn to support the voice with a steady stream of air, allowing them to hold notes longer, with a full and rich sound, which is essential when practicing in a home studio setting or performing.

More Online Singing Teachers

Discover more online singing teachers, who share a passion for teaching. Explore their profiles below to find the perfect fit for you:

Tom Favell

Tom Favell

Hi, my name’s Tom Favell. I’m a music teacher and gigging musician and I have worked in music education and the music industry since 2004. I have taught a variety of instruments for several schools, music services, privately and for after school companies. These instruments/areas of study include: Guitar (acoustic/electric/classical/jazz) Bass Vocals Ukulele Music Theory (preparation for auditions/interviews/entry exams/GCSE guidance) Piano (entry-level) Alongside teaching, I have been an actively gigging musician both in the UK and overseas.

Lesson Prices:

£22.00 per 1/2 hour, £40.00 per hour

Angus Munro

Angus Munro

My name is Angus Munro and I’ve been a professional touring and session musician for over fifteen years. I specialise in teaching singing in a fun and relatable way where students can progress at any pace they wish to be it comfortable or more technically challenging. In my travels, I’ve been fortunate enough to sing alongside and open for some notable names including Tom Jones, Scouting For Girls, Corinne Bailey Rae and Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox to name a few.

Lesson Prices:

£25.00 per 1/2 hour, £40.00 per hour

Gwen Howard

Gwen Howard

Hey, I'm Gwen! I'm a singer-songwriter/producer with 10 years of teaching experience. I work with beginner-advanced students ages 12+ in the following areas: popular voice songwriting music production (Logic Pro X, Pro Tools) mixing/mastering arranging/composition film scoring My aim is to build your confidence in whatever you want to learn. We'll explore musical concepts together so you can really understand the power behind the techniques. With the right knowledge, you'll be able to break the "rules" and create your own style.

Lesson Prices:

£35 per 1/2 hour, £50 per hour

Advice for New Students

Mastering Vocal Technique in Jazz Singing

Jazz Phrasing and Timing

Understanding jazz phrasing is critical for any jazz vocalist. It requires an internalisation of rhythm that allows you to sing jazz with a sense of groove, much like the legendary Ella Fitzgerald.

Develop your ability to anticipate the beat and learn jazz phrasing so that you can improvise with the same finesse as the great jazz musicians. Lessons in this area often involve listening to classic recordings by artists such as Frank Sinatra and Carmen McRae, breaking down how they playfully manipulate phrasing to inject personality into their performances.

Improvisation and Scatting Techniques

In jazz singing, improvisation is where vocalists can truly showcase their individuality. Learning to scat enables you to create spontaneous melodies and rhythms that interact with other musicians in real-time, echoing the spontaneity that defines jazz improvisation.

Beginner lessons in scatting introduce you to the basics of vocal improvisation, instilling the confidence necessary for creating your own scat syllables and patterns closely tied to the jazz tradition.

Developing a Jazz Repertoire

For the studio vocalist or the performer aiming to build a career as a professional musician, having a well-rounded repertoire is essential. It is not only about having a catalogue of songs but also understanding the history of each piece and the artists that performed them.

This knowledge enriches your performance, giving it depth and authenticity that resonates with your audience. As a vocal coach with an expertise in jazz I can guide you through selecting pieces that challenge your vocal range and introduce you to the art of jazz songwriting.

Stage Presence and Performance Skills

Beyond the technical aspects of singing, stage presence is a key element of a successful jazz performance. An aspiring jazz vocalist must learn to connect with their audience, conveying the emotion of each song and making each performance a unique, memorable experience.

This involves a combination of confidence, interaction with fellow musicians, and most importantly, the passion and love for the music. By engaging with the legacy left by artists who've graced stages like Carnegie Hall and Royal Albert Hall, students of jazz can inspire their performances in both live and studio settings.

Advanced Techniques for Jazz Vocalists

Vocal Agility and Range Expansion

Advanced vocal techniques focus on expanding a singer's range and agility, allowing them to navigate the complexities of jazz songs with ease. Lessons in jazz singing incorporate exercises designed to stretch the voice, affording vocalists the ability to approach both the sultry lows and the soaring highs that a jazz song may demand.

My approach as a professional singing teacher is to develop a course of lessons, where each lesson focuses on helping you to develop an aspect of the jazz voice. My teaching draws upon many years experience, both as a vocal teacher and as an artist, enabling me to focus on helping each student to develop their own unique voice.

Exploring the Artistry of Jazz Singers

In understanding the full spectrum of the jazz voice, one must explore the nuances that define the great singers of this genre. As a vocal coach I aim not only to impart the technical skills necessary for jazz singing but also share an appreciation for the music's rich history with my students.

Aspiring singers learn to interpret the complex melodies written by classical composers with the same dexterity as they would a contemporary jazz piece. This course of teaching pays homage to the artistry that goes into both studio recording and live performance, with an emphasis on how the voice can in combination with piano, guitar and brass instruments.

Each singer embarks on a journey that transcends typical voice training, delving into the subtleties that make jazz singing both challenging and rewarding.

As an artist, the journey from rehearsal to stage, or from studio to recording, is underscored by a deep connection to the music and an ongoing pursuit of vocal excellence. My role as a vocal coach is not just to teach but to mentor you through the intertwining paths of jazz artistry and voice mastery.

Online Jazz Singing Lessons: Develop Your Skills and Style

The digital age has democratised the availability of singing lessons for jazz singers, allowing aspiring vocalists to study and sing jazz from anywhere in the world. Online lessons can provide comprehensive knowledge on jazz phrasing, the fundamentals of a jazz voice, and the intricacies of jazz improvisation.

Flexible Learning for Aspiring Jazz Vocalists

My approach to online lessons is to provide a flexible schedule for both beginners and adults with busy lifestyles who are passionate about enhancing their vocal abilty. Peppered with teachings from celebrated singers and insights into how they created albums, my lessons are designed to help my students develop excellent vocal technique, enabling them to sing with confidence.

Comprehensive Curriculum Covering Jazz Fundamentals

My curriculum often includes a historical overview of jazz, highlighting how classic and contemporary composers have shaped the genre. By understanding the rich history, singers can better appreciate the song and style they're drawing upon.

Additionally, practical components like pitch control, developing a diverse repertoire, and mastering jazz vocal techniques are covered.

Benefits of a Professional Jazz Singing Teacher

As a seasoned vocal coach, I offer more than just insights into jazz vocal styles; I provide grounding in related genres such as classical which can enrich your repertoire and versatility. This holistic approach is instrumental in developing a well-rounded singer. My students gain from personalised feedback on their jazz voice and vocal technique, helping to identify and nurture their distinctive styles.

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Jazz Singing Lessons Teacher - Luca Vitale
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I can help you to

Learning from a professional jazz singing teacher offers an invaluable experience that goes beyond conventional self-teaching methods. My approach is to utilise my deep-rooted understanding of music theory and a wealth of experience in performing and recording, to bring a nuanced perspective to each lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get into jazz singing, start by listening to jazz vocalists to familiarise yourself with the style. Study jazz standards and their interpretations. Practice improvisation and scat singing. Consider taking lessons from a qualified jazz vocal coach to refine your skills.

Singing jazz style involves mastering techniques like swing rhythms, improvisation, scat singing, and interpreting melodies with individual expression. Focus on phrasing, dynamics, and understanding the nuances of jazz harmony. It's also essential to develop a deep understanding of the lyrics and the story behind the song.

To improve your jazz singing, regularly practice scales, intervals, and vocal exercises to strengthen your voice and increase flexibility. Study recordings of jazz masters and try to emulate their phrasing and style. Work on developing your ear for jazz harmony and rhythm. Collaborate with other musicians and consider seeking feedback from experienced jazz vocalists or instructors.

Jazz with singing is often referred to as vocal jazz or jazz vocals. It encompasses the tradition of jazz music combined with the expressive qualities of the human voice, including improvisation, scat singing, and interpretation of jazz standards.

Online jazz singing lessons offer convenience and flexibility, allowing students to learn from experienced instructors regardless of their location. These lessons often include personalised feedback, access to resources like sheet music and backing tracks, and the ability to learn at your own pace. Additionally, online lessons can be more affordable than traditional in-person instruction and provide opportunities for networking with other jazz enthusiasts globally.

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