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Piano Lessons

Search the music teacher database to find piano teachers local to you. Simply enter your postal address, select “Piano Teacher” from the dropdown and hit search to bring up the results. You can also arrange online piano lessons, via platforms such as Zoom, Skype and more.

Learn to play the piano with a professional piano teacher located near you or online. We offer lessons to students of all learning abilities, including beginners.

Classical & Contemporary Styles

The teachers within our teaching community are able to offer lessons across a wide range of musical genres, including classical, jazz and contemporary piano playing styles. Read through a teacher’s profile to find out the types of music that they teach or get in touch with them directly to find out more.

Many of the piano teachers we work with will be able to help assist you to take graded piano exams, enabling you to progress your technical and theoretical ability on the piano. Nonetheless, this certainly doesn’t mean you have to take exams – most of our students simply learn for their own enjoyment and you can too. We welcome both younger learners, as well as adults, to attend individually tailored piano lessons with a teacher of their choice.

Developing Confident Pianists

Each piano lesson is individually tailored to suit the learning interests, requirements and ultimate goal of the student. This approach enables teachers to build courses of lessons that develop a students technical abilty, understanding of music theory and their own confidence to play the piano successfully.

We welcome complete beginners, intermediate pianists and more advanced players to progress their piano playing ability. Whether that is exploring playing the first few piano chords, learning to play complex arrangments with both hands or preparing to take to the stage to perform, the piano teachers in this community will be there every step of the way with you as a student.

There are also several teachers within the community who are experienced composers and would be more than happy to teach you how to use the piano to create music for film, media or advertising. If this sounds like something you might be interested in developing then simply get in touch.

Younger learners are also most welcome to attend lessons, it is useful to know that each teacher has a slightly different lower age that they start teaching but this tends to fall, on average, between 5 and 6 years old. Of course, adult learners make up the majority of our students and there is no upper age to start learning to play the piano, with it being an excellent choice for university students to retirees to start as a new hobby. Whatever your inspiration to start learning the piano you will find a teacher in this community who would be the perfect to join you on your musical journey.

Learn piano by playing the music that inspired you.

Can Anyone Learn To Play The Piano?

Piano can be tricky, I won’t lie. It takes concentration, the motivation to push yourself and push the boundaries and a personal goal of wanting to achieve maybe a certain style or genre or skill on piano. It maybe takes some coordination with playing with both hands-a bass and treble line together at the same time. It maybe takes some time to learn theory and “the boring stuff” like scales or chords or arpeggios or rhythms or sightreading etc. But I promise you, this stuff really does pay off in the long run!

I always wanted to play piano. From a very young age I’d sit in front of my Mum’s upright piano and just hit random keys, pretending to know what I was doing, but in my head I was playing some sort of sweeping classical piece. In reality, I was just a little girl hitting random keys that probably didn’t make a lot of sense, but the desire was there to learn. Some people have that desire to learn piano already with them. Some people fall into playing music, I’ve heard stories from many people where they were never interested in playing music, but one day, picked up a guitar or belted out a tune at a jam night and were met with a, “wow, you should go into music”. So for me, there is only one response to students asking this question:

Yes, is the answer. Yes, anyone can, just like they say-if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!

I know some people who maybe played other instruments, with that being their main instrument and instrumental focus, but decided to pick another instrument up and took to it, like a duck takes to water. Some people, it may take a bit longer, but my point is, anyone can learn and if not, then they can at least try. I’ve taught a lot of students who came from a place of not knowing a single thing about music but would walk away with that little bit more knowledge each time they would do a lesson and by the time they had maybe decided to move on from doing lessons, they had gained a lot more knowledge and insight to move forward with it themselves. 

Even if you try it and find it’s not for you, at least you tried and gave it a go! Doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to maybe try learning an instrument for the first time at 50, or maybe choosing it as one of your instruments for music in school, or maybe your parents would like you to take lessons as a child so you can grow up learning from an early age. Or maybe you took lessons when you were younger and want to come back to it. It doesn’t matter your age, skill level or ability-you can play piano if you want to, even if it’s just for fun! 

There’s so much help and guidance out there too if you didn’t want to do lessons-YouTube has an endless amount of tuition/tutorial videos, there are books, the amount of resources are endless for perhaps teaching yourself at home. Or if you’d prefer a tutor, find one that you click with, someone who can help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. 

Even if you don’t come from a musical background, there’s so many musicians out there who maybe also came from a non-musical background but through sheer desire to learn more about music to play it, they achieved that, despite whatever odds stacked against them. You don’t need to have music in your blood to be a natural musician, you just need to have that desire and motivation to try it out and if not, then that’s fine, you gave it a go. So, yes, anyone CAN learn how to play the piano!

What Age To Start Piano Lessons?

The age old question, and a legitimate question that a lot of people are unsure about. And the answer is, really any age. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to start learning at 5 or 65yrs old, you really can start at any age.

A lot of parents want their child to start learning from an early age, and there is definitely a benefit in that. The more you know from an early age, by the time you get to high school or uni, you’ll definitely have a more in-depth knowledge and I suppose a heads start, in a way.  But on the flip side of that, sometimes it’s best to know when to start piano lessons for your child.

From experience, I believe that a child should really start learning piano from around 8-10yrs old onwards. Below 8yrs old, most children will lose concentration and become easily distracted. Or they will just want to maybe talk about their favourite toys or TV shows or that super fun trip to the zoo the other day. It can be hard to hold the concentration of a younger child, as piano can seem boring to them. You can, of course, make it fun for them if you are a piano teacher. You can incorporate fun piano games into the lessons that will hold their attention and keep them engaged in learning the piano. 

It’s also important to take into consideration if your child really wants to learn or if it’s more a wish from yourself as the parent for your child to learn. Again, from my experience, I have taught younger students who clearly didn’t want to be there but their parents wanted them to learn an instrument. In turn, their concentration and behaviour wouldn’t be too great and I’d find it difficult to know how to adapt the lesson so they would find it more interesting or fun. If your child doesn’t want to learn, listen to them, you never know-they might change their mind in the future. But if all your child does is want to play with their toys or go out and play with their friends, then maybe it’s not the right time to start piano lessons.

But please don’t let that put you off! That is just my recommendations from the experience I have gained over the years as a vocal and piano tutor. My advice-talk to your child, find out if there is any interest there to learn an instrument and if so, maybe book a few lessons for them, see how it goes. If they enjoy it, then you know to continue. If they don’t seem overly enthusiastic about it or don’t ever practise or show any sort of enthusiasm towards it, you know to maybe stop them for a while and see if they change their mind in the future. 

As for any of you adults out there who want to start learning but feel it’s too late or you’re too old, ask yourself this-is it really too late? Why is it too late? Would it really be so bad if you started learning at 75? And if so, why would it be so bad? People have started uni in their 40s, people have achieved and gained fame in their 50s, so it is more than possible to start learning piano, even if you’re 90-go for it, you’ll probably really enjoy it!

Are Piano Lessons Worth It?

That can be a relative question really, as it sometimes comes down to what YOU personally prefer. In my eyes, yes, absolutely! These days, a lot of people do teach themselves through watching piano tutorials on YouTube or learning by ear or through those piano apps such as Piano Tiles or Simply Piano. And while you can learn a lot from watching these tutorials etc, there is definitely a benefit to taking piano lessons.

Firstly, you can learn so much more in terms of theory, sight reading and learning from an experienced teacher who may have gained a lot of performance, tutoring, recording experience etc, they may have attended a university or college where they learned from highly skilled tutors and lecturers, they might have travelled the world and learned many skills from working with other highly skilled musicians around the globe, they may have several qualifications etc. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter too much if a tutor doesn’t have all the qualifications, if they have the experience, knowledge, skills and passion-you can learn a lot from them!

Of course, a lot of the people who create these YouTube tutorial videos probably do have qualifications, have attended uni, have lots of experience in performing, recording, tutoring etc. But there’s something really beneficial in learning from someone firsthand, you can really learn more and watch as your tutor demonstrates a certain part of a piece of music and then as they guide you through it. Although, yes, you can watch these tutorials-slow them down, pause them, come back to them etc-in person lessons means your tutor can really help you by interacting with you, it’s that human element which a video doesn’t really have. They can show you exactly how to play a certain bar etc, and help you when you try and play it yourself. Tutors can explain things a lot better with in-person lessons especially when it comes to theory and sightreading as it can be tricky, they can really slow the process down and take you through it step by step.

I always learned a lot more from learning from someone else, gaining knowledge and insight into their processes of learning, their knowledge and skills, learning more about the music industry from hearing about their experiences. It taught me a lot about my own piano practise and also gave me the freedom to go and explore and develop my own practise more, as well as the knowledge, skills and experiences to teach other people. So yes, I do believe piano lessons are worth it!

Answers to “Can Anyone Learn To Play The Piano?“, “What Age To Start Piano Lessons?” & “Are Piano Lessons Worth It?” provided by Katie Wills, a professional piano teacher.

Young piano student learns to play the piano via Zoom
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Piano teachers in our community teach either online, in-person or both, as suits them. I work with teachers who teach from their own home, rent out third party teaching spaces (like music studios) or travel to students to teach them. However you currently teach your piano students I would be delighted to help explore providing you with more students who enquire through the teacher database, simply get in touch to find out more.

Piano Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional piano teacher in your area.

Piano Centres in the United Kingdom

Aberdare: Chris Davies is an experienced piano teacher offering lessons to students in Aberdare, Wales. He has many years of teaching experience, helping students from beginners up to very advanced pianists. For more information about his tuition visit Piano Lessons Aberdare.

Aberdeen: Lewis Benzies has been performing and teaching in the Aberdeen area for the past 17 years. He teaches a wide range of different musical instruments, including piano – helping his students to develop their ability through individually tailored lessons.

Barkingside: Barkingside

Barry: Edmund Hartzell is a musician and piano teacher offering piano lessons in Barry to students of all learning abilities. His qualifications and achievements include MMus Baylor University, BMus Royal College of Music, Grade 8 ABRSM, GRADE 8 LCM and Dip LCM. These qualifications enable Edmund to be capable of teaching piano up to a very high level.

Belfast: Simon Burrowes is a professional piano teacher based in Belfast, helping students of beginner to intermediate levels to progress on the piano. You can find out more about his lessons by visiting Piano Lessons Belfast.

Bournemouth: Bournemouth

Brighton: Brighton

Bristol: Andrew Ford is a mobile piano teacher based in Bristol, England. As a multi-instrumentalist he has been able to build courses of lessons for his students that draw on many different musical genres and inspirations, providing a holistic approach to learning music to his students. Visit Piano Lessons Bristol to find out more about Andrew’s mobile piano lessons.

Bromsgrove: Bromsgrove

Camberwell: Camberwell

Cambridge: Cambridge

Cardiff: Anna Stonehouse is a professional music teacher based in Cardiff, welcoming beginner students to take lessons with her. She is able to help students learn to play the music that they are passionate about, carefully building courses of lessons ideally suited to each student’s individual needs.

Chatham: Chatham

Clifton: Natalia Gajowniczek is a professional piano teacher offering high quality lessons from the piano lessons Clifton page. She welcomes students of all ages and can teach a wide range of styles and genres. Lessons are built around your goals and musical taste.

Coventry: Graham Senior is a piano teacher based in Coventry, offering tuition to beginner to intermediate students of all ages. He is an experienced teacher, able to work with students across a wide range of different genres and musical backgrounds.

Croydon: Croydon

Crystal Palace: Crystal Palace

Derby: Dom Scohy is an experienced piano teacher based in Derby, helping students of all learning abilities to progress their piano ability. She teaches both young learners and adults, read more about her piano lessons in Derby to find out more.

Dundee: Dundee

Edinburgh: Emili Segulja is an experienced piano teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She welcomes students of beginner to intermediate levels, helping them to develop their playing ability through carefully planned lessons.

Epsom: Arthur Rice is an experienced pianist and musician based able to offer piano lessons in Epsom. He has many years of teaching experience, helping students of all levels – including beginners – to progress their piano playing.

Faversham: Linda Martin is a professional piano teacher offering mobile piano lessons to students based in and around Faversham. Click on the link to find out more about her piano lessons in Faversham.

Glasgow: Piano Lessons Glasgow

Hammersmith: Hammersmith

Harpenden: Garshika De Silva is a piano teacher with a real passion for helping younger learners learn to play. She has over 15 years of playing experience and has studied at a BA Music at Middlesex University London. You can find out more about her piano lessons by visiting Piano Lessons Harpenden.

Herne Hill: Beth Hopkin is a professional piano teacher offering lessons in Herne Hill. Her lessons are always easy to understand and built around the areas of playing that you want to work on. She will always make a personalised lesson plan for all of her students.

Hull: Stanislava Svarogina is a music teacher based in Hull, England. She specalises in teaching beginners how to play the piano, working closely with them to provide them with the foundational skills required. To find out more about her piano tuition visit Piano Lessons Hull.

Leeds: Glen Leach is a professional piano teacher currently offering high quality piano lessons at Piano Lessons Leeds. Glens lessons are always easy to follow and enjoyable. He will make sure you learn the styles of music that you enjoy.

Leicester: Alan Tang is a professional piano teacher who runs Piano Lessons Leicester. He is an experienced classroom practitioner of over 12 years, having worked with students from as young as Year 3 (6/7 years old) to adults. In the classroom he achieved Outstanding / Excellent in my observations and my teaching is considered ‘innovative’ and ‘fun’ and set ‘high aspirations’ for all individuals in the classroom.

Liverpool: Professional piano teacher Laura Liderth is able to help students of all ages to learn to play the piano with confidence and ability. To find out more about lessons simply visit the Piano Lessons Liverpool.

London: Samuel Mitchell is a professional piano teacher based in London, England. He offers piano lessons to students of all learning abilities, including complete beginners. To find out more about his piano tuition visit Piano Lessons London.

Manchester: Piano Lessons Manchester .

Marylebone: Robert brooks is a high quality piano tutor based in Marylebone. His lessons are always tailored to the individual as well as being both fun and exciting. His teaching style is based around three priorities: being holistic, practical, and enjoyable. Visit Piano Lessons Marylebone for more information.

Musselburgh: Musselburgh

Newbury: Newbury

Newcastle: Piano Lessons Newcastle

Newport: Newport

Norwich: Jennifer Ferris is a professional teacher offering high quality piano lessons via the Piano Lessons Norwich Site. She will always ensure to tailor your lessons to suit you as an individual. She will hone in on your strengths as well as iron out any weaknesses.

Nottingham: Piano Lessons Nottingham

Oxford: Piano Lessons Oxford

Plymouth: Piano Lessons Plymouth

Pontypridd: Pontypridd.

Purley: Josh Hickin is a professional musician and piano teacher based in Purley, England. He is able to offer piano lessons to students from complete beginner levels upwards, helping them to learn to play the basics of how to play the piano. You can find out more about his piano lessons by visiting Piano Lessons Purley.

Saundersfoot: Edmund Hartzell is a professional piano teacher offering lessons from the Piano Lessons Saundersfoot website. He offers high quality tuition for students of all ages in the local area. He is a high sought after teacher and only has limited slots.

Sheffield: Piano Lessons Sheffield

Solihull: Simone Damiani is a professional piano teacher based in Solihull. Her lessons are built with the students needs in mind always. She will always aim to improve your playing whilst making sure you have a solid grounding in theory.

Southampton: Harrison Smart is a professional piano teacher based in central Southampton. He offers lessons to students of all abilities, including complete beginners. Visit Piano Lessons Southampton to find out more about his lessons.

Stockport: Anna Hetherington is an experienced piano teacher based offering piano lessons in Stockport. She graduated from Leeds College of Music, gaining a post-graduate teaching qualification and has previously worked as a classroom music & music technology tutor for ages 11-18.

Stockwell: Stockwell

Sunderland: Emma Sheldon is a professional piano teacher providing high quality learning experiences for all aspiring musicians regardless of their age or ability. Her lessons are always enjoyable and tailored to the individual. To find out more please visit Piano Lessons Sunderland.

Sutton: Jessica Lawless is a professional teacher offering lessons in the Sutton area. She has taught both children and adults in the past & is more than comfortable to teach students who want to study towards exams.

Sutton Coldfield: Sutton Coldfield

Swindon: Swindon

Wirral: Wirral

Wimbledon: Nick Wyatt is a mobile piano teacher offering lessons to students based in and around Wimbledon. He has many years of teaching experience, having graduated from The BRIT School with the highest of grades before study music at the University of Surrey where he graduated with first class honours.

Worcester: Rachel Snow is an experienced pianist and piano teacher located in Worcester. She is able to help students from complete beginners upwards to progress on the piano, including both young and adult learners.

York: Georgia Johnson offers piano lessons for complete beginners, helping them to learn how to play the piano with confidence and ability. She has many years of teaching experience across a wide range of different musical instruments. You can find out more about her lessons by visiting Piano Lessons York.

Piano Centres in USA

Find piano teachers based in a variety of locations across the United States of America:


Salinas: Aprill Acaya is a piano teacher offering piano lessons in Salinas. She welcomes students of all levels and learning abilities, teachign students across a wide range of different musical genres.


Loveland: Gary Schmidt is an experienced piano teacher able to help teach students based in Loveland, Colorado. He welcomes students from beginner levels upwards, helping them to learn the music that they are passionate about.


Salt Lake City: Gina Barton is a professional piano teacher based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She offers piano lessons to students of all learning abilities, including complete beginners. To find out more about her tuition visit Piano Lessons Salt Lake City.

Piano Centres in Germany

Berlin: Berlin