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I'm Goodness Chinyaka, and I am delighted to offer tailored piano lessons to students of all levels and ages in Glasgow. From mastering hand coordination to exploring improvisation, my goal is to make every minute of our sessions valuable and enjoyable. Join me in discovering the joy of piano playing and watch your musical journey unfold.

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Goodness Chinyaka - Professional Piano Teacher

Piano Lessons Glasgow Teacher - Goodness Chinyaka
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£30 per hour

Piano Teacher

Goodness Chinyaka


27 Houldsworth St, Blairhall, Dunfermline KY12 9PU, UK
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Student Advice

Comprehensive Understanding of the Piano

From the layout of the keys to the function of the pedals, we cover all essential aspects to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the instrument. This foundational knowledge is integrated into every lesson, helping students to grasp both the technical and expressive potential of the piano.

As a piano teacher, I pride myself on being approachable so if you ever have any questions about the piano or my various teaching styles please let me know. I understand the importance of feedback from any student and this is essential for most teachers to make the best learning environment possible for all skill levels.


£30 per hour

Lessons are weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Advice for New Students

Private Piano Lessons Tailored for You

Designed Around Your Aspirations

My piano lessons in Glasgow are specifically designed with your aspirations in mind. Whether you're interested in exploring classical music or learning to play jazz, my mission as an experienced piano tutor is to guide you on your unique musical journey. As your piano teacher, I can tailor each lesson to focus on your personal goals, ensuring that every step you take is meaningful and fulfilling.

Understanding the Piano

The first piano lesson is all about becoming familiar with the piano itself. We'll explore the instrument's layout, including key identification, pedal functions, and the basics of producing sound. This foundational understanding sets the stage for all future learning and development.

Finger Positioning and Technique

Good technique is paramount for any aspiring pianist. This includes proper finger positioning, hand movement, and posture correction. These elements are essential not only for smooth playing but also for preventing any potential physical strain. As your piano teacher, I offer personalised guidance to help you master these skills effortlessly.

Learning Songs and Music Theory

Learning songs that resonate with you is a significant part of our private piano lessons. I will choose pieces that match your current skill level while challenging you to grow. Additionally, a strong emphasis on music theory ensures you understand the structure and composition of the music you're playing.

Effective Practice Methods

Both piano tuition and practice are key to progress. Together, we'll develop effective practice routines that maximise your time and effort. These strategies are designed to maintain motivation and make practice sessions both productive and enjoyable. As your piano tutor, I provide ongoing support through a dedicated messaging service to answer any questions you might have between lessons.

Performance and Expression

Once you've built a foundation, we can focus on piano performance and expression. This involves playing complex pieces with emotional depth and technical precision. Experienced piano tutors, like myself, draw on years of both performing and teaching to help you achieve your musical potential.

Flexible Scheduling and Diverse Learning Styles

Understanding that every student is unique, I offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle. As your piano teacher, our lessons are adaptable to various learning styles and age groups — from beginners to advanced students, and children to adult learners.

As an experienced piano tutor with experience teaching private lessons and other kinds of piano classes, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each session. I can help students who want to learn for fun or even those who have musical aspirations to attend the Royal Conservatoire.

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Enjoyable and Student-Focused Lessons

At the heart of my teaching philosophy is the belief that piano lessons should be enjoyable and student-focused. Recognising that every student has unique aspirations and learning styles, I strive to create a positive and engaging learning environment. The goal is to make each lesson fun and rewarding, ensuring that students look forward to their piano lessons and maintain their enthusiasm for learning piano throughout their musical journey.

Easy to Understand and Not Overbearing

My approach as an experienced piano tutor is to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand segments. This ensures that lessons are accessible and not overbearing, providing students with clear, step-by-step guidance. Whether you're delving into classical music, jazz, or any other genre, Some people can find piano teachers hard to follow so I aim to make each concept comprehensible, enabling students to build their piano skills confidently.

Prevention of Bad Habits

An important part of my teaching style is ensuring that students do not pick up bad habits. Proper finger positioning, hand movement, and posture are emphasised from the beginning. I offer personalised corrections and adjustments to help students develop healthy playing habits that will serve them well throughout their piano performance careers.

Tailored to Your Musical Interests and Goals

I tailor each piano lesson to reflect the student's musical interests and goals. Whether your passion lies in classical piano, jazz, or another style, our sessions are designed to align with your aspirations. From sheet music selection to performance opportunities, every aspect of the lesson is crafted to keep you engaged and progressing toward your musical goals.

Personalised Piano Lessons with Expert Piano Teachers

Focus on Hand Coordination

An essential component of my piano lessons in Glasgow is developing impeccable hand coordination. This skill is crucial for any pianist, whether you are delving into classical piano or exploring jazz. I provide tailored exercises that improve your ability to manage intricate hand movements with fluidity and precision. This ensures that students not only build dexterity but also enhance their overall piano playing technique.

Reading Music

Reading music is a fundamental skill that opens the door to a diverse range of musical pieces. My approach to teaching music reading is both comprehensive and accessible. We will cover the basics of music theory, such as note recognition, rhythm, and dynamics. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, learning to read music proficiently will be a cornerstone of your private piano lessons.

Emphasis on Improvisation

Improvisation is a fascinating aspect of piano playing that allows for creative expression. My piano classes are designed to introduce you to the art of improvisation, regardless of your skill level. From the basics of chord progressions to more intricate improvisational techniques, you will have the opportunity to explore your musical creativity under the guidance of an experienced piano teacher.

Effective Practice Techniques

Regular practice is vital for any aspiring pianist taking music lessons. In our piano lessons, I will teach you effective practice techniques that maximise productivity and enjoyment. We will develop structured practice routines that focus on specific goals and areas for improvement. This ensures that your practice sessions are always productive and that you continuously progress towards your musical ambitions.

Performance Practice

Performance practice is an integral part of becoming a well-rounded pianist. My piano lessons in Glasgow include opportunities to practice performing pieces in a supportive environment. This not only builds confidence but also enhances your ability to convey emotion and technical precision in your playing. Drawing from my experience as a professional musician, I will provide you with the skills needed to excel in piano performance.

Working Towards Graded Exams

For those interested in pursuing formal qualifications, I offer guidance in preparing for graded exams. We will cover all necessary aspects, from technical skills to Music Theory, ensuring that you are well-prepared to succeed. My teaching style is designed to make this process engaging and rewarding, helping you achieve your academic music goals.

Attention to Detail

Above all else, my piano lessons focus on attention to detail. Whether it’s mastering a complex classical piece or understanding the nuances of jazz, careful attention to every aspect of your playing ensures continuous improvement. I provide personalised feedback and adjustments, helping students develop a refined and polished piano performance.

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Piano Lessons Glasgow Teacher - Goodness Chinyaka
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I can help you to

My piano lessons in Glasgow are designed to cover all crucial aspects of piano playing, including hand coordination, reading music, improvisation, effective practice, performance techniques, and preparing for graded exams. Whether you're looking to find piano lessons for beginners or advanced private tutors, my comprehensive and tailored approach ensures that every student can achieve their musical potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private piano lessons in Glasgow typically range from £20 to £40 per hour, depending on the teacher’s experience and qualifications.

Yes, 30-minute piano lessons are worth it, especially for beginners and young children, as they provide focused learning without overwhelming the student.

As a piano tutor I would say good age to start piano lessons is around 5 to 7 years old, as children at this age have developed enough motor skills and attention span. If you happen to be looking for easy to understand sheet music, then check out Kennys Music, located at 61-63 Jamaica St, Glasgow G1 4NN.

As a piano teacher, I think a 7-year-old should practice piano for about 15 to 30 minutes a day, ensuring consistent and enjoyable progress without fatigue.

Yes, adults can take private lessons in Glasgow, with many Glasgow piano teachers offering flexible schedules to accommodate adult learners.

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