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Hello! My name is Gema Lu Cai and I am a professional piano tutor located in Manchester. I teach a wide range of styles for students of all ages. I will make a personalised lesson plan that suits your playing goals and works with your strengths and weaknesses. My lessons are always enjoyable and easy to follow for all.

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Gema Lu Cai - Professional Piano Teacher

Piano Lessons Manchester Teacher - Gema Lu Cai
My Mission

Enjoy Learning the Piano

I like to make sure my lessons are always enjoyable for all the students who take them. My lessons will be built around your wants and needs as a learner and player.

I like to make sure my Piano lessons are always of the highest standard for you & I teach a wide range of ages and I welcome students of all ages to learn to play the piano with me. My lessons are always built around your ability and learning level so that you feel comfortable.


Manchester, M15 5AY

Piano Teacher

Gema Lu Cai
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My Lessons

All Styles

I am a music lover and this reflects in my teaching. I offer all styles of tuition to suit your musical tastes. Together we will learn the styles that you love and enjoy. I think it's important to learn music that is familiar, however, I'm also happy to introduce you to new styles and genres if you like.

I am also able to offer lessons in order to prepare for graded exams. I will create a plan that works for you as a player and we can learn in a direction that you like. We will always learn at a pace that works for you as a learner.


£19.25 per 1/2 hour
£38.50 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

Beginner students as well as advanced students are more than welcome to take lessons with me. I will build a lesson plan that is catered around your needs as a learner.

Lesson Focus

Beginners Welcome

I offer tuition for beginner students

My Experience as a Teacher

I have been teaching for over 4 years (I started when I was 15) and it has been my passion ever since. I have taught beginners and young professionals. The age range varies from 3-21 years old, and this has given me a very wide range of skills as I had to learn different teaching methods to adapt to each of them.

I have taught in three different languages (I speak five; English, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese and Wenzhonian) to students of such different backgrounds (from Brazil, Spain, China, UK, from a conservatoire, complete amateurs, already professionals in other instruments, etc.).

I have also had a lot of experience with online teaching, ever since the pandemic. I specialise in 1-to-1 teaching but have also taught in small groups.

Lessons Focus

All Genres

I offer piano lessons in a wide range of genres

More About My Lessons

I love understanding my students and tailoring everything to their personal needs. I specialise in classical music so I would mainly focus on that, but I also love contemporary music and underrepresented music.

I believe that technique is the only true way in which we can actually achieve communicating what we want to say with our music, but I also find extremely important to always find the fun in practicing. I want to believe I try my hardest to make every lesson interesting. All in all, it has given me the certainty that I want to do this as a living.

I have won over 18 prizes in competitions, and performed in 9 different countries (Spain, UK, France, Netherlands, Latvia, United States, China, Korea, Switzerland).

Teacher Tips

Shops In Manchester

Where to buy equipment in Manchester

Music Shops in Manchester

There are a wide variety of music shops available in Manchester. This list includes the shops that I would recommend.

Dawsons Music. This is an amazing music shop that caters for all musicians and has a comprehensive online store. You can find them on 30 Portland St, Manchester M1 4GS.

Forsyths Music. If you are looking for a more local styled music shop with a great selection of instruments then I would recommend Forsyths on 126 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2GR. They have a great selection of sheet music as well as very friendly staff.

Hobgoblin, is another I would recommend on 123 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7DU. They also cater to all musicians and have an extensive online shop.

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Piano Lessons Manchester Teacher - Gema Lu Cai
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I can help you to

I'm an experienced piano teacher based in Manchester who can help you improve your playing in no time at all. My lessons will be built around you and your needs as a player & learner. Together we will make a lesson plan that you will enjoy and that will help you reach all of your playing goals.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at £19.25 per half hour and £38.50 per hour for all students.

I take the majority of my lessons from my home teaching space in the M15 5AY and M13 9RD areas.

I have experience in teaching students of all ages and offer my lessons to all.

I recommend weekly lessons, however, you are welcome to take lessons as and when you like.

If you cancel a lesson with less than 48 hours notice you will still be charged full price for the lesson.

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Piano Lessons Manchester Music Studio Address


Manchester, M15 5AY
Teaching Space
I teach my lessons from a teaching space located in Manchester M15 5AY and M13 9RD, UK. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking. I also offer online and mobile music lessons (subject to my availability and your location). For more information about my music lessons simply get in touch.
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Piano Teacher

Gema Lu Cai
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