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Hi! I'm Edmund Hartzell, an experienced and highly qualified piano teacher from the Barry area. I am passionate and keen to offer lessons to students of all ages and playing abilities.

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Edmund Hartzell - Professional Piano Teacher

Piano Lessons Barry Teacher - Edmund Hartzell
My Mission

Highly Qualified Teacher

I have over a decade of experience teaching piano and have studied at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the Royal College of Music. I am very proud to say that the vast majority of students I have taught go on to achieve stunning exam results with distinctions up to 97%.

I can offer lessons to pure beginners as well as those at very high levels, such as for music college entrance and ATCL diplomas. I am passionate about ensuring that whatever musical stage you find yourself at, I can offer tuition that will help you grow and achieve your personal goals.


Main Street, Barry, CF63 2HJ

Piano Teacher

Edmund Hartzell
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My Lessons

Fun and Engaging Lessons

I am always keen to ensure that every lesson for each student is fun, engaging and effective. I will tailor our lessons to suit you as the individual, allowing you to reach your personal goals. If you do not wish to do graded exams, I will be happy to develop a syllabus that guides you through your personal musical journey.

I have a musical background in both performing and composing, which has allowed me explore a wide array of styles and genres, all of which I feel comfortable teaching. As well as piano, I am also an expert in music theory, something that I seek to include in my lessons to ensure students can grow as general musicians as well as performers.


£16 per 1/2 hour
£31 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I welcome students of all ages and playing abilities. I am capable of teaching pure beginners as well as those at an advanced level. I am passionate about ensuring music education is accessible to all, whatever stage you may be at.

Lesson Focus
Learn Correct Technique

Piano posture, back position and feet placement.

My Experience as a Teacher

I have more than 10 years experience working as a teacher and have studied at the Royal College of Music and Chopin Academy Chopin. Students that I have taught have gone on to study at the Royal Welsh College of Music and achieved stunning exam results with distinctions up to 97%. I am an instructor at Forte School of Music as well as Monmouth School for Girls and Monmouth School for Boys.

My personal qualifications and achievements include MMus Baylor University, BMus Royal College of Music, Grade 8 ABRSM, GRADE 8 LCM and Dip LCM. These qualifications enable me to be capable of teaching piano up to a very high level.

I am also a keen Composer of music and have had pieces recorded on the Sony label as well as concerts worldwide and have conducted my own Symphony in St-Martins-In-The-Fields in London.

Lessons Focus
All Standards Welcome

I offer lessons to advanced students

More About My Lessons

I am more than happy to take on students who don't want to partake in the traditional grading system as well as those who do. Whatever your personal musical goals may be, I will help guide you through your musical journey to help achieve them.

My musical background covers a wide array of musical styles and genres. I can happily guide you through the procedure of tackling a Bach Invention and also the mysteriously beautiful sounds of Debussy.

I pride myself on providing informative but fun lessons for my students. I always ensure to provide as much insight as possible whilst also keeping the lessons relaxed and enjoyable. My teaching hours are also flexible and I am happy to work around your availability as best as I can.

Teacher Tips
Music Shops

Where to buy musical equipment near to Barry.

Music Shops near Barry

See here a shortlist of wonderful music shops that you can visit in and around Barry where you can purchase musical gear and equipment.

PMT Cardiff, is located at 52, 54 St Mary St, Cardiff, CF10 1FE and is one of the most well-renowned music shops in the country. Here you'll find a great selection of all instruments, including pianos, synthesizers and midi keyboards, ranging from low to high-end prices.

Penarth Music Centre, is a highly rated and well-stocked store located at 4 Station Approach, Penarth, CF64 3EE. You can shop here for excellent digital pianos, including the modestly priced Korg B2 as well as the more high-end Korg G1 Air.

Bridgend Music Store, is located at 24 Dunraven Pl, Bridgent, CF31 1JD and has a huge selection of instruments including orchestral strings, brass, drums, pianos and guitars. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, Bridgend will be sure to have something that fits both your style and price range.

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Piano Lessons Barry Teacher - Edmund Hartzell
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I can help you to

I want to help you grow into the best possible musician that you can be. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, I will taylor our lessons to ensure that we build on your strengths and also hone in on any weaknessess to iron those out.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at £16 for 30 minutes and £31 for an hour.

Lessons take place at my specialized teaching studio in Barry.

I welcome students of all ages and playing abilities.

It is recommended to have lessons on a weekly basis. However, you are in charge, take lessons around a schedule that fits you.

I operate with a 48-hour cancellation policy. So long as you cancel outside the 48-hour window leading up to your next lesson, you will not be required to pay the fee.

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Piano Lessons Barry Music Studio Address


Main Street, Barry, CF63 2HJ
Teaching Space
I teach at my specialized teaching space located on Main Street, Barry, CF63 2HJ. It's a relaxed and inspiring place to work on your craft. My full address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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Piano Teacher

Edmund Hartzell
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