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I'm Michael Hegarty, I am passionate about sharing the joy of music and nurturing the talents of aspiring pianists in Dundee and beyond. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, I am dedicated to providing personalised guidance and support every step of the way.

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Michael Hegarty - Professional Piano Teacher

Piano Lessons Dundee Teacher - Michael Hegarty
My Mission

Lessons Tailored To You

I am an experienced and passionate piano teacher based in Dundee, Scotland. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced student of the piano, I can help you achieve your musical goals. I offer 30-minute or 1-hour piano lessons in-person in Dundee and online anywhere in the UK. The first lesson is free, so you can try out piano lessons without prior commitment. While my background and training are classical in nature, my qualifications, interests and studies have all involved the study of classical music, I am happy to teach other styles such as pop and jazz music.


₤15 per 1/2 hour, ₤30 per hour

Piano Teacher

Michael Hegarty


Rosefield St, Dundee DD1, UK
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Student Advice

Benefits of Private Piano Lessons

One of the key benefits of starting piano lessons in Dundee is the tailored learning experience I offer. Whether you're a complete beginner eager to learn the basics or an advanced student looking to refine your skills, as a dedicated piano tutor I can adjust the curriculum to meet your specific needs and goals.

This personalised approach ensures that every lesson is as effective and enjoyable as possible, focusing on the areas you wish to improve, from music theory to sight reading and beyond.


₤15 per 1/2 hour
₤30 per hour

Lessons are weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Advice for New Students

Starting Your Journey with Piano Lessons in Dundee

When beginning your musical adventure, selecting the right piano teacher in Dundee is crucial. Piano lessons for beginners should focus on building a strong foundation, not only in playing the piano but also in understanding music theory.

Weekly Lessons for Consistent Progress

Opting for weekly lessons with Dundee piano teachers is a fantastic way to ensure steady progress in your piano skills. These sessions provide a structured learning path, allowing ample time for practice and reflection between lessons. Whether you're an adult picking up the instrument for the first time or a younger student eager to explore music, my approach as a Dundee piano tutor is to tailor my teaching to fit every age and skill level.

Variety of Genres and Techniques

Regardless of your musical tastes, my private piano lessons in Dundee can cover a wide range of genres and techniques. From classical music to rock and pop, I will help you explore different styles, improving your versatility as a pianist.

Additionally, advanced students have the opportunity to dive deeper into music technology, composition, and even music therapy, broadening their understanding and appreciation of music as a whole.

A Focus on Fun and Enjoyment

Above all, my piano tuition in Dundee places a significant emphasis on the joy of playing music. From your very first class lesson, I strive to make learning enjoyable. Whether through engaging songs, exercises that really improve your ability, or interactive teaching methods, the primary goal is to help inspire you to reach your full potential on the piano.

Engaging With the Dundee Piano Community

Becoming part of Dundee’s vibrant music community starts with your first piano lesson. Dundee piano schools and teachers often organize recitals and group classes, providing opportunities to play and learn with others. This environment not only supports your personal growth as a musician but also builds lasting connections with fellow music enthusiasts.

In-Person vs Online Piano Lessons

In-Person Lessons in Dundee

In-person piano lessons in Dundee offer a traditional and immersive learning experience. With a Dundee piano teacher like myself, guiding you through each step, you can receive instant feedback and personalised attention that's specifically tailored to your skills and challenges.

This hands-on approach, especially for beginners or those tackling more challenging pieces, can be invaluable. Additionally, the tangible presence of a piano and other instruments during your lesson enriches the learning, making it more dynamic and engaging.

Whether it's your first lesson or you're advancing your skills, the interaction with your teacher and the physical aspects of learning in a music school enhance the educational experience significantly.

The Flexibility of Online Lessons

On the flip side, online piano lessons offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility. For adults juggling work or family commitments, the ability to schedule lessons around your busy week is a game-changer.

Many Dundee piano tutors have adapted to this since the pandemic, employing innovative teaching methods that ensure even the most interactive components of piano tuition translate well over during online lessons.

Here at Piano Lessons Dundee, we work with a wider community of piano tutors - including those who offer online beginner piano lessons - so you can be rest assured of finding the perfect piano tutor either online or here in Dundee.

From your first class lesson, you'll find that a comprehensive and engaging education is entirely possible online. Whether it’s through video calls, shared online resources, or digital recitals, technology bridges the gap, making learning to play the piano accessible to more people than ever before.

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Piano Lessons Dundee Teacher - Michael Hegarty
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I can help you to

With my private piano lessons, students receive the undivided attention of their piano teacher. This means any difficulties or questions you might have can be addressed immediately, ensuring a better understanding of the material and faster progress. For those looking for piano tutors in Dundee, my approach is to significantly enhance the learning experience, providing a supportive environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves and explore music by playing the songs that inspire them.

Frequently Asked Questions

While having access to a piano or keyboard at home is ideal for practice, it's not an immediate requirement. Many students start with a keyboard and later transition to an acoustic or digital piano as they progress.

Lesson frequency depends on your goals, schedule, and level of commitment. Typically, beginners start with weekly lessons to establish a solid foundation, but we can discuss what works best for you during our initial consultation.

The timeline for playing songs varies depending on individual progress and practice consistency. With regular practice and guidance, beginners can typically start playing simple tunes within a few weeks to a couple of months.

No prior musical experience is necessary! My beginner piano lessons are designed for absolute beginners, and we'll start from the very basics, gradually building your skills and confidence as you progress.

Absolutely! While some individuals may have a natural inclination towards music, learning the piano is achievable for anyone willing to put in the effort and practice. Our lessons are structured to support students at all levels of musical aptitude.

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