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Piano Lessons Crystal Palace

Hello! My name is Samuel Mitchell and I provide professional piano lessons to students of all ages and abilities in Crystal Palace and the surrounding areas.

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Samuel Mitchell - Professional Piano Teacher

Piano Lessons Crystal Palace Teacher - Samuel Mitchell
My Mission

Relaxed and Informative Lessons

I am a professional piano teacher based in the Crystal Palace area of London. I offer high quality piano lessons to any student of any ability or age, that are tailored to your specific needs. I will always get to know you personally so we can ensure that we are always studying and learning songs by Artists that you enjoy the most. We all love different things about music and as such I will always adapt my teaching style and lesson material to you.

I believe I offer lessons that are relaxed but informative. Allowing you to have a comfortable environment to learn and the study the piano. I think that learning any instrument should be fun so I will always try and keep the lessons moving at a steady pace for you, allowing you to grow and develop on your instrument at a speed that is right for you. Some teachers are very high pressured on their students and I feel this can sometimes be a little counter productive.


Crystal Palace, SE19 2HU

Piano Teacher

Samuel Mitchell
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My Lessons

All Styles and Genres Covered

I have been studying and playing the Piano for many years now and I am currently working towards my Master degree. Over this time I have studied many different styles/genres and artists. I feel confident teaching in just about any style such as Classical, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Pop etc. My main area of expertise lies within Classical music and I regularly perform these pieces live.

I am a very versatile teacher however who can cater to all students. Whether you're looking to string together 4 chord pop songs, looking to learn a complex Jazz piece or wanting to do Beethoven's 5th Concerto I can provide you with all the tools and skills you will need to get to where you want to be. I pride myself on having a wide range of general Musical knowledge, not only specific to the Piano, which I feel allows me to provide high quality lessons for anyone.


£20 per 1/2 hour
£35 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

Over my years of teaching I have worked with students of any ability. Don't worry if you have never played a Piano before! Or maybe you've been playing for years and just want to get to that next level, my lessons are suitable for all.

Lesson Focus
Beginners Welcome

How to read Sheet Music, Introduction to Piano, Simple Songs

My Experience as a Teacher

Very often people who like to play the piano often like to accompany it with their voice. As well as a professional piano teacher I am also a professional singing teacher too, if this is something you would like to try. I am currently working towards my Masters degree in Vocal Studies at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance as the Kathleen Roberts scholar.

I have graduated with a MusB (University of Manchester) 2:1 and in my time here I focused solely on training as a pianist. I performed many complex classical pieces such as Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto, Poulenc’s Sonata for cello and piano as well as many others. The techniques needed to play songs like this helped push my own playing abilities further and I am now ready to pass these skills on to you!

While living in Oxford I began my own private teaching business which is still growing to this day. I also received employment as a Music Tutor at the Oxford Tutorial College which has allowed me work with students from all walks of life. This experience has proven invaluable in allowing me to get to work with lots of different styles and students from different backgrounds which further allowed me to grow my own knowledge base and experience as a teacher.

Lessons Focus
Intermediate/Advanced Students Welcome

Advanced Theory, More Complex Songs, Advanced Playing Techniques

More About My Lessons

I believe that my teaching style is relaxed and supportive. I am here to help you in every step of the journey. Even if that means helping you decide which Piano/Keyboard to first buy, what accessories I think you should get etc. I'm always happy to provide a second opinion and help in anyway I can.

If singing is something you have also considered then we can coincide the two things together. I believe learning the piano can really help learning your pitches and can aid in singing scales and staying in the correct Key. This is not something that is necessary at all, but due to my singing background this is something I can offer.

I have also acheived Dip. ABRSM in Piano at a Distinction level. The high level of technical ability needed and the skills required to achieve this forced to me push my own limits and take my own skills as high as I could. I now feel confident in my ability to share these skills with my students.

Teacher Tips
Local Music Stores

Here is a list of music stores for all your Piano needs.

Music Shops in Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace itself doesn't have a huge selection of piano stores, but just a short drive into the Centre of London there are hundreds to choose from. Here is but a few you could try for all your piano needs.

Hanna Pianos, is located 94 Kingston Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 1LA and here you will find a huge selection of pianos to suit all budgets. They also offer other services such as piano repair and tuning.

Piano Lobby, is located Access Storage, 3 Stanton Way, London SE26 5BL and is another great local store that you can try for all things piano. Here they cater for all piano players from the starter to professional level.

Morley Pianos, is located 34 Engate St, Lewisham, London SE13 7HA. This is a great store to try for pianos aimed at all price ranges. Very helpful and friendly staff also.

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Piano Lessons Crystal Palace Teacher - Samuel Mitchell
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I can help you to

I am a classically trained pianist who loves to sing and play the piano. I've devoted many years to developing myself as a musician and pianist, studying music academically before sharing this knowledge with the piano students that I teach.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons are £20 for half an hour or £35 for an hour.

Lessons can take place at my home address in Crystal Palace, SE19 2HU (full address would be provided upon booking your first lesson). I am also an online/mobile teacher meaning you can take the lesson from the comfort of your own home.

I teach students of all ages 5+.

No you can attend lessons as and when you like. I would recommend one hour a week for the most consistent progress.

Any lessons cancelled within 48 hours can still be charged for. I am happy to reschedule cancelled lessons where possible.

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Piano Lessons Crystal Palace Music Studio Address


Crystal Palace, SE19 2HU
Teaching Space
I do have a home teaching space that is suitable for the lessons if this suits you located SE19 2HU (full address is provided upon booking a lesson). I also offer Online/mobile lessons which means you can also take lessons from the very comfort of your own home. No worrying about parking, traffic or having to find the location! I tend to find people learn best in the comfort of their own home.
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Please get in touch for more information on booking your first piano lesson today.

Piano Teacher

Samuel Mitchell
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