Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons

Search the teacher database to find local drum teachers, able to help you to learn to play the drums. We welcome students of all learning abilities, including complete beginners to attend drum lessons tailored to each student’s interests and learning requirements.

A drum student plays the drums during a lesson.
We welcome drummers of all ages, including young learners as well as adults. We also welcome beginners, helping them to learn the fundamentals of drumming and giving them the confidence to push on as drummers.

Complete Beginners Welcome

The drum teachers within the MusicTeacher.com community are able to help drummers of all learning abilities, including complete beginners who are starting out on the drums.

A students lessons will focus on helping them to learn the fundermental skills required to play the drums. As the complexity then increases teachers will start to draw upon the musical interests of the students, helping them to learn the songs that inspired them to pick up the sticks in the first place.

With such a diverse community of drummers we are able to offer lessons on almost every genre, helping students to develop to be competent drummers able to perform or simply enjoy drumming as a hobby.

Developing Proficient Drummers

For intermediate and more advanced drummers we are keen to help you kick on your drumming ability, by drawing up a wider range of musical genres and exploring new techniques to help you improve.

If you have found that your drumming has become stale or you have started to fall out of love with that standard drumming you have played over and over again, then finding a teacher who can reinvigorate your playing can help relight that fire.

Some of the teachers within the community are also able to help you undertake graded drum exams should you be interested, as well as improve your stage performance and explore new aspects like hybrid drumming.

It is fairly common for the drum students that we teach to one day enter a studio to record with their band and therefore many of the teachers will be able to help you to learn how to drum within the studio environment, for example using a click track, understanding how different recording set-up affect the drum sound and ensuring that you perform under the recording pressure. No matter where you are with your drum playing there are teachers in this community who would be delighted to help you unlock that next level of your drumming.

A drummer practices at home.
Push your drum playing further by taking drum lessons that explore aspects of professional drumming, from recording and performing, to composition and improvisation.
A drum teacher at their studio.
I work with drum teachers located around the world, helping them to grow their teaching businesses by providing them with streams of students who inquire on MusicTeacher.com.

Are you a drum teacher?

I am always keen to work with professional drum teachers based around the world, helping them to grow the numbers of students that they teacher either in-person or online.

Many of the drum teachers within this community joined by reaching out to me to talk about taking on more students or filling out the teacher application form. Once onboarded I have worked with them to create streams of drum students for them to teach, enabling them to grow their teaching businesses and establish sustainable careers is music education. If you are interested in joining our drum teaching community simply fill out the sign-up form and then we can arrange an interview.

Drum Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional drum teacher in your area.

Drum Hubs in the United Kingdom

Stratford: Karl Morgan is a professional drum teacher based in Stratford, London, able to offer mobile drum lessons to students in the surrounding area. You can find out more about his drum tuition by visiting the Drum Lessons Stratford page.