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Hi! My name is Karl Morgan and I provide professional drum lessons to all students of any age or ability in Stratford and the surrounding area.

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Karl Morgan - Professional Drum Teacher

Drum Lessons Stratford Teacher - Karl Morgan
My Mission

Professional Drum Lessons Lessons

I've been hitting things with sticks for about twenty years now and I absolutely love what I do. Hearing the classic drum intro to 'Song 2' by Blur was one of the main songs that really encouraged me to start learning how to play the drums. To this day, that's still one of my favorite drum beats to play and I want you to be able to do the same with your favorite songs too.

I will always do my best to ensure that our lessons are kept as relaxed and informative as possible. I think it's important for my students to feel comfortable when taking lessons with me and this helps to ensure the most possible progress when learning how to play drums. I want you to leave each lesson feeling excited with what you've just learnt and keen to go home and practice on it.


Stratford, E3 2BH, London

Drum Teacher

Karl Morgan
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Feel free to contact me for more information on booking your first drum lesson.

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My Lessons

All Ages and Styles Taught

My lessons can cater for all students of any musical background. I have played and performed as part of bands from all different genres and styles. No matter who your favourite band is, or whatever your favourite style is, I am confident and fluent in teaching all genres. Together we can take our lessons in any direction to suit your individual musical goals and needs.

Over my years of playing and teaching the drums I have worked with students of all ages from both young learners (5+) all the way through to retirees who are looking to learn a new skill later on in life. I feel it can never really be too early or too late to learn a new instrument. I will always adjust and adapt my teaching style to suit the individual that I'm working with.


£40 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

Any student is welcome to take lessons with me. Whether you've never played the drums before, or if you have been playing for a while and are just looking to develop your skills, my lessons are suitable for everyone.

Lesson Focus
Beginners Lessons

Introduction to Drums, Basic Rhythms, Simple Exercises,

My Experience as a Teacher

I have been playing the drums for over 20 years and I have been teaching them for just over 10 years. I currently hold a Grade 8 with Merit from London Trinity Guildhall School of Music. Having these qualifications has provided me with a solid foundation for my teaching and I feel confident I can help any student no matter what your current playing level or ability is.

Alongside studying for my qualification, I have also been an active performing musician who has been gigging frequently in a large number of bands over the years. I've played in pop, indie, punk, metal, hardcore, and grunge bands. Having such a wide range of real world experience has proven invaluable and allows me to provide well rounded lessons to not only help you be a better drummer, but a better general musician too.

I have been fortunate enough to have toured around the UK, France, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands which has provided me with a wealth of performing and touring experience. I also have recorded many times at studios all around London and love to record music as well as perform it. I will also be able to offer easy-to-understand music theory lessons to help you have a general understanding of the more mathematical side of playing music.

Lessons Focus
Intermediate/Advanced Students Welcome

Compound rudiments, Harder Songs, More Complex Rhythms,

More About My Lessons

Helping my students to find their voice and express themselves musically is something that gives me great joy. I feel that playing drums is something that is great for both mental and physical health and can be a really exciting thing to learn. Above all of else: it's fun and can be a great way to relax!

I have Co-composed music for the play 'Bombshells' in 2018 and wrote and performed the library record 'Hidden Cymbals' for King Underground records in 2019. I like to ensure that my lessons offer insight into playing your instrument better, but also how to carry yourself in real world music situations such as performing on stage or recording in studios.

Most of my current students tend to take a one hour lesson with me each week and I find that this tends to yield the most consistent progress and best results. The lessons provided are flexible and I am happy to work around your schedule and book the lessons for the days and times that suit you the most. There is no pressure to book regular lessons for those who have busy schedules.

Teacher Tips
Local Music Stores

Here is a list of local music stores for all your musical needs.

Music Shops in Stratford

Here is a list of some local music stores you can try to buy all the things that you may need to get started on Drums.

Hobgoblin Music, has lots of stores dotted around the UK but our nearest local store is located 24 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JA. Here they sell a huge range of instruments, including drum kits of all different brands to suit all prices ranges and budgets.

Footes Music, is located 41 Store St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7DB and is another amazing local store you could try. If you didn't fancy making the trip into London they also offer online orders and deliveries.

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Drum Lessons Stratford Teacher - Karl Morgan
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I can help you to

I am a passionate drummer who's main goal is to guide you on your musical journey to become a better drummer. Together we can work through your favorite songs by your favorite artists and help you become the best drummer you can be.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons are £40 for an hours tuition.

I currently offer lessons at my students' homes or online.

I teach students of all ages 5+.

No you can attend lessons as and when you like. I would recommend one hour a week for the most consistent progress.

Lessons can be cancelled or re-arranged without charge up until 48 hours before the booking. Cancellation less than 48 hours before the booking incurs a charge of 50% of the cost of the lesson.

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Stratford, E3 2BH, London
Teaching Space
I currently offer lessons at my students' homes or online.
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Drum Teacher

Karl Morgan
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