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Hello, my name is Mike Keane and I provide professional Drum lessons to students of all ages and abilities. The lessons I provide are held online using services such as Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

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Mike Keane - Professional Drum Teacher

Skype Drum Lessons Teacher - Mike Keane
My Mission

Students of All Ages and Abilities Welcome

Any student is more than welcome to take lessons with me no matter what their age or skill level is. I do my best to offer flexible lessons that are catered specifically to the needs of each student that takes lessons with me. I accept that each individual will love and enjoy different things about music so I take pride in always taking the time to get to know you on a personal level. This means we can always be studying and playing through your favorite songs by the artists you love the most.

I feel that taking this approach to the lessons is a great way to keep you motivated and driven when it comes to practising and working on the songs in between sessions. I have experience teaching and working with students of all ages ranges from all different walks of life. No matter what genre or style you are in to, together we can work through content and material that suits your specific musical tastes. I will always do my best to keep the lessons as relaxed, comfortable and fun as possible.


Online via Skype, Zoom & More

Drum Teacher

Mike Keane
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Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information on booking a Skype drum lesson.

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My Lessons

Professional and Experience Teacher

I have been playing the drums for around the last 15+ years. Not only have I been fortunate enough to perform hundreds of gigs all across the country but I have also had the opportunity to teach and work with hundreds of students from all different backgrounds. This experience has proven very useful and I'm now in a position where I feel comfortable and confident teaching and playing in all styles and genres.

The lessons that I offer are varied and cover a wide array of different content and material. Not only do I teach the practical and physical skills needed to learn how to play the drums, but I can also offer lessons that specifically focus more on the music theory side of things. This information can prove very useful for those who are interested in studying music academically or wanting to sit their graded exams.


£15 per 1/2 hour
£30 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

My lessons can cater for all students no matter how much or little experience you may have. Both beginners and advanced drummers are welcome to take lessons with me.

Lesson Focus
Beginners Lessons

Learn Your Rhythms, Introduction to Drums, Basic Songs

My Experience as a Teacher

I have been a professional drummer for around the last 15+ years or so of my life and I still love it just as much now as I did when I first started. I have been an active performing musician for many years now too and have played countless numbers of gigs and tours across the country. One of my main specialities is teaching my students the graded exam syllabus which I feel is a great way to learn as it's not only fun and rewarding but they also count towards UCAS points and other musical opportunities too.

It is my passion and joy to pass on the skills and knowledge that I now have from playing and studying for all these years. I find it very rewarding as a teacher to be able to see my students grow and develop in to the drummer that they have always wanted to be using the tools and skills that together we have developed and worked on over the course of our lessons. I am here to answer any questions and to help and support you in any way that I can, even if that is offering a second opinion on some new gear or equipment.

I am used to working with students both in a private setting and in the local schools in my area which I regularly teach small groups of children. I have been providing online drum lessons too since 2020 and this has been a great way for me to connect and help many other students from all over the world. Thanks to the power of modern day technology I feel these lessons are the next best thing in comparison to an actual face to face lesson, only you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

Lessons Focus
Intermediate/Advanced Students Welcome

Harder Songs, Rudiments, More Complex Rhythms, Paradiddles

More About My Lessons

I am currently working on an educational YouTube channel that I am hoping will act as a solid learning resource alongside the lessons you take with me. This channel will have videos that show every song and exercise from the four main drum kit syllabuses that are available to study (Trinity Rock & Pop, Trinity College London, Rockschool (RSL) and Rockschool Classics).

I work very hard to be able to provide online drum lessons that suit any genre or style. I have had a wide range of experience playing and performing in countless different styles or genres which was done while playing on Cruise Ships as well as things like festivals and weddings too. A few personal highlights of some of my favorite shows I've played would be Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Hotels in Oman, Ships around Scandinavia and Ronnie Scotts in London to name a few.

Having played the drums for such a long time, I developed a strong passion and love for teaching it as much as I do for playing it too. I have had great success teaching the Trinity Rock and Pop Syllabus and many of my students have passed these exams achieving Merits and Distinction from Grade 1 to Grade 8. I have worked in both primary and secondary schools which provided me with the opportunity to work with so many different students who have gone on to complete their grades with me.

Teacher Tips
What You Will Need

Here is some information on what you'll need to take a Zoom drum lesson.

How To Take An Online Lesson

Here is some information to help you get prepared to take your online drum lessons.

Speed Test, is a very useful tool as having a stable internet connection is one of the most important parts to these lessons. Here you will be able to see what your speeds are and we will only need a speed of 3mbps to have a stable enough connection for the lessons.

As well as a stable internet connection you will need to have access to some kind of electronic device that has a camera on it. This could be things like a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Many things have cameras on them nowadays so once we have access to one of these you are ready to go.

Once you have a device ready to go, there are many services we can use to connect for the actual lessons. The most common and reliable service tends to be Zoom. If this doesn't work things like Skype or Facetime for Apple device users are also an option.

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Skype Drum Lessons Teacher - Mike Keane
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I can help you to

My job as an online drum teacher is to provide you with all the knowledge and skills that you will need to be able to play your favorite songs by your favorite artists all without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. I am a friendly and polite teacher who is very passionate about what I do and together we can help you on your way to being the best drummer you can be.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons are £15 for half an hours tuition or £30 for an hours tuition.

I am primarily an online teacher meaning most of my lessons take place using the internet on things like Skype, Zoom, or Facetime.

I teach students of all ages 6+.

No you can attend lessons as and when you like. I would recommend one hour a week for the most consistent progress.

Any lessons cancelled within 48 hours can still be charged for. I am happy to reschedule cancelled lessons where possible.

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Online via Skype, Zoom & More
Teaching Space
I am primarily an online teacher meaning most of my lessons take place online using things like Zoom, Facetime or Skype. This way you are able to take lessons with me from anywhere in the world without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.
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Feel free to contact me for more information on booking an online drum lesson with me today!

Drum Teacher

Mike Keane
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