Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons

Search the international music teacher database to find local violin teachers able to help you to progress your playing. Many of the teachers in our professional network are also able to offer online violin lessons should you prefer to learn online.

The violin teachers within this professional community welcome students of all learning abilities, from beginners to more advanced violinists.

Beginners Welcome

The violin teachers in our community are able to help complete beginners to learn how to play the violin, with no prior experience needed. Your violin lessons will cover everything from how to hold, maintain and play the violin to how to read music, improve timing and musicality.

Many violin teachers are able to offer tuition on graded exams, helping students progress through their chosen syllabus, however, this is certainly not compulsory, with a lot of students simply learning to play the violin as a hobby. Performing is also an enjoyable option that quite a few violin teachers offer through holding showcase and recitals for their students, for more information talk with your chosen violin teacher to see if they offer this as an opportunity.

Individually Tailored Lessons

With each violin lesson individually tailored to a student’s learning interest, level and overall aims, the violin teachers within our community are able to help students to develop their technical ability and overall musicianship. This helps develop competent violinists, taking beginners to intermediate levels and beyond, through courses of lessons that enable students to learn the music that they are passionate about.

For students who start lessons from an intermediate or more advanced level, many of the teachers are able to help these violin students to push on and reach that next level on the violin. Focusing on areas that help improve a students technical playing, with a larger focus on creativity and composition, giving students the opportunity to explore how a career in music might look like.

Lessons are often complemented with home tasks designed to help a students develop between lessons. With resources that bridge the gaps between lessons to build a violinists knowledge and confidence on the instrument our courses of lessons will give you the opportunity to really enjoy learning and progressing on the violin.

Online violin lessons have become increasingly popular over the last few years and we are able to help students arrange lessons via Skype, Zoom and other platforms to take their violin lessons online.

Violist playing the violin.
Many of the violin teachers within this community are able to help intermediate and more advanced violists to push on their playing to that next level. Giving them the skills, performance opportunities and support needed to excel.
A violin and violin sheet music on a table.
I work with violin teachers around the world to help them take on more students, bolstering their roster of pupils and helping them to develop a sustainable career in music education.

Are you a violin teacher?

I am always keen to work with professional violin teachers able to share a passion for playing with their students. I work violin teachers based around the world, tutoring students either in-person and/or online.

If you are a violin teacher interested in taking on more students then do send through a teacher application form via the sign-up page. I will then reach out to explore with you how you might be able to help to teach some of the students that enquire for violin lessons on the platform.

Violin Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional violin teacher in your area.

Violin Hubs in the United Kingdom

Glasgow: Catrin Pryce-Jones is an experienced musician and violin teacher based in Glasgow. She welcomes students from complete beginner levels upwards, check out Violin Lessons Glasgow to find out more about her music lessons.

London: Taisia Sandetcaia is a professional violin teacher based in central London. Her lessons will help students learn the correct technique, theory and approach to successfully play the violin, all the while developing a more in depth and deeper understanding of music in general. To find out more about Taisia’s lessons visit Violin Lessons London.

Marylebone: Ana-lavinia Vlad is a classically trained violinist. She has performed the violin for many years and brings this experience to her violin lessons, where she helps beginners to advanced violinist to develop their ability to play the violin. To find out more about her expert violin lessons visit Violin Lessons Marylebone.

Oxford: Kirsten Williams has many years of teaching and performing experience and welcomes students of all learning abilities, across a wide range of different musical styles. Find out more about her violin lessons in Oxford.