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Violin Lessons Redmond

I'm Amanda Pang, a professional musician who specializes in viola, violin, chamber music, and transcribing. Regardless of your experience or age, I'm willing to support your music goals! I can teach violin/viola, beginner piano, music theory and coach chamber music.

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Amanda Pang - Professional Violin Teacher

Violin Lessons Redmond Teacher - Amanda Pang
My Mission

Professional Violin Teacher

Welcome! My name is Amanda Pang and I've been teaching violin/viola and coaching chamber music for 10+ years. Everyone has different goals and learning styles, and I strive to adapt my teaching methods to support your music goals.

I have been playing professionally since 6th grade for various events (weddings, recordings, etc.) and received a B.Mus. in Music Performance at The University of British Columbia studying under David Harding (Cornell).

Alongside this experience, I have taught at the Seattle Youth Symphony (SYSO) and Bellevue Youth Symphony (BYSO) summer youth camps for 5 years as an intern and volunteer. In Vancouver, British Columbia, I was also a mobile music teacher for Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) Connects and a volunteer for the VSO School of Music.


Woodinville, Washington, 98072

Violin Teacher

Amanda Pang
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Get in touch to find out more.

I would be delighted to help you to learn to play the violin. To find out more about my lessons simply get in touch.

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My Lessons

All Styles Taught

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, and regardless of your age or your child's age, I strive to adapt my teaching style to support students' own goals in addition to the foundational regimen I provide. This regimen focuses on building proper technique and familiarizing students with common repertoire. In addition to classical, I have also transcribed anime, movie, pop, and K-pop music as chamber or solo repertoire for students to work on.

I am also willing to help organize in-person and online recitals for students to build performance skills. These can be informal or formal. I find these events are also helpful for connecting with other students and families in the community.


$60 per hour

I also offer mobile lessons for an additional charge. Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

Every student has different interests, goals, and learning styles, so I try my best to research different methods and techniques to cater to each student, in addition to the basics and fundamentals.

Lesson Focus
Fun Lessons

Lessons suitable for beginners of all ages.

My Experience as a Teacher

Throughout my experience as a music teacher, I've been told I was fun to work with and highly attentive to students' needs, whether these needs are music-related or not. I'm quick to note strengths and areas to improve upon, and I have many ideas from various teachers and perspectives on how to cultivate those strengths and improve those areas.

Aside from musical growth, I want to ensure our lessons and the music we focus on help students grow as a person and/or teach them meaningful lessons that they can apply towards their life and career.

Moreover, as an experienced musician who understands the high demands of performing professionally, I want to ensure students practice safely and smartly to avoid injury and to make time for other activities in their lives. Supporting students and watching them grow musically and as a person is a fulfilling experience, and it makes me feel honored to have been a part of their lives.

Lessons Focus
Intermediate & Advanced Violists Welcome

Continue to develop your technical and musical ability

More About My Lessons

For intermediate and advanced players, they can expect more focus on technique catered to their musical needs and learning a lot of repertoire, if their daily lives are able to accommodate. Although the process for truly mastering a piece can take years, I also believe in making sure students are familiar with the most common repertoire, especially since string repertoire is very expansive.

At this stage I also find it helpful to familiarize students with chamber music and performing. Chamber music helps create awareness and important team skills that can be applicable in other disciplines. Similarly, performing can help with public speaking and these recitals can give students a goal to work towards.

Many experienced students have also requested audition assistance or to work on other non-solo repertoire with them. At these stages, students can expect more flexibility to meet their own individual goals.

Teacher Tips
Flexible Approach

I can offer both in-person or online lessons

In-Person or Online Lessons

I offer in-person or video (Zoom, Facetime, Discord, etc.). For in-person: my house, located in Woodinville, or your residence which may require extra compensation. In-person allows the student and I to play through pieces together and for me to physically correct postures.

For online lessons, the only difference is there will be more "answer and respond" interactions. These lessons tend to be more helpful for advanced and intermediate students since beginners tend to require more frequent posture correction and other in-person guidance.

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Violin Lessons Redmond Teacher - Amanda Pang
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I can help you to

The best part of teaching is noticing students' improvements and accomplishments. Watching them grow makes me feel really proud of their efforts. I would be delighted to help take you on this journey as well, building your knowledge and confidence on the violin.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at $60 for 1 hour lessons held at my house. For mobile lessons, where I drive to student's house, an additional travel cost is charged depending on where they live.

I offer lessons from my teaching space located in Woodinville, Redmond. I can also offer mobile violin lessons to students, depending on my teaching schedule and their location. Additional online lessons are open to students based around the world.

I teach students from the ages of 5 years old and upwards, including many adult learners.

You can take weekly or fortnightly lessons. I would recommend booking consistent lessons so that you build your knowledge week on week.

Still have questions? Get in touch


Woodinville, Washington, 98072
Teaching Space
My residence has a spacious teaching space with a grand piano and other recording equipment. Both the piano and recording equipment can be set up and used if needed. I live on the boarder between Woodinville and Redmond, making it ideally located for students based in both locations - as well as for those based in Kirkland and Bellevue.
Ready to start?

To find out more about my violin lessons, as well as to book your first lesson simply get in touch.

Violin Teacher

Amanda Pang
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