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Violin Lessons Leicester

Hello, my name is Vanessa Balkwill & I offer professional violin lessons in the Leicester area in a wide range of styles (Classical, Folk, Popular).

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Vanessa Balkwill - Professional Violin Teacher

Violin Lessons Leicester  Teacher - Vanessa Balkwill
My Mission

Enjoyable, engaging violin lessons

I am a professional violin teacher based here in Leicester, helping students of all learning abilities to progress on the violin. I pride myself on making sure my students enjoy learning to play the violin by offering enjoyable but informative lessons for all.

I was classically trained so I teach along those lines primarily. I have adopted my own story based approach for the very youngest children (around 3.5 to 7 years) where the rhythmic units are characters and the strings are rooms in their castle. For teenage and adult learners I have developed courses of lessons to help more mature learners to rapidly develop their ability to play the violin.


Winslow Dr, Leicester, LE18 3QG

Violin Teacher

Vanessa Balkwill
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My Lessons

Learn In A Comfortable Environment

I'm a relaxed person and I want my students to always feel comfortable and relaxed whilst learning as well. I will create a positive learning environment where you can feel at home whilst learning the violin.

If you ever have any questions about the violin or anything else. I'm always available to help you and to make sure you're on the right track. I also like to encourage practice and perfecting your technique.


£20 per 1/2 hour
£30 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go for the first month then in monthly blocks thereafter. For more information get in touch.

Beginners & Intermediate Students Welcome

I welcome both beginner and intermediate (up to grade 5 ABRSM in violin and theory) learners to take my lessons & I'm capable of teaching all ability levels in a wide range of styles.

Lesson Focus

Beginners Welcome

I offer lessons for beginner students

My Experience as a Teacher

I grew up in a household of musicians. Both my parents were music teachers and my brother was internationally renowned double bassist and professor, Corin Long. I learned several instruments from a very early age, beginning with the clarinet at age 4, then the flute and finally I fell head over heels in love with the violin around age 10 and haven't looked back since. I passed ABRSM grade 8 violin with distinction aged just 14.

I was lucky enough to grow up in Leicestershire, world-renowned for its high standard youth orchestra: The Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra. With this orchestra, I learned the professional repertoire and, through touring with them to various countries, got to play in some of the most inspiring venues in the world. It was an amazing experience!

At age 20, I went to drama school and trained to be a professional actress. Throughout this time, I was also teaching the violin to pupils who attended the junior after school department. I had also taught pupils privately in my mother's music department. She passed on to me children that had been given up on by their existing peripatetic teachers and i was able to coach them through the early ABRSM grades. I learned from this to never give up on anyone. All they need is the right approach.

Lessons Focus

ABRSM Syllabus Genres

Classical, Folk, Popular

More About Me & My Lessons

In 2016, I undertook the "Stringbabies" training in Glasgow. Stringbabies is a method of teaching very young children general musicianship and violin playing through a system of shapes. I used this method on many of my very young pupils but still, my theatre/storytelling/imaginative muscle was twitching.After years of having it ring a bell at the back of my head, I finally put pen to paper (or rather mouse to screen!) and devised my own story and character-based approach to learning violin, reading music and general musicality.

This is proving a big hit with children as young as three. It's fun, engaging and meets the very young child at their own level of development and fascination. It also seems to make them want to practise, to get excited about lessons and to be keen to progress (they want to know what happens next in the story!).

This is where I am today. I have successfully combined my two greatest loves: music and drama, to create something unique. I am also a huge fan of Mimi Zweig and use a lot of her technical exercises to improve bow control and technique. I teach children of all ages but specialize in the beginner to intermediate level of playing. I love fostering that initial spark and growing it into something amazing! I also teach ABRSM Music Theory Grades 1 to 5.

Teacher Tips

Music Shops In Leicester

Where to go for instruments in Leicester

Music Shops in Leicester

If you are interested in music lessons in Leicester then you are likely to be interested in buying suitable equipment in some of the local music shops here in Leicester. Indeed, many of our students ask us the best place to purchase the musical instrument to suit their needs..

Intrasound Music, located at 70 Narborough Road, Leicester, LE3 0BR. This store is an all round music shop where you can find a wide range of instruments.

Keysound, who are located on 117 Narborough Rd, Leicester LE3 0PA, are a great option for all the pianists out there. They have a wide range of keyboards and pianos on offer and will always have something to meet your price range.

Timothy Batchelar, is the best place to go for everything classical. They also have a great repair service. You can find them at 28 Colbert Dr, Braunstone Town, Leicester LE3 2JB.

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Violin Lessons Leicester  Teacher - Vanessa Balkwill
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I can help you to

I'm an experienced player and performer who can help you improve your playing in no time at all. I will make a personalised lesson plan that suits your needs as both a player and a learner. We will always learn in a way and in a direction that you are happy with.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at £20 per half hour and £30 per hour for all of my students. Lessons are usually purchased in monthly blocks. Any lessons that are missed are not refunded but, instead, rescheduled. The first month is 'pay as you go' so that pupils can make a decision on whether they like it and whether or not they want to commit long term.

My lessons take place from my home teaching space in the LE18 3QG area of Leicester.

I have experience in teaching students of all ages & offer my services to learners of ages 3 and above. Music should be for everyone.

Weekly lessons are recommended, however, If you would like, less frequent lessons are also possible.

Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will still be charged full price. If you give enough notice, then you are more than welcome to re-organise your lesson. A month's notice is required if a pupil or parent wishes to cease lessons completely.

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Violin Lessons Leicester  Music Studio Address


Winslow Dr, Leicester, LE18 3QG
Teaching Space
My lessons take place from my home teaching space in the LE18 3QG area of Leicester. This is a great place to learn where you can feel comfortable whilst learning to play the violin. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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Violin Teacher

Vanessa Balkwill
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