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I'm Emily Evison, an experienced violin tutor here in East Grinstead, dedicated to providing professional and personalised violin lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a complete beginner eager to start your musical journey or an advanced player aiming to refine your technique, I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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Emily Evison - Professional Violin Teacher

Violin Lessons East Grinstead Teacher - Emily Evison
My Mission

Lessons Tailored To You

I have played the violin for over 25 years taking part in both solo, ensemble and orchestral work and performances. I have been teaching violin for 17 years and teach a range of different styles and genres. I have many years of success in tutoring students through both ABRSM and Trinity Music exams and supplement lessons of those studying for practical exams with music theory. I also work with students on school entry exams, orchestral audition preparation and ensemble work where appropriate and am happy to arrange lessons working towards personal goals.


£25.00 per 1/2 hour, £40 per hour

Violin Teacher

Emily Evison


West St, Dormansland, Lingfield RH7 6QP, UK
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Student Advice

A Personalised Approach

In my teaching approach, I ensure that each lesson is personalised to fit the student's needs and interests. This means integrating music theory in a way that is both engaging and relevant to their goals. By learning music theory, students gain the tools they need to become more proficient and inspired musicians.

Whether you're planning to play in your local community in East Grinstead, teach music one day, or simply enjoy the personal satisfaction of mastering an instrument, understanding music theory is an invaluable part of the journey.


£25.00 per 1/2 hour
£33 per 3/4 hour
£40 per hour

Lessons are weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Advice for New Students

Why My Personalised Violin Lessons Are Ideal for Beginners

Embarking on your musical journey can be both exciting and challenging, especially when learning an instrument as intricate as the violin. With my violin lessons in East Grinstead, beginners are provided with a supportive and engaging environment to help them master the basics and beyond.

Experienced and Passionate Music Teacher

Like many music teachers, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every violin lesson. I am dedicated to helping students of all ages develop their skills and achieve their musical goals. Whether you're interested in classical pieces or contemporary songs, our lessons are tailored to your interests and progress.

Focus on Music Theory and Practical Skills

Understanding music theory is fundamental for any aspiring musician. Our violin lessons combine practical playing techniques with essential music theory, ensuring students not only learn to play the violin but also understand the music they are creating. This balanced approach helps beginners read music fluently and gain a deeper appreciation of their instrument.

Personalised Attention and Flexible Learning

With personalised learning plans, each student receives one-on-one attention, allowing for tailored instruction that meets individual needs. Whether you prefer a structured or flexible approach, my lessons are designed to accommodate different learning styles and paces, making them ideal for beginners in East Grinstead and West Sussex.

Quality Instruction Across Various Instruments

In addition to violin lessons, you can find instruction in piano, guitar, drums, and more. This variety allows students to explore different instruments and find their true musical passion. As a community of music teachers here at MusicTeacher.com we are equipped to handle teaching these instruments at a high quality, ensuring a well-rounded musical education.

So, why wait? Begin your musical journey with my violin lessons in East Grinstead today and discover how enjoyable and rewarding learning the violin can be. Contact me at Violin Lessons East Grinstead for more information or to schedule your first lesson!

Why Music Teachers Encourage Learning Music Theory

The Foundation for Musical Understanding

As a professional violin teacher, I strongly believe that a solid grasp of music theory is essential for anyone taking violin lessons. Music theory acts as the foundation upon which all musical skills are built. When students understand the principles of music, such as scales, chords, and harmony, they can play their instruments with greater confidence and creativity. This understanding also enhances their ability to learn and perform complex pieces more quickly and efficiently.

Enhancing Your Musical Journey

Incorporating music theory into each violin lesson not only makes you a better violinist but also enriches your overall musical journey. Whether you're interested in piano, guitar, or singing, knowing music theory can make transitioning between instruments and styles more seamless. This cross-instrument proficiency is particularly beneficial for beginners in East Grinstead who want to explore different facets of music before deciding where their true passion lies.

Communicating with Other Musicians

Music is often a collaborative art, and being able to communicate effectively with other musicians is key. By learning music theory, students can easily join groups or ensembles, whether they are playing violin, guitar, or piano. This skill is vital for both children and adults who wish to participate in more than one genre or setting. Music theory provides a common language that can be used to discuss compositions, arrangements, and performances with more teachers and peers.

Building Confidence and Creativity

Understanding music theory can help to demystify the complexities of playing an instrument, making the learning process less daunting and more enjoyable. When students grasp why certain notes and chords work well together, they become more adventurous in their practice and more confident in their abilities. This is why each message during a lesson aims to build both technical skills and theoretical knowledge, ensuring a well-rounded musical education.

Long-Term Benefits

When you commence your journey with violin lessons in East Grinstead, integrating music theory from the beginning provides long-term benefits. Not only does it foster better practice habits, but it also prepares students for future opportunities in music. Whether you aim to perform professionally, teach others, or simply enjoy playing, a firm understanding of music theory will serve you well. I encourage you to take this step in your musical education to unlock your full potential here with me in Violin Lessons East Grinstead.

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Violin Lessons East Grinstead Teacher - Emily Evison
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I can help you to

My goal is to inspire and motivate students, nurturing a lifelong love for playing and performing music. By focusing on both the technical aspects and the joy of music, we strive to make each lesson a fulfilling and enriching experience for beginners. Whether it's your first violin lesson or you're continuing to grow your skills, my personalised approach ensures steady progress and great achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best age to start violin lessons is typically between 4 and 7 years old. However, students of all ages can learn to play the violin with proper instruction and dedication.

For beginners, it's recommended to practice at least 20-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. As you advance, you may need to increase your practice time to 1-2 hours daily to continue improving.

Yes, having your own violin is essential for regular practice. However, some violin teachers and music stores offer rental options if you're not ready to purchase one yet. You can pop into local stores like Bull Frog Music to talk with staff about violins that might be suitable for a beginner.

The time it takes to learn the violin varies by individual. Beginners can usually play simple songs within a few months, while mastering the instrument can take several years of consistent practice and lessons.

A good violin teacher should have a strong background in music education, experience teaching students of various ages and skill levels, and the ability to provide personalised feedback and encouragement.

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