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Hello, my name is Cristina Martins and I have been a full time violin and music teacher for over 10 years. I love meeting new learners and guiding experienced players to reach their next step in a variety of styles, from classical to pop.

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Cristina Martins - Professional Violin Teacher

Violin Lessons Fulham Teacher - Cristina Martins
My Mission

Learn Violin, Viola and Music Theory

My current students benefit from my extensive experience as a full time teacher of violin and music in general. I have prepared students for exams with ABRSM and for performances in and around London for years, with great success.

It is my priority to keep students enthused and excited about their musical journeys, and so my lessons are always abundant with information that keeps learners moving forward, from week to week. By following strategical but personalised processes, I get results in my students with efficiency and enjoyment!


Mobile Teacher, Fulham

Violin Teacher

Cristina Martins
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My Lessons

Become Proficient in Classical, Jazz & Pop

Throughout my time as a musical educator, I have become fluent in teaching a diverse range of styles to violin and viola players of all ages. Both traditional and contemporary styles are both fascinating to me and I highly enjoy guiding others, no matter what their specific musical interests.

As a student of violin myself, I have worked through many educational processes and taken numerous exams in the UK and abroad. Some of my notable achievements have included Viola High Studies with a three year scholarship, Bachelor Viola & Music Theory at Conservatório de Música do Porto and Viola, and Chamber Music & Music Education High Studies at Conservatoires de Musique de Grenoble and Dijon.


£20 per 1/2 hour
£25 per 3/4 hour
£30 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

My current students are a mixed combination of players, from young beginners to senior adults looking to take the next step with their instrument. Whatever stage you may be at currently, I can help you attain the skills of the violinist you wish to become!

Lesson Focus

Master the Basics

Begin your violin journey by starting out with excellent technique and understanding of the instrument

My Experience as a Teacher

I have proudly taught violin, viola and music theory for over a decade, and have guided hundreds of students at all stages of skill and life.

In my experience, learners progress faster when they are enjoying the content present their lessons and practice routine. Alongside focussed and strategically taught pieces and exercises that will help bolster your skills moving forward, you are also most welcome to bring in your own material for studying and learning.

It is certainly worth noting as well, that during my time as a teacher I have educated many adults who have progressed extremely well on violin and viola. It is certainly never too late to start, and I encourage all who may be skeptical about their own potential to give it a go!

Lessons Focus

From Beginner to Advanced

All skill levels are welcome

More About My Lessons

My lessons are structured specifically for the students attending them. Each and every learner has unique musical interests, ability level and rate of development, so I strongly believe that lessons should reflect these variables also.

Each lesson will contain clear and detailed topic outlines in order to best set targets and internalise new concepts. Our lives are busy, and so efficiency is paramount when practicing. It is important that my students receive the most effective guidance possible to keep them growing into the players that they wish to become.

Though my lessons are methodically laid out and informed by years of teaching, I always ensure students a relaxed and comfortable learning experience. Exploring music and challenging one's self in any capacity should ultimately be a wonderful and exciting experience, and so it is my job as a teacher to keep students looking forward to reaching their next milestone from lesson to lesson.

Teacher Tips

Guiding All Aspects of Learning Violin

From helping choose your first instrument to taking you through your grade 8 exam

Music Shops in Fulham

Over the years, many students have enquired about where to source the best instruments and supplies for their specific needs. Luckily here in Fulham and surrounding areas, we have access to a range of stores that offer high quality products at very reasonable prices.

Kensington Chimes is located at 9 Harrington Road, South Kensington, London SW7 3ES. This store is perfect for any beginner looking for an instrument to get started with. They also offer a rental service, for those who may only wish to test the waters.

Old Violin Workshop is located at 10 High Street, Hampton Hill, Hampton TW12 1PD. Another excellent store for beginners, The Old Violin Workshop also stocks instruments for those wishing to upgrade to intermediate violins & violas.

London Violins can be found at 75 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 4JZ. London Violins caters for experienced strings players looking for world class instruments that will last lifetimes.

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Violin Lessons Fulham Teacher - Cristina Martins
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I can help you to

I am a patient and enthusiastic violin teacher with years of teaching experience for my students to take advantage of. I have studied at some of the finest musical institutes in Europe and continue to perform in many capacities around London.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons cost £20 for 1/2 an hour, £25 for 3/4 an hour and £30 for a full hour.

As a mobile tutor, my lessons can either take place in person at a location of your choosing or online via video calling platforms such as Zoom or Skype.

I teach students from ages 5 and upwards. I have always enjoyed teaching a wide variety of age groups, and I have had great success in guiding adult beginners. It is never too late to start!

You do not have to attend lessons each week, however I do suggest that students keep no more than two weeks between appointments so that technical progression and knowledge can develop at a consistent rate.

Life can always throw us surprises, so if you must cancel a booked lesson then I will understand completely. However, I do insist that students keep to a 48 hour cancellation policy, meaning that you must notify me of a cancellation within 48 hours or more prior to an appointment. This is simply to keep both my time and your money working efficiently.

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Mobile Teacher, Fulham
Teaching Space
My mobile and online tutoring services have benefited a great many students over the past several years. There is no requirement of students to take time out of their day to travel, and you get to enjoy specialist 1-1 tuition from the comfort of your own home.
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Violin Teacher

Cristina Martins
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