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My name is Sam Quintana & I'm an experienced Bass teacher in Leeds offering professional Bass lessons to students of ages 11+.

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Sam Quintana - Professional Bass Teacher

Bass Lessons Leeds Teacher - Sam Quintana
My Mission

Lessons With An Experienced Teacher

I am a professional bass guitarist and double bassist based in Leeds. I frequently tour the UK and have also performed internationally in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Ireland.

I use my experience as a touring musician to make sure you get the most out of your lessons and I can also help you build your confidence in both performing and in ability, as well as gaining a general understanding of music & how it works.


Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 3JF

Bass Teacher

Sam Quintana
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My Lessons

Learn How To Play & Perform

I always try to relate what is covered in lessons to real-life performance situations and will aim to explain how lesson topics can be applied in a range of circumstances. I am happy to guide students through grade exams but also happy to focus on particular aspects a student may want to work on outside of these syllabuses.

My lessons will be catered to your musical tastes. I believe in enjoying what you learn & because of this I will make sure that our lessons are always both enjoyable and informative.


£15 per 1/2 hour
£30 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I teach both beginner and advanced students in a wide range of styles. My lessons will be tailor made to the individuals level and needs.

Lesson Focus

Beginners Welcome

I welcome both beginner and advanced students to take my lessons

My Experience as a Teacher

I have been teaching privately since graduating from Leeds College of Music in 2014, working with a range of students to help them achieve their personal goals on their instrument. I have also worked as an assistant tutor on the Falmouth Jazz Summer School, and have experience leading workshops in schools and as part of summer camps in various ensembles.

I am most familiar with the Rockschool syllabus for electric bass and also an experienced double bass player. I specialise in jazz, in particular, the construction of bass lines and solos over chord changes. I am also comfortable teaching essential core fundamental skills such as technique, scale/fingerboard knowledge, harmonic knowledge, sight-reading, ear training, time-feel, recommended listening, practice tips and composition.

I am able to provide students with handouts and will be able to design and recommend exercises to students to help practice topics covered in lessons. I also have experience teaching students within an ensemble setting and would be comfortable leading a workshop/rehearsal for an ensemble.

Lessons Focus

Enjoyable Lessons

I like to make sure my lessons are both informative and enjoyable

More About My Lessons

I can offer graded tuition if this is something you would like to pursue. I usually teach the Rockschool syllabus but I am open to suggestions if you would like to take a different exam.

I'm also happy to offer tuition in a wide range of styles. I have experience in teaching a wide range of genres including Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk, Folk & Acoustic.

You are welcome to take lessons as and when you like. Most students usually take weekly or fortnightly lessons. For the best results, I would recommend weekly lessons combined with plenty of practice at home.

Teacher Tips

Performance Experience

I have a wide range of performance experience which I can use to help you gain confidence in your playing

Music Shops in Leeds

We are lucky enough to have a great selection of music shops and guitar shops in the Leeds area. Below are a few that I would recommend.

PMT Leeds, located on Citygate, 9 Kirkstall Road, LS3 1LH is a great place to start for guitarists and bassists of all abilities. They have a wide range of beginner guitars all the way to more expensive ranges.

Hobgoblin, located at 13 Eastgate, LS2 7LY is a great shop that also stocks a wide range of instruments including basses and acoustic/electric guitars. Their staff are very friendly so if you need help, remember to ask.

Dawsons, located on 113 Vicar Lane, LS1 6PJ is Great for beginner and intermediate bassists. Once again this is a great all-round shop offering a wide range of guitars as well as a great selection of accessories.

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Bass Lessons Leeds Teacher - Sam Quintana
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I can help you to

I'm an experienced teacher and performer who can help you improve every aspect of your playing & performing. Our lessons together will be both informative and enjoyable & I intend to always keep them that way for all of my students. I believe that learning anything should be enjoyable & this is always the best way to progress as a player. For more information please do not hesitate to send me an email.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are currently charged at £15 per half hour and £30 per hour for all students.

I take the majority of my lessons from my home teaching space in the LS5 3JF area of Leeds.

I have experience in teaching students of all ages but currently only offer my tuition to students of ages 11 and above.

Weekly lessons are recommended for the best results but If you would prefer fortnightly lessons then this is also available.

If you cancel a lesson with less than 48 hour notice then you will still be charged for the lesson.

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Bass Lessons Leeds Music Studio Address


Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 3JF
Teaching Space
I offer lessons from my home teaching space in the LS5 3JF area of Leeds. This is a great place to learn where you can feel comfortable whilst learning. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking. In addition to this, I also offer home lessons where you can learn from the comfort of your own home.
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Bass Teacher

Sam Quintana
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