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My name is Georgia Johnson and I am an experienced bass guitar teacher and performer, based here in York. I love meeting new learners and always enjoy encouraging my current students to achieve exciting milestones on their instruments!

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Georgia Johnson - Professional Bass Teacher

Bass Lessons York Teacher - Georgia Johnson
My Mission

Learn Double and Electric Bass

Throughout my time as a musician, I have taken opportunities to perform in many styles from pop and R&B, to classical and jazz. Becoming proficient in both electric and double bass has also allowed me to diversify as an educator, so whatever your preferred style of music, I can guarantee you will learn something exciting and new.


Manor Drive North, York, YO26 5RY

Bass Teacher

Georgia Johnson
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My Lessons

All Ages & Abilities

Since starting teaching in 2015 I have guiding a diverse range of learners, from ages 6 and upwards. Having had professional experience in many different styles as a performer, I have found it extremely rewarding to nurture skills and help students become the players they wish to be.

All skill levels are welcome, from complete beginners to seasoned pros looking to learn something new. One of the many wonders of learning music is that there is always something to discover, and by keeping the ball rolling with my personalised and strategic lesson plans, you will surely pick up a concept or skill that will keep you moving forward.

As a student of music through college and university, I attained several qualifications including a BA in Music from the University of York, as well as a Music A level. Though I am mainly self taught, I am well versed in guiding my own students in graded systems including those of ABRSM, Rockschool and Trinity.


£20 per 1/2 hour
£30 per 3/4 hour
£40 per 3/4 hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

No matter where you may currently find yourself along your musical journey, send me a message today and begin taking your skills further.

Lesson Focus

Master Famous Basslines and Foundational Techniques

Learn the useful habits of a professional bass player to push your playing further, quicker

My Experience as a Teacher

I have taught electric and double bass since graduating with a BA in Music, in 2015. During this time, I have guided a great range of learners from those of school age, to senior adults. I am very pleased to say that all age groups have demonstrated excellent progress, and so it is certainly never too late to start learning!

I was fortunate in my own studies, to have been guided by leading experts in the field. Through college and university, I picked up many excellent teaching methods and techniques that I now use in my own lessons which have helped bolster the skills of my students for years.

Playing professionally and around the country for over 15 years, has also greatly informed the material I teach. I fully understand the requirements of bass players in many different musical scenarios, and so my students always benefit from learning skills that can seamlessly translate into real world playing.

Lessons Focus

Take Your Playing To The Next Level

Learn musical theory, advanced skills and pieces that will advance your abilities

More About My Lessons

My lessons are logically laid out and thoughtfully presented. As a musician, efficiency of time is extremely important, particularly when it comes to practice. Therefore, I ensure that my lessons provide clarity and purpose with targets to aim for and methods to use.

Through my years of teaching, I have developed a clear understanding of how students can get their playing from point A to point B. There are certainly no 'one method fits all' approaches however, as learner ages, interests and skill levels are always so diverse. Instrument lessons should reflect this, and so each will be tailored specifically to the individual student in order to ensure them a productive and enjoyable learning process.

Though I like to keep lessons productive and focussed, my teaching style has always been enthusiastic and encouraging to all. Learning any musical instrument should be a fun and exciting endeavour, so I always like to keep spirits high and students comfortable!

Teacher Tips

Helping All Aspects Of Playing

From finding your first instrument, to taking you through grade 8 exam material

Music Shops in York

I am regularly contacted by students looking for the best local stores to source quality musical products and accessories. Fortunately, here in York there are several excellent locations in which bass players can find everything they could need, from instruments to tuners.

Located on 18 Lendal, York, YO1 8AU, Musicroom is an excellent store for both beginner and professional bass players. Products here are of high quality, and very reasonable prices.

RWB Music York is another well established store based in the centre of York, specialising in instruments suited to all levels of player. You can find RWB Music York at 16 Bridge Street, York, YO1 6DA.

The Music Bank, located at 37 High Street, Knaresborough, HG5 0HB, also caters for players of all ages and skill levels, with beginner packages and well known branded instruments available.

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Bass Lessons York Teacher - Georgia Johnson
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I can help you to

I am a friendly and experienced teacher who loves guiding players of all ages. It is my mission to present the utmost productive and enjoyable lessons for all students, and I am pleased to say that I have had many great results during my years of teaching. During my time as a student of music and a performer, I have achieved a BA in Music, played with some of the country's finest pit bands at theatres across the UK, and have also performed with many function bands & jazz ensembles.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons cost £20 for 30 minutes, £30 for 45 minutes and £40 per hour lesson.

Lessons can either take place at my home teaching space in York, which has proven to be a great learning space for students over the past few years, or at a location of your choosing. For those further afield, I do also offer online lessons through Skype & Zoom.

I teach students of all ages, from 6 upwards. I should note that I have had much success with older beginners, and it is certainly never too late to pick up bass guitar!

You are not required to attend lessons each week, however I do suggest that students leave no more than two weeks between each appointment. This is simply to keep fingers well exercised and knowledge fresh from lesson to lesson.

If you must cancel a lesson, then I completely understand. I must insist however, that students keep to my 48 hour cancellation policy which simply means that should you need to cancel a booked lesson, then you must notify me 48 hours or more prior. For students who have block booked lessons of 5, 10 or 20 as part of a course then the cancellation policy allows on the day cancellations, at least 3 hours before the arranged lesson time.

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Bass Lessons York Music Studio Address


Manor Drive North, York, YO26 5RY
Teaching Space
My home teaching studio in York has proven to be an excellent teaching space for students of all ages. I like to ensure that guests feel welcome and comfortable in order to get the most out of their lessons. Working as a remote teacher, I have also visited many students' homes, which has been useful for those who may have logistical difficulties in travelling.
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Bass Teacher

Georgia Johnson
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