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My name is Richie & I'm an easy going bass teacher located in Swindon offering the chance for students to learn the bass guitar in a fun and enjoyable way. My lessons are always built around you and the music that you love to listen to. I'm able to teach a wide range of genres and styles including Funk, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Soul & more. During our lessons together you'll learn to enjoy practicing and in time will build your own style.

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Richie Petersen - Professional Bass Teacher

Bass Lessons Swindon Teacher - Richie Petersen
My Mission

Experienced Teacher

My name is Richie, I'm an experienced musician and bass player who has been lucky enough to both teach and play all over the globe and I can't wait to help you with your playing.

I consider myself a selfless person and love to contribute to others, and so I saw teaching as a perfect way to give back. It truly is an absolute please to see students grow under my guidance and also to share the passion that I have for music as well with them. I'm always approachable and like to make sure my students that there is no such thing as a stupid question, I will always be there to answer questions and help you pick up good habits.


Mobile Bass Teacher in Swindon

Bass Teacher

Richie Petersen
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My Lessons

Enjoy Learning

Above all else, I like to promote a positive learning environment. My lessons will always be both informative and enjoyable for all of my students. I like to take the time to learn about the direction you would like to learn in and then I will build a lesson plan around your goals and ideas as a learner. We can work towards and exam, learn for fun, improve techniques and much more, whatever direction you'd like to learn in, please remember to let me know.

Learning bass can be difficult and I fully understand that everyone learns at different speeds. My lessons will always be at a pace that suits your ability level. I want my students to always go away with a smile and over time share the same passion that made me so interested in music. My lessons are built around you, and this truly is the best way to enjoy what you learn. Those who enjoy what they learn will always make better progress when it comes to learning.


£20 per 3/4 hour
£30 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I welcome both beginners and advanced players to learn to play the bass guitar with me. I will always make a lesson plan that suits your goals and ability level.

Lesson Focus
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My Experience as a Teacher

I'm a touring musician and have done so for as long as I can remember, I really feel that this enables me to offer you amazing lessons and help you prepare for anything.

I am proud of the fact that great and legendary artists and musicians alike find that they can trust me to execute my job as a bass player well. Getting the nod from my peers and colleagues stand out as a true testament to all my hard work, and I am very proud of this.

Watching my past students and mentees perform on world stages provides a great inspiration to continue mentoring and teaching those who show an interest in learning and perfecting their craft. That should be what we all aim and strive to do.

Lessons Focus
Beginners Welcome

I welcome both beginner and advanced students to take my lessons.

More About My Lessons

The first thing I remember was music and since then it has been a lifelong passion of mine to spread music around the world.

In between all this, I taught young and middle-aged students who were interested in either piano or bass guitar and found great pleasure in helping other musicians and persons interested in music to grow and learn. I have experience in multiple students and one-on-one styles of teaching.

Although I have no formal teaching papers, I have always managed to bring students closer to their goals in playing by ear and guided them in playing for their Churches, functions, and some even now tour the world with artists. I have used trusted teaching methods and am also able to tweak them where necessary to fit the particular student’s level and aptitude.

Teacher Tips
Music Shops

Music Shops in the local area

Music Shops in Swindon

We are lucky enough to have a few really great shops in Swindon that cater to musicians. Here are a few I recommend.

Holmes Music, is the best option in the area if you're looking for an all round store that stocks a wide range of instruments and has a great range of bass guitars. You can find them at 21-23 Faringdon Rd, Swindon SN1 5AR.

Kempster & Son, is a small shop with friendly staff who can kit you out with a bass guitar strings and anything else you might need. They are located at 98 Commercial Rd, Swindon SN1 5PL.

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Bass Lessons Swindon Teacher - Richie Petersen
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I can help you to

I'm a professional performer and bass player who can help you improve both your playing and understanding of music. My bass guitar lessons are tailor made to the individual and can go in any direction you wish. I'm comfortable teaching exams, song writing, different genres, technique work and much more. If you'd like to take my lessons and have any questions at all that I haven't answered yet, please feel free to send me an email at any time. I would be more than happy to help you with anything.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are currently charged at £30 per hour for all students.

I'm a mobile teacher which means that I will travel to you for your lessons.

I teach both adults and young learners how to play the bass guitar.

Weekly lessons are the best way to improve but fortnightly lessons are also an option.

Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will still be charged full price.

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Mobile Bass Teacher in Swindon
Teaching Space
I offer mobile lessons to students based in and around Swindon (subject to my availability and your location). For more information about my music lessons simply get in touch.
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Bass Teacher

Richie Petersen
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