Cello Lessons

Cello Lessons

Find local cello teachers by searching the international teacher database. Across the teachers within this community you will find cello teachers who are able to help students of all learning ability, as well as a wide range of different ages and styles. You will also be able to find both in-person and online cello lessons.

A cellist playing the cello in a cosy home setting.
We welcome drummers of all ages, including young learners as well as adults. We also welcome beginners, helping them to learn the fundamentals of drumming and giving them the confidence to push on as drummers.

Complete Beginners Welcome

We welcome students from complete beginners upwards, giving cellist the opportunity to develop their playing ability through carefully planned lessons. Students require no prior experience playing the cello before attending their first lesson, with lessons covering all the basics of how to play the instrument.

For intermediate and advanced cellist, you will find teachers who are able to help you to continue to progress with playing. Giving you the technical and musical skills to help you reach that next level, blending in new genres and styles to ensure you continue to expand your musical horizons.

Developing Accomplished Cellist

You will find cello teachers offering both in-person and online lessons, including cello lessons on Zoom. We welcome students of a wide range of different ages, including both young learners and adults. Teaching them across a number of different genres and giving them the opportunity to take graded exams should that be of interest.

Nonetheless, many of the cello students we work with simply learn to play the cello for their own enjoyment and there is certainly no compulsion to take graded exams should that not be your ambition.

Additionally, we take a student lead approach to tuition, meaning that the student’s lessons will be shaped by the music that inspired them to want to learn to play the piano in the first place.

You will also find teachers who are able to help develop other aspects of your playing, from music theory to posture and performance. Our more advanced students often become interest in composition, improvisation and advanced sightreading, aspects that a number of the cello teachers in this community will be able to help with.

Whatever your goals when learning to play the cello, you will be able to find a teacher within this community who will help give you the technical ability and confidence to achieve them.

A cellist playing a song.
A cellist playing as part of an orchestra.
I work with cello teachers based around the world, able to offer either in-person or online lessons, to students of a wide range of different learning abilities and age groups.

Are you a cello teacher?

I am always keen to work with cello teachers passionate about helping their students to develop their musicality, confidence and overall ability on the cello. If you are a cello teacher interested in teaching some of the cello students coming through MusicTeacher.com then you can find out more by visiting the Sign-Up page, where you will also find a teacher application form to complete.

Cello teachers within this community offer online or in-person lessons (or both), so whatever you current teaching situation, it would be wonderful to talk with you more.

Cello Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional drum teacher in your area.

Cello Centres in the United Kingdom


Doris Moss is a professional cellist and music teacher based in the Manchester area, able to offer cello lessons to students located in Altrincham. She can help students of all learning levels, including complete beginners. To find out more about her personalised cello lessons visit Cello Lessons Altrincham.


Kristina Keller is a professional cello teacher based in Bristol, helping students of all levels to develop their cello playing ability. She welcomes both adults and young learners to attend her home teaching space to develop their musical ability.


Maja Weeks is now offering the chance to learn to play the cello in Canterbury through the page Cello Lessons Canterbury. All ages and abilities are welcome and lessons will be built around your ability level and musical taste.


Samantha Dress offers professional cello lessons in Cardiff, helping students of all learning abilities to progress their cello playing. She has a friendly, warm approach to teaching students from young learners upwards. To find out more about her in-person lessons in Cardiff, visit Cello Lessons Cardiff.


Charlotte is a professional Cello teacher based in Coventry offering high quality Cello lessons for students of all ages. She’s an experienced player and performer and can’t wait to share that experience with you.


Kung Shing Kwan is a professional cello teacher based in Liverpool, England. He welcomes students of all learning abilities to attend individually tailored cello lessons. You can find out more about his tuition at Cello Lessons Liverpool.


Laurence Hughes offers cello lessons in Manchester, to students from complete beginner levels upwards. He can help students to learn the foundations of how to play the cello, as well as aid more advanced cellists in their continued development. Visit Cello Lessons Manchester to find out more about Andrew’s lessons.


Rowena Sharps is a cello teacher based in Nottingham, England. She has many years of teaching experience, helping her students to progress on the cello through carefully planned lessons. Visit Cello Lessons Nottingham to read more about her approach to teaching the cello.


Ryan Woolley is an experienced music teacher based in Oxford, England. He teaches a wide range of different instruments, including the cello, working with students of all ages to help them to develop. You can find out more about his cello tuition by visiting Cello Lessons Oxford.


Emily Gjylaci Hill welcomes students of all learning abilities to attend her one-to-one cello lessons in Rochdale. She has many years of performing and teaching experience, tailoring her lessons to each student’s individual learning requirements. Visit Cello Lessons Rochdale to find out more about her cello tuition.

Online Cello Lessons


Samantha Drees is an experienced cello teacher who offers cello lessons to students around the world. With pupils based in USA and Europe, she is ready to help students of all learning abilities via Zoom. To find out more about Samantha’s online lessons visit her Zoom Cello Lessons page.


Rachel Hoffman is a cellist able to offer lessons to students based around the world via Skype. Her friendly approach to teaching the cello helps students of all ages to feel comfortable and confident, as they take their first steps in learning to play. You can find out more about her online cello lessons via Skype here.