Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons

Find music teachers who are able to help you to learn music theory. Across the community of teachers you will be able to find online music theory lessons, as well as in-person lessons where a teacher is local.

Sheet music with a pen and glasses on it.
We welcome students of all musical abilities to improve their musical understanding. Our music theory lessons are fun and engaging, giving you the content you need to really grasp the core concepts of music.

No Prior Knowledge Required

We are more than happy to help students of all learning abilities to progress the musical knowledge and understanding. This includes teaching music theory to complete beginners, helping those students who have never be able to read music notation or understand musical timing to grasp these concepts with confidence. We currently have an amazing teacher called Ervin Daradics who offers Music Theory Lessons For Beginners on the Music teacher platform.

The music theory lessons will be fun and engaging, teaching you the knowledge in bitesize chunks and ensuring that you fully understand each concept before moving on. Most important the teachers within this community teach music theory in a way that is clear and understandable, this is how we have been able to get such fantastic results for our students – improving their musicality and giving them the opportunity to gain a far deeper insight into the music that they are playing.

Music Theory Grade 5

There is always an interest by students looking to progress to the higher grades in their chosen instrument to look to take the Music Theory Grade 5 exam. There are many music teachers within this international community who are able to help students, either in-person or through online music theory lessons, to learn the content of the exam and prepare them for it.

The approach of the teachers is to ensure that students enjoy the content within the syllabus, internalising it to ensure that they really grasp the core concepts and giving them confidence that they can be successful when taking the exam.

Different teachers are able to prepare students for different exam boards, with many teachers able to cover several different exam board syllabi – enabling you to choose which exam you wish to enter. Additionally, we can also help students preparing to take exams at their college or university, working closely with them to navigate through the curriculum content to ensure they go into the exam with a firm foundation of the material.

Sheet music, giving students the opportunity to learn music theory.
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Music studio with guitars, a keyboard and music equipment.
Many teachers are able to tutor music theory to their students, giving them another string to their bow for their teaching business. I would be delighted to work with you to find more music theory students as well.

Are you a Music Theory Teacher?

I am always keen to work with professional music teachers who are able help students to improve their musicality through engaging music theory lessons.

We have a community of teachers based around the world able to help students progress their musical understanding and it would be wonderful to talk with you more should you believe you might be able to do the same for music students local to you.

To find out more, as well as to apply to join the platform, visit the Sign Up page.