Ukulele Lessons

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Ukulele Lessons

Simply, input your postal address into the top search bar, in order to find teachers close to your preferred geographical location & select ukulele as your chosen instrument. This will return teachers nearest to you or recommend online lessons where there are no local teachers.

Our ukulele lessons are suited to learners of all ages, including young learners.

All Styles Taught

All of the teachers within our teaching community can offer lessons across an expansive range of musical genres and styles including classical, piano, jazz, blues, rock, pop, musical theatre, soul and so much more.

If you’re looking for ukulele lessons, after using the database to search for ukulele lessons in your preferred geographical location; look through the list of our ukulele teachers. You can look through their profiles and see what styles and genres they cover as well as what levels and abilities they teach.

You can also see if there are any teachers that can teach online via Zoom etc, if you prefer online lessons, or if they offer in person lessons too. Most teachers can help with exam prep and working towards grades, but you can also check this out on their profile too if you’re looking to work towards an exam, or are looking for a teacher to help your child work towards a graded exam.

It doesn’t have to be predominantly focused on exams however, if you want to learn ukulele for fun, our ukulele teachers can provide fun pieces of music to play if you are keen to learn, but more so for the enjoyment of learning how to play a ukulele. This can be discussed with your teacher in order for you to find the best place to start.

Progress Your Ukulele Playing

Lessons can be tailored to you, to exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s something very new for you, starting completely from scratch or if you’re looking to pick lessons back up after not playing for a while.

Whether you’re looking for your child to learn a new instrument, for school exams or if it’s something they would like to start learning. Whether you’re looking to work towards graded exams or would like to learn how to play pop, country, easy listening, soft rock or whatever genre you’d like to try. Whether you’d like to learn how to sight read music so you can do exams, become a session musician or play in a band, we’ve got you covered.

There are many teachers on here who offer different options suited to what you’re looking for and to what level you’re at, if you’re a beginner, more intermediate or even advanced; our teachers can tailor lessons to help you in achieving your goal, whatever that may be. Our teachers can help in honing in on what it is you’re looking to do, building a plan towards achieving that goal and then helping you to develop and achieve milestones along the way.

There is no age limit, whether you want to start learning at 60 or if you want your child to start learning at 7, our teachers teach a whole range of ages from 5 and upwards. Whatever your age, level, experience, goal; our teachers can provide assistance in finding what it is exactly you’re looking for.

Help elevate your ukulele playing by taking lessons with a professional ukulele teacher, either in-person or online.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to play Somewhere Over The Rainbow or Riptide by Vance Joy or maybe you want to learn guitar but are a bit unsure and want to start with a smaller instrument-have a look at what ukulele teachers are in your area and they can help from there.

Join our teacher community to offer in-person and online ukulele lessons to students based around the world.

Are you a ukulele teacher?

Do you enjoy teaching others how to play pop, rock, country, soul music or any other genres that can be played on ukulele? Can you help students in working towards graded exams? Join our ever growing community of music teachers with instruments ranging from piano to drums to brass and wind instruments and so much more.

As the numbers of students grow, we’re looking to add to our database of ukulele teachers so more people have the chance to learn how to play a string instrument. Teachers can either choose to teach in person or online lessons or both, whatever suits you.

You can teach from your home, a studio space you may rent or you can choose to travel to your student to teach them. If you feel that this is something that you would be interested in, please do get in touch to find out more, we’d be happy to help provide more information on how you could become part of our professional platform of fantastic teachers from all over the world!

Is Ukulele Easier to Learn Than Guitar?

Ukulele is like a small guitar with the exception of having 2 less strings than a normal sized guitar. A ukulele is maybe a good starting point for those who are beginner or maybe want to learn guitar but want to try out a smaller instrument first to see what it’s like to play a string instrument.

Of course, there’s only a certain amount of scales and chords you can play on a ukulele with it having only 4 strings and 12-15 frets, dependant on the size of ukulele you can get, which range from Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone, the number of frets can increase. Standard tuning starts from the bottom at G-C-E-A. A ukulele usually sounds quite high pitched and jangly. It is probably most well known for Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow or Vance Joy’s Riptide.

Chord shapes are a little easier than trying to work on a barre chord shape on a guitar, and also, a smaller fretboard makes transitions easier with frets, strings and chords being closer together. Although this may be difficult for people with bigger hands, so perhaps one of the bigger ukuleles or a guitar may be better suited. A ukulele also has softer nylon strings so it’s not as painful as normal guitar strings would be when playing barre chords, for example. It’s small compact size and lightness makes it so much easier to carry around and you also can learn to sightread ukulele music, but a lot of it can be taught by ear. To conclude, a ukulele is a good starting point for beginners to then maybe progress onto guitar.

Ukulele Centres in the United Kingdom

Coventry: Steve Sheldon is a professional ukulele teacher based in Coventry offering enjoyable Ukulele lessons for students of all ages. He prides himself on offering lessons for all that are easy to understand with a focus on learning music that that the student is familiar with.

Manchester: Tom Favell is a professional Ukulele teacher based in Manchester offering high quality tuition for all. He has had years of experience teaching both Ukulele and Guitar and intend to use this to make sure that your lessons are always of the highest quality.

Southampton: Kit Rivington is a professional Ukulele teacher based in Southampton. He prides himself on maintaining a high quality of tuition for all of his students regardless of playing level. He likes to make sure you focus on all areas of your playing and make sure you end up a competent player.

Online Ukulele Lessons

Skype: Marcela is a patient and enthusiastic ukulele tutor. She have taught music for three years, which includes individuals and small groups, both children and adults. She has experience helping students take Skype Ukulele Lessons based around the world, encouraging them to learn through playing the music that they are passionate about.