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I'm Pete Rawcliffe, welcome to my professional singing lessons, perfect for beginner vocalists and experienced singers! Together, we'll lay the foundation for your singing journey, focusing on essential techniques to build your confidence and skills. Get ready to unlock your potential and dive into the joy of singing without fear!

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Pete Rawcliffe - Professional Singing Teacher

Singing Lessons Exeter Teacher - Pete Rawcliffe
My Mission

Lessons Tailored To You

Pete has been studying with voice for 4 years now and has recently decided to take a step into progressing his work as a vocal coach. He has been recording and singing for many years with a repertoire spanning from Classical all the way through to rock/metal. With a 3.5 octave range Pete is able to provide examples of the voice from Baritone to Soprano, helping navigate most types of vocalists. Pete sings in symphonic metal band Crown Solace, known for their tracks Horizons and Inside My Mind. Pete released his debut solo single, Locked Away, in 2021.


£25.00 per 1/2 hour, £35.00 per hour

Singing Teacher

Pete Rawcliffe


Exeter EX1 3GR, UK
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Student Advice

Vocal Techniques and Styles

The array of vocal techniques and styles I offer as an experienced tutor is designed to equip singers with the necessary skills to master their craft across music genres. As a professional singing teacher based in Exeter, students are encouraged to explore the full potential of their voice, building their vocal strength, range and unique tone.

Students are taught not just the mechanics of singing but also the artistry involved in performance. My knowledge across an array of genres ensures that whether a student is passionate about pop, rock, jazz, or classical music, they will receive tailored coaching that resonates with their personal style and aspirations. This bespoke approach to singing instruction allows for an individualised experience, creating the environment for each student to succeed singing the music they are passionate about.

More Singing Teachers Near Me

Discover more local singing teachers, who share a passion for teaching. Explore their profiles below to find the perfect fit for you:

Alex Johnstone

Alex Johnstone

~0.5 miles (0.8 km) away

Alex Johnstone has over 10 years experience as a performer playing a number of high profile festivals such as Boomtown, Beautiful Days, Altitude, Aeon and Wonderfields. He has played alongside performers such as The Levellers, Maddie Prior (Steeleye Span,) Rev Hammer and Justin Sullivan (New Model Army.) He has been teaching singing and piano for 4 years at The Academy Of Music And Sound in Exeter along with private tuition. Alex was trained from a young age in Exeter Cathedral Choir and teaches Piano, Singing and Songwriting.


Studio 54, 54 High St, Exeter EX4, UK

Lesson Prices:

£15.00 per 1/2 hour, £35.00 per hour

Rachael Willment

Rachael Willment

~0.2 miles (0.4 km) away

I have been singing for over 20 years now, having been classically trained, but also covering a variety of styles. This has allowed my technical ability to grow to a highly professional level, although I am always looking to improve. I am extremely patient and open-minded, friendly and passionate about what I do. I am also eager to get results from anyone I work with, and that can relate to technique, or simply just building a pupil’s confidence.


Exeter, UK

Lesson Prices:

£35.00 per hour

Advice for New Students

Exploring Singing Lessons in Exeter

Exeter Singing Lessons offers a diverse range of vocal training options, catering to individuals across various skill levels and musical preferences. With the guidance of a professional singing teacher like myself, students are empowered to explore their vocal range and develop their abilities as well as performance coaching sessions in a supportive environment that champions each student's successes.

Whether aspiring to become a professional singer or simply seeking to enhance their singing for personal enjoyment, students can expect tailored coaching. As a dedicated singing teacher, I work closely with each student, employing techniques that refine tone, pitch, and delivery. For those who prefer the benefits of learning from a teacher through in-person lessons I offer lessons in Exeter, with teachers in the wider MusicTeacher.com community offering the flexibility of taking lessons online. With all this choice expert instruction is just a click away.

Here at Singing Lessons Exeter my aim to help my student's vocal aspirations transform into reality. My professional tuition programs are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of each student, ensuring a journey toward vocal excellence. From classical to contemporary styles, as a vocal coach I offer personalised techniques and guidance. Embrace the benefits of professional vocal coaching through my structured lesson plans, designed to help build your confidence and technical ability, as I invite you to join a supportive community dedicated to nurturing and showcasing your vocal talents.

Why Choose Professional Training

Professional vocal coaching offers a structured pathway to enhance the natural talent within, providing a fun and liberating experience as you explore the full potential of your singing voice. Here are compelling reasons to opt for professional vocal instruction:

  • tailored techniques: professional training adapts to individual needs, ensuring personalised development of vocal technique across various styles

  • vocal health: professional instructors prioritise your vocal health, teaching you how to sing with power and passion without causing strain or damage

  • confidence building: professional training provides a safe and supportive environment for you to explore and refine your voice

  • convenience of online lessons: find online singing lessons, allowing you to receive professional instruction from the comfort of your own space, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Tailored Lesson Plans

Recognising the uniqueness of each student's voice and goals, singing lessons in Exeter provide customised lesson plans to optimise individual learning and development with the help of:

  • assessment of abilities

  • selection of songs

  • progressive instruction

  • flexible teaching styles.

Through these tailored lesson plans, students are empowered to take command of their vocal tuition, achieving personal success in the development of their singing voice

Mastering Breath Control

Mastering breath control is fundamental to unlocking the full potential of your vocal performance. As an experienced singer, one's ability to manage breath effectively dictates the quality of sound produced. The freedom that comes with excellent breath control allows for more expressive and dynamic singing. You can master this crucial aspect with the help of:

  • diaphragmatic breathing: learn to use your diaphragm for deep breathing, which provides a solid foundation for sustained singing

  • breath management: focus on controlling the outflow of air to maintain a steady, supported sound throughout your great performance

  • phrasing and dynamics: work on using breath to shape phrases and convey emotional depth, adding a layer of artistry to your singing

  • stamina building: engage in exercises designed to increase lung capacity and endurance, so you can perform longer pieces with ease.

Expanding Your Vocal Range

As part of my singing lessons in Exeter, I offer expert guidance in expanding your vocal range, a key component for versatility and expression in singing. A professional vocalist understands the importance of pushing boundaries while maintaining a focus on the health of their own voice. Each lesson is tailored to support singers in safely exploring and expanding their range, allowing them to perform a variety of styles with ease and confidence.

Through a series of targeted exercises, you will gradually increase your ability to reach higher and lower notes, effectively broadening your vocal spectrum. Alongside practice between singing lessons you will hear and feel your vocal ability grow in strength. Whether you aim to dazzle with soaring highs or captivate with resonant lows, expanding your range can significantly enhance your musical expression.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

The journey to vocal development also encompasses strategies for overcoming performance anxiety to ensure singers deliver their best on stage. It is about unlocking a sense of freedom where you can sing with joy and confidence, regardless of ages or levels of experience. Here are some key strategies to conquer stage fright:

  • understanding the root cause: by identifying what triggers your anxiety and tailor approaches that specifically address your concerns

  • practicing mindfulness techniques: learn to centre yourself with breathing exercises and visualisation methods that calm the mind and allow you to focus on the joy of singing

  • use open mic nights: Exeter has many opportunities to perform in many different styles and settings, from open mic nights to theatre performances, which can desensitise the nervousness associated with being on stage through repeated experience

  • positive reinforcement: embrace the idea that every performance is a chance to learn new skills

Nurturing Musical Expression

Singing Lessons Exeter focuses on teaching and nurturing their musical expression, ensuring each individual's unique voice is developed to its full potential. The pursuit of becoming a fun and professional vocalist is an exciting journey of self-discovery and artistic freedom. The learning process at includes:

  • diverse genre exploration: students are encouraged to delve into various musical styles, including pop, to find their niche and expand their versatility

  • creative freedom: in each session, learners are given the space to experiment with their voice, promoting confidence and personal style

  • performance opportunities: helping students towards showcasing their talent in Exeter's vibrant music and theatre scene

  • interactive learning: we blend traditional techniques with innovative practices, making every lesson both educational and entertaining.

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Singing Lessons Exeter Teacher - Pete Rawcliffe
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I can help you to

Here at Singing Lessons Exeter I offer comprehensive courses in vocal development, catering to a diverse range of musical preferences and skill levels. Through my personalised lesson plans, and a supportive student community, individuals can refine their vocal techniques and showcase their progress. Whether through in-person classes or online singing sessions, students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to advance their singing abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children are generally ready to start singing lessons between ages 7 and 9. The human voice continues to mature throughout life, however, so students of any ages, including adults, can benefit from singing tuition.

Learning necessary concepts and training yourself with practice will not only help you sing better, but it'll also improve confidence in other areas of life. So before you rule yourself out from singing, try earning from an experienced teacher and giving yourself the space to practice the exercises you are being taught.

On average, a one-hour private vocal lesson can cost anywhere from £20 to £50, but this can vary greatly depending on the coach and location.

Yes, we cover many different styles of music and will focus the songs that during our lessons on the music that inspired you to start singing.

A general guideline for beginners is to start with one lesson per week. This allows for consistent practice and feedback, helping the student make gradual progress. As you advance and become more comfortable with your voice, you may choose to continue with weekly lessons or adjust the frequency based on your needs and schedule. Some singers may benefit from more frequent lessons, while others may find that bi-weekly or monthly lessons are sufficient for their goals.

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