Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Search the music teacher database to find professional music tutors located in your area. These tutors offer high-quality music lessons, across a wide range of different instruments, genres and musical styles.

The teachers featured on are carefully vetted, interviewed and individually approved, based on their experienced and quality of the lessons that they can offer.

Finding the right music teacher to teach you or members of your family has a profound impact on the enjoyment of the learning experience and the outcomes for the student.
Taking music classes online has opened up opportunities for students to take lessons with some of the leading music teachers in the world, no matter where the student and teachers are based.

Online Lessons

In addition to in-person lessons, we offer online music classes with a select group of specialized music teachers. Each teacher has a great online set-up and experience at teaching students based across the globe.

These teachers are able to tutor across a range of different platforms, including Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Teams and more. Visit our Online Music Lessons page to find further details about the range of online tuition we provide – including Zoom Guitar Lessons, Skype Singing Lessons and Online Piano Lessons to name a few.

In-Person Lessons

As a community of professional music teachers, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the very highest quality in-person lessons. Classes that are tailored to each student’s individual learning interests and ability.

Many of the music teachers in this community have spent years of their lives helping their students to develop their musical ability and confidence on their chosen instrument. For us, as teachers, there is no greater feeling than seeing everything ‘click’ for a student and the joy it brings to them. Read on to see the range of different instruments that we currently provide music lessons for.

We are a community of music teachers dedicated to providing the highest-quality music tuition to our students.