Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Lessons

To find local saxophone teachers near to you, or saxophone tutors able to offer online saxophone lessons simply search the international music teacher database.

We welcome students of all learning abilities, from complete beginners to more advanced saxophone players to help them to achieve their goals.

All Levels Taught

The saxophone teachers within this community are able to help students of all learning abilities, from complete beginners to more advanced saxophonists. The approach of tuition is based on the student’s preferred musical interests, current ability, and ultimate saxophone playing goals.

Based on these aspects your saxophone teacher will build a course of lessons that are ideally suited to you as an individual player. Blending technical exercises, with songs and theoretical knowledge to help you succeed. This student lead approach has given fantastic results for students learning both in-person or online.

Learn Multiple Genres

Teachers within this community are able to help saxophone students learn an array of different music genres, from jazz to big band, from contemporary to Bebop. The lessons will draw upon the music that inspired you to pick up the saxophone in the first place, while exposing you to new musical styles that you might not have heard of previously.

This holistic approach to playing the saxophone gives students that variety needed to really engage and succeed on the instrument. Building the skill sets required to playing smoothly and confidently. The lessons will also explore the music theory concepts that will help push forwards your musicianship as a whole, ensuring that you can work effectively with other musicians as part of a band.

For those students who are interested, there are teachers within this community who are able to help teach you grades – either in-person or online. Thought taking the saxophone grades is certainly not compulsory, with many of our students simply learning for their own enjoyment.

We welcome learners of all ages, including both young saxophonists and adult learners. Working closely with each student to create a course of saxophone lessons that will help them to reach their goals and providing opportunities for them to perform and interact with other musicians.

Learn an array of different musical styles, focusing on the music that inspired you to pick up the saxophone.

Are you a saxophone teacher?

I am always keen to work with passionate saxophone teachers able to help the students who enquire for saxophone lessons on The teachers within our community offer either online or in-person saxophone lessons (or both!), helping complete beginners to start their journey learning the instrument.

To find out more about being part of our saxophone teaching community simply complete the Teacher Application Form. Based on that application we can then arrange an interview to talk more about you teaching the students enquiring for saxophone lessons.

Saxophone Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional saxophone teacher in your area, as well as those who offer online saxophone lessons.

Saxophone Centres in the United Kingdom

Birmingham: David Bustos is a saxophone teacher based in Birmingham, offering individually tailored lessons to students of all learning abilities – including complete beginners. He can teach and/or prepare students for ABRSM, Guildhall, and Trinity grades in classical or Jazz from grades 1-8 examinations.


Kristina is an experienced player and teacher of the Saxophone based in Bristol offering high quality saxophone lessons for students of all ages in all the styles you enjoy.

Cardiff: Diogo Filipe da Luz Fernandes provides saxophone tuition to students located in Cardiff. He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Music Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, under the tuition of Gerard McCrystal.

Crystal Palace: Sam Glaser is a mobile saxophone teacher able to offer lessons to students based in and around Crystal Palace. As a saxophone player, Sam has performed at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Ronnie Scotts, as well as internationally in Germany, India and Morocco. Bringing this experience to his lessons he is able to help students from beginners upwards progress on the saxophone.

Invernesss: Reece Yates is a professional saxophone teacher offering high quality lessons via the Saxophone Lessons Inverness page. He has a great understanding of multiple instruments and can offer really great lessons for both beginners and advanced players.

Ipswich: Jo Abel is a professional saxophone teacher based in Ipswich. She offers lessons via the Saxophone lessons Ipswich page. She offers lessons for students of all ages and her teaching style can easily be adapted to students who have different skill levels or of different ages.

Manchester: Anna is a saxophone teacher based in Manchester. Her lessons are built around your ability level as well as paying attention to what you need to improve on. You can find out more about Anna’s saxophone tuition by visiting Saxophone Lessons Manchester.

Nottingham: James Banahan is a professional Saxophone teacher offering face to face lessons via Saxophone Lessons Nottingham. Whether you’re interested in learning classical, jazz or both, he is ready to help guide you through your own musical journey.

York: Ash Strowger is a professional teacher based in York offering high quality lessons for students of all ages via Saxophone lessons York. Alongside grade 8 in Alto saxophone Ash holds a diploma in music theory as well as experience with music technology and recording techniques to help support your development as a musician whatever your goals.

Online Saxophone Lessons

James Banahan is a professional saxophone teacher offering online saxophone lessons to students based around the world. James achieved a Bachelor of Arts ( Honours ) in Humanities with Music, Diploma in Jazz Music & a Diploma in Light Music, enabling him to teach students of all abilities – including advanced saxophone players.