Clarinet Lessons

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Clarinet Lessons

Search our worldwide teacher database to find Clarinet teachers local to you, simply enter your postcode or postal address, select ‘Clarinet Teacher’ from the menu that drops down and press search to view our results. You can find teachers who teach in person, or online via Skype, Zoom and many other platforms.

Classical or Contemporary

There is such a variety of teachers within our community offering an incredible choice of genres, styles and different approaches to teaching the Clarinet. From Jazz to Blues, Orchestral, Classical music or even learning modern Pop songs.

There are so many different pathways to mastering an instrument and finding the right teacher for you can become overwhelming at times. Our database is designed to be simple and effective, just read through each teacher’s profile to find out the styles of music they teach, a little information on their background and how they can help you in your musical journey.

Some teachers teach from home, others do so from studios or even online! Some teachers offer a very structured approach, whereas others like to focus on their student’s goals and the music they love, tailoring their lesson plan to the student and their individual learning needs.

Developing Confident and Competent Musicians

The Clarinet teachers we work alongside are highly experienced performers and trained musicians in their own right, having developed their craft over many years of practice, professional career and study. This ability to think clearly and perform in high pressure situations such as live concerts or in the recording studio is vital to having a calm and collected teacher, who is focussed only on helping you, increasing your progress and can give knowledge from their own valuable experiences to create rapid progress in a short space of time. This an area that our teachers can definitely help you to improve on, rapid progress towards your goals as a musician.

We are able to help students on their musical journey who are looking to further their ability, some of the many ways our teachers help students range from preparing them for music colleges and university auditions, taking them through graded qualifications such as the Trinity or ABRSM exam syllabus, developing tailored coaching programmes to improve on a specific skillset, or just learning how to play their favourite songs. These grades use exams to measure progress through a variety of pieces, technical exercises and theory. Depending on the syllabus and students preferred exam board, these grades can be of different levels of difficulty and a very good measure of a student’s musical ability and a great route into a music school. With that said, these graded exams are certainly not compulsory, with a lot of students simply learning to play the Clarinet for fun, or as a hobby.

Composition and improvisation are also areas our teachers can focus on when helping to develop advanced Clarinettists, Students who can draw upon a wide range of different techniques and styles are able to use this knowledge to create music of their own, whether that be solo or as part of an ensemble.

We welcome students of all ages and learning abilities, helping students to reach that next level on the clarinet.

Are you a clarinet teacher?

As the numbers of students enquiring on are always increasing, I am always looking to help meet the demand by working with more professional Clarinet teachers based all over the world.

If you would be interested in teaching more Clarinet students and expanding your teaching business, please get in touch by filling out the teacher application form.

Teachers within our community are welcome to teach in person, online or both. I often work with teachers who teach from their homes, or a professional studio, some teachers even offer a mobile home visit service to teach their students from the comforts of their own home. However you teach your students I would be more than happy to help you explore taking on more students who enquire through the teacher database. Get in touch to find out more.

Can anyone play the clarinet?

The Clarinet is as woodwind instrument, so it needs air to be blown by a human in order to work and properly make sound. Most beginner Clarinets are made from high-grade pastic, however a professional Clarinet is made from an African hardwood called Mpingo, Grenadilla or even sometimes Honduran Rosewood.

Clarinets (Much like many woodwind instruments) use a reed to make sound, this reed is a long and thin strip of wood. The reed is placed against the mouthpiece and when a player presses their mouth around it the seal becomes airtight. When the Clarinettist blows air down the pipe, the reed starts to vibrate and the tone is created! The more the reed vibrates, the warmer and ‘fuller’ the sound feels to the human ear.

To make different notes on the Clarinet, the player uses their finger to cover and uncover circular holes on the long tube, the more holes they have covered the less the air escapes from these holes and the more compressed the air becomes, when the air is compressed the pitch that comes out of the bell is higher. By covering and uncovering these holes, the player can achieve many different sounds and then play musical pieces on the instrument.

Clarinets also can have a ‘Key’ on the back of the instrument, this key when turned can open up or close extra holes on the tube and give you an entirely new register of notes to play. What a fascinating instrument the Clarinet is.

So who can play the Clarinet? The answer is, anybody! Anybody and everybody of all ages and abilities can play the Clarinet. Just like any other instrument, it can be tricky in the beginning and feel like it will take a lot of time to master, but with patience, discipline and of course an experienced teacher to guide you and create a tailored practice routine for you, anybody can be able to understand how the instrument works, learn new techniques and begin playing the tunes you love on the Clarinet before they know it, and anybody can include you.

There are many different pathways into learning the Clarinet, whether that be classical training, learning pieces from grade books or simply just learning your favourite songs from the comfort of your own home. Whatever your desires or musical goals, I’m sure we have a teacher that would be perfect for you. Get in touch to get started now.

Clarinet Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional clarinet teacher in your area.

Clarinet Centres in the United Kingdom


Gus Dolding is a professional Clarinet teacher and performer, based in Bristol he has pupils from all across the city and surrounding areas. Many pupils chose to travel to his home where he offers face to face lessons. Alternatively, he also offers online lessons for those who are interested.


Sally Reading is a professional Clarinet teacher based in Cambridge offering high quality Clarinet lessons for students of all ages. Her lessons are always enjoyable and engaging. Please check out the Clarinet Lessons Cambridge page for more information.


Irene Lawson is an industry standard Clarinet teacher based in Chester offering tuition for students of all ages. She will always embrace the opportunity to begin training new students. She is keen to make the most of your practice time and pursue your musical goals.


Robyn Saunders is a professional player and teacher based in Manchester offering high quality Clarinet lessons for ages 5+. Her lessons are always built around the styles and genres that you enjoy playing in your spare time. For more information about Michael and his lessons please check out the Clarinet Lessons Manchester page.


Emma is a professional Clarinet teacher in the Sheffield area offering informative and enjoyable lessons for students of all ages in a wide range of styles. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player, exam driven or learning just for fun, do not hesitate to contact her to see how she can help you on your musical journey.