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I'm Bruno Piedigrosso, a professional handpan teacher offering online lessons that bring the joy and beauty of this unique instrument right to your home. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, my lessons are designed to cater to all levels of experience. With my guidance, personalized feedback, and a comprehensive set of resources, you'll find everything you need to master the handpan and enjoy your musical journey.

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Bruno Piedigrosso - Professional Handpan Teacher

Online Handpan Lessons Teacher - Bruno Piedigrosso
My Mission

Lessons Tailored To You

I am a drummer and drum teacher based in Edinburgh. I started playing music at the age of 8, and it has always been the greatest joy of my life. I have a thorough knowledge of many instruments, including accordion (under the guide of Maestro Giuseppe Piccirilli for 10 years), handpan, and my favourite of them all, the drums. I have been a drummer for years now, with the studio, live and teaching experience both in Italy and the UK. My ongoing project is the release of a full album with my newly formed punk rock band.


£30.00 per hour

Handpan Teacher

Bruno Piedigrosso


Online via Skype, Zoom & More
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Student Advice

Comprehensive Handpan Learning Experience

My handpan courses are designed to provide a clear path for your musical journey. You'll begin with an introduction to the central note and basic techniques, progressing to more challenging melodies as you master rhythms and sounds.

The handpan course structure includes three courses: a beginner's guide, an intermediate class focusing on rhythm and melody, and an advanced course for experienced musicians. Each lesson is curated to ensure a frustration-free guide for learning to play.


£30.00 per hour

Lessons are weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Advice for New Students

Learn to Play Handpan with an Experienced Handpan Teacher

Welcome to the world of handpan, where you'll learn to play handpan with ease and confidence. As an experienced professional handpan teacher, I offer tailored online handpan courses that meet the needs of both beginners and advanced handpan players. Whether you're just starting with the basics or diving into advanced techniques, these lessons cover everything you need to know about playing the handpan and other percussion instruments.

Learn at Your Own Pace

One of the greatest benefits of these online courses is the flexibility to learn at your own pace. You'll have online access to practice tracks, ensuring you can practice whenever it suits you. During the lessons, you'll be encouraged to fill out a notation booklet, as well as being provided links to valuable resources to support your handpan learning experience.

Join a Thriving Handpan Community

By taking lessons with me, you'll become part of a passionate handpan community of handpan players from all over the world. Sharing experiences, compositions, and progress with fellow students enriches the learning process, making it not only educational but also fun.

Tailored for All Levels

Whether you're a beginner eager to play your first composition or an advanced player looking to refine your skills, my courses are structured to offer something for everyone. Each lesson is intuitive and designed to make learning the handpan a joyous and fulfilling experience. At a great price, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to mastering this beautiful musical instrument.

A Beginners Guide to Handpan Playing

Understanding the Basics

Starting your journey in the handpan world can be incredibly rewarding and fun. The first steps in any handpan course involve familiarising yourself with the instrument. You'll begin by learning about the different handpan instruments, including the RAV Vast and tongue drums. Understanding the basic layout of the notes and how to position your left hand correctly is crucial. I make sure students get comfortable with these basics before moving on to more advanced concepts.

Learning the First Melody

For a beginner, mastering the first melody is an exciting milestone. My courses cover practical steps to help you play simple, beautiful melodies right from the beginning. You'll learn to use both hands effectively, with a focus on the left hand to anchor your progression. These initial lessons are structured to make the process seamless and enjoyable, ensuring you feel confident as you move forward.

Incorporating Music Theory

A solid understanding of music theory is essential to becoming a proficient handpan player. Even in the beginner stages, I introduce foundational music theory concepts that will set the stage for your future progress. Knowing the basics of rhythms, scales, and how melodies are constructed will provide you with a deeper appreciation and control over the music you create.

Progress with Intermediate Techniques

As you advance through the handpan course, you'll begin to delve into more challenging melodies and rhythms. My intermediate classes are designed to help you build on your initial skills, teaching you to play more complex pieces and refine your technique. This stage of learning is where the real magic happens, as you'll start to produce more nuanced and expressive sounds.

Support and Resources

Online courses offer incredible flexibility, and you'll have access to ample resources including e-books, notation booklets, and practice tracks to support your learning. These materials are meticulously curated to address common questions and challenges that beginners face, enabling you to practice and improve at your own pace.

Continuously Mastering Your Skills

Even after you become proficient, there are always new techniques and more complex rhythms to master. Advanced players can continue to challenge themselves with specialised courses aimed at refining their skills. The handpan is an instrument that offers limitless possibilities, ensuring your journey in the handpan world remains engaging and enjoyable.

Teaching beginners to play the handpan is a passion of mine, and seeing students progress from their first note to playing intricate melodies is incredibly fulfilling. Whether you're just beginning or you've already got some rhythms down, my handpan courses are designed to cater to your needs and help you grow as a musician. So why wait? Dive into the world of handpan music today and start creating beautiful, resonant sounds!

The importance of music theory when learning handpan

Understanding the Foundation

One of the crucial aspects of any handpan course is grasping the fundamentals of music theory. For beginner handpan players, understanding basic music theory concepts helps you make sense of the sounds you're producing and lays a solid foundation for future learning. Knowing how scales work, how rhythm structures a piece, and how melodies are constructed will make your practice sessions more productive and enjoyable.

Enhancing Your Practice Sessions

Incorporating music theory into your handpan classes significantly enhances your ability to practice effectively. Whether you're learning at your own pace or following a structured course, having a theoretical background allows you to understand why certain notes sound harmonious together and how to build your compositions. This makes practicing not just an exercise, but a fun and engaging experience.

Transitioning from Beginner to Intermediate

As you move from beginner to more intermediate levels, music theory becomes even more pivotal. My handpan courses introduce essential concepts for intermediate handpan players, such as understanding complex rhythms and advanced scales. This knowledge enables you to tackle more sophisticated pieces and develop a richer, more expressive sound. It’s at this stage that the classroom material and workshops become invaluable, offering practical applications of music theory that boost your skills.

Supporting Advanced Players

For advanced players, a deep understanding of music theory opens up limitless possibilities. Advanced handpan courses delve into nuanced aspects of theory, helping you refine your skills and explore new dimensions of the instrument. Whether you're looking to perfect your timing, experiment with unconventional scales, or develop intricate rhythms, advanced music theory provides the tools to elevate your playing.

A Resource for Continuous Learning

Music theory is not a one-time study but a continuous learning process. The questions often asked by students revolve around applying these concepts in practice. That's why my courses include extensive resources like e-books and notation booklets, helping you comprehend and apply music theory at your own pace. These materials are designed to support and guide you, ensuring you remain engaged and inspired.

Making Music Theory Fun

Lastly, integrating music theory doesn't have to be a daunting task; it can be incredibly fun and rewarding. My teaching methods aim to demystify theory and present it in a way that's relatable and exciting. By understanding the 'why' behind the music you're playing, you can approach your instrument with a deeper sense of appreciation and creativity. Whether you're in a physical class or learning online, the theoretical aspects will make your handpan journey much more enriching.

Incorporating music theory into your handpan education not only helps you become a more proficient player but also enhances your overall musical experience. It equips you with the skills necessary to understand and create truly beautiful music, ensuring your journey from beginner to advanced player is as fulfilling as it is fun.

Benefits of Taking My Online Course of Handpan Lessons

Flexible Learning Environment

One of the primary benefits of taking my online handpan lessons is the flexibility it offers. You can learn at your own pace, fitting your practice sessions into your busy schedule without the need to commute to a physical location. This means you can dedicate time to your instrument whenever it suits you best, whether early in the morning or late at night.

Access to Expert Teaching

As an experienced handpan player and teacher, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my online classes. My carefully structured lessons are designed to cater to players of all skill levels. You'll receive thorough and comprehensive instruction that will guide you from the basics to more advanced techniques, ensuring you build a strong foundation and continuously improve.

Extensive Resources

My online courses come with a treasure trove of resources, including e-books, notation booklets, and practice tracks. These materials are meticulously curated to complement the lessons, helping you understand each concept thoroughly. This supplemental content ensures that you have everything you need to practice effectively and deepen your understanding of the handpan.

Personalised Feedback

One of the standout features of my online handpan lessons is the personalised feedback you receive. Through video submissions and interactive sessions, I can provide specific, actionable advice tailored to your playing style and progress. This level of individual attention helps to accelerate your development and keeps you motivated.

Continuous Skill Development

The journey of learning an instrument never truly ends. My online handpan courses are designed to offer continuous skill development, with lessons that evolve as you grow. From beginner-friendly modules to advanced techniques, there's always something new to learn, ensuring you remain engaged and challenged.

Affordable and Accessible

Online courses tend to be more affordable than in-person lessons, making high-quality handpan teaching accessible to a broader audience. You get the benefit of expert instruction without the added costs of travel or physical materials, offering excellent value for your investment in your musical journey.

By enrolling in my online handpan lessons, you are setting yourself up for a rewarding and enriching learning experience. With flexible scheduling, expert teaching, and a wealth of resources at your fingertips, you'll have all the tools you need to become the handpan player you've always wanted to be.

Recommended Resources for Handpan Students

To complement your handpan journey, here are some invaluable resources that can enhance your learning experience:

  1. Handpan Notation Booklets: These booklets contain a variety of songs and exercises written specifically for the handpan, offering you a practical way to apply music theory and develop your playing technique.
  2. Online Tutorials and Videos: Platforms like YouTube have a wealth of free tutorials from experienced handpan players. Channels such as “Handpan Guru” and “Paniverse” provide step-by-step guides and tips to help you master different techniques.
  3. Handpan Apps: Mobile apps like “Handpan 3D” and “Sound Sculptures” can serve as excellent practice tools, offering virtual handpans that allow you to practice rhythms, scales, and melodies anywhere.
  4. Music Theory Books: Books such as "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory" by Michael Miller can be very helpful. They break down music theory concepts into simple, digestible lessons that are applicable to the handpan.
  5. Handpan Forums and Communities: Joining online forums and Facebook groups dedicated to handpan enthusiasts can provide you with a supportive community, opportunities to share your progress, and gain insights from more experienced players.
  6. Notation Software: Tools like "MuseScore" and "Sibelius" allow you to create and read musical scores, helping you to understand and notate your compositions more effectively.

By integrating these resources into your learning routine, you can gain a well-rounded understanding of the handpan and continue to grow as a musician.

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Online Handpan Lessons Teacher - Bruno Piedigrosso
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I can help you to

Enroll in my handpan courses and start your musical journey with an experienced teacher dedicated to your success. Embrace the intuitive notes and melodic rhythms and discover the joy of playing the handpan. With clear instructions, practical lessons, and a supportive community, you'll soon be able to create enchanting music with confidence. So why wait? Learn to play the handpan today!

Frequently Asked Questions

No prior musical experience is needed to start handpan lessons. Our courses are designed for beginners and will guide you through the basics of playing and understanding the instrument.

For online handpan lessons, you'll need a handpan, a stable internet connection, and a device with a camera and microphone, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, to participate in virtual lessons.

To make steady progress, it's recommended to practice the handpan for at least 20-30 minutes daily. Consistent practice helps develop technique and musicality over time.

Yes, online handpan lessons are flexible and can accommodate students from different time zones. We offer various scheduling options to ensure that you can find a convenient time for your lessons.

Yes, online handpan lessons can be suitable for children. Our lessons are tailored to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring that young learners receive age-appropriate instruction and support.

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