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Kora Lessons

Search our extensive database for Kora teachers both in your area and who offer online lessons. Enter your address and then choose “Kora” from the drop down menu. Hit search and then you will see a list of available teachers in your area. Many teachers also offer both online and Mobile lessons.

Beginner Students Welcome

All teachers within our community have a background in music, teaching, performing and much more. You’ll be able to learn a wide range of genres and styles as well as learning the instrument you love. For more information, click on each teacher’s profile.

Our teachers offer a wide range of lesson plans and learning experiences. If you want to go down the graded exam route or just learn for fun, they will create a lesson plan that really works for you and helps you improve over a short period of time.

Both young learners and more advanced learners are welcome to enquire. Please read each teacher’s profile to find out more information about what they offer in terms of age ranges and genres offered. If you have something specific in mind then please remember to let the teacher know and they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Reach that next level on Kora

All of our kora lessons are tailored to the individual and you will always be able to learn in a direction that works best for you. Your goals are what matter most to our teachers so learning in a direction and a style that you feel comfortable with is always at the forefront of the lesson plan.

Students of all ability levels are always welcome to take the lessons, Teachers will always tailor the lesson to your ability levels. All teachers are comfortable with both beginners and advanced students. So if you have no idea about music at all, it’s fine, or if you’re a seasoned professional and want to improve on certain aspects of your playing. That’s also good as well.

We have teachers in our community who can help you develop a wide range of skills including composing, writing, technique, song learning and more. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then please get in touch with the teachers or read their profile to see what they offer.

Young learners and adults are always welcome for lessons. Although there isn’t an upper age limit, some teachers differ in opinion on starting age. The starting age is usually between 4-6 years old though. Make sure to check your teacher’s profile beforehand.

Adults do make up the majority of our students but almost all teachers are able and available to teach young learners as well. Whatever your inspiration is to start learning to play, I’m certain we can find a teacher who matches your needs as a learner and music lover and you can finally hit the goals you’ve always wanted to.

Are you a Kora teacher?

If you’re a Kora teacher we are always looking for new teachers to join our team here at musicteacer.com. We are currently gaining new students on a daily basis and we need teachers like you to offer them enjoyable, high quality lessons. If you have space in your schedule and are interested in teaching more Kora students, please send us a message and we would be more than happy to help you build your student base.

Kora teachers in our community teach in a wide variety of ways. Some teach online, Some in person and we also have some mobile teachers who visit student’s homes. Regardless of how you currently teach your students, we would be more than happy to help you expand your student base and gain more new students in the coming weeks and months. To find out more, as well as apply, please visit the Music Teacher sign-up page.

What is a Kora?

This is a question our Kora teachers get asked a lot as it’s not an instrument that comes up in conversation so much. It’s a stringed instrument from west Africa. Although it may not be as well known in Europe, it’s very popular in west Africa and used in a wide range of styles.

A kora has 21 strings and is sometimes compared to a lute or a harp. The instrument is made of a long hardwood neck. The Gambia river valley in west Africa is one of the main centres for the playing of this instrument.

Its origins are obscure, but it is traditionally associated with royalty, the ruling classes, or religious practices. The kora is vastly becoming popular all over the world with players all over the world now taking up the instrument. It can be a difficult instrument to learn but there really are no easy instruments.

Every instrument has its hard points and easy points. We would say that the Kora is no exception. Our teachers will always guide you in the right direction whether you’re an advanced player or a beginner. Lessons will be tailored to your goals and you’ll be able to learn at a pace you can feel comfortable with. Anyone who is interested in this instrument can learn it, you just need to be willing to put in the time and effort. If you would like to learn more about some famous players of the instrument then we recommend checking out some players on youtube.

Some notable players include Toumani Diabaté, Soriba Kouyate, Mamadou Sidiki Diabaté, Yerko Lorca, Adam Doughty, Bai Konte and many more. A simple youtube search should really help you immerse yourself in the world of west african kora music. When learning to play the Kora we really recommend weekly lessons.

This has to be paired with plenty of practice at home. No instrument can be learned without practice, this however, doesn’t mean it needs to be hours and hours every day. Simply 30 mins on a daily basis is enough to see some great progress in half a year. But again we really have to stress that it is a big commitment and you need to want to learn it.

The Kora is a very unique instrument that doesn’t really have any other instruments it can be compared with. Usually there are transferable skills between instruments, Like guitar and bass for example, but for the Kora, I truly believe that you will have to start from square one. Our teachers will always make sure you have a great understanding of the instrument before you start to learn to play it and our teachers will always help you learn in a direction that you feel comfortable with.

If you ever have any questions about the kora, always make sure to ask. Our teachers are understanding and approachable and will always do their best to answer any questions. Overall, the Kora is a very unique instrument that you don’t see in Europe and the USA very often. It has a unique sound and is truly interesting for anyone who wants to learn something different and new.

It will take time but as long as you put in the practice and work with your teacher you will enjoy the rewarding experience associated with this instrument and it will really open up a whole new style and genre of music for you.

Kora Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional kora teacher in your area.

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Josh Doughty is a professional kora teacher based in Bristol. He offers kora lessons to students of all ages and learning abilities, including complete beginners.