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Hello! My name is Josh and I am a professional kora tutor located in Bristol. I believe that more people should know about this wonderful instrument which is why I am offering my tutoring skills. My teaching style is very student focussed and I will always work in directions that you feel you want to work in. I can also offer guidance and valuable tips for those who aren't as familiar with how to practice. My lessons are always easy to follow and I will change my teaching speed/style depending on the student so that everyone will feel comfortable whilst learning to play.

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Josh Doughty - Professional Kora Teacher

Kora Lessons Bristol Teacher - Josh Doughty
My Mission

High Quality Lessons

I like to maintain a high level of tuition for all of my students whilst keeping my lessons enjoyable. I believe that enjoying what you learn is so important when learning to play something new and I really pride myself on providing easy to understand lessons for all. Regardless of your playing level, I believe that you'll enjoy the lessons we have together and go away having learned stacks of new information at the end of each lesson.

I also offer mobile lessons where you can learn from the comfort of your own home. This is great for students who feel more comfortable learning from home or for those who have very busy schedules. I do offer lessons from my own teaching space as well but I feel it's important for me to offer my students the option for both. Learning should always be an enjoyable and comfortable experience and I always try my best to make this a reality for all of my students.


Southville, Bristol, BS3 1PB

Kora Teacher

Josh Doughty
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My Lessons

All Ages & Styles

I have experience in teaching all ages but I would recommend starting no younger than age 7. I will always make sure the lessons fit both your playing level and age. I understand that everyone learns at different speeds and this is why I will always make my lessons around each student, ensuring that everyone learns at their own pace. I'm very down to earth as well so if you ever feel under pressure or feel you're learning too slowly then I really like to hear feedback from my students so we can find that comfortable learning speed and level for all.

I teach a wide variety of styles and techniques. Make sure and let me know if there is a direction you want to learn in. I'm open to focussing on any aspect of your playing that you think you need to work on. Alternatively, if you're a beginner and unsure of what direction to learn in, it would be my pleasure to create a plan that I think would work for you. Regardless of your level, direction, style, technique, I will always make a lesson plan that suits you.


£35 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I welcome both beginners and advanced students in a wide range of genres. I will make a lesson plan that suits your ability level.

Lesson Focus
Beginners Welcome

I can teach beginners with ease

My Experience as a Teacher

I began playing the kora (a West African 21-stringed harp) when he was eight years old. First learning from his father, Adam Doughty, I soon developed a fascination for the instrument and would practice for hours on end, rewinding and replaying cassette tapes of kora masters and figuring out how to play along.

As a teenager, my talent was spotted by Malian kora legend Toumani Diabate, who invited Josh to visit him in Mali to deepen his learning. I made his first trip to Mali in 2007, aged 17, and since then I've made countless extended visits to Mali and the neighbouring regions, embedding himself in the culture and traditions of West Africa. In this time, Toumani has become my teacher, mentor and friend.

Over the past decade, I have collaborated with a number of leading musicians from Africa and Europe, including Sampha on his Mercury Prize-winning album, Process. I have played at prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall, St James’ Palace, the renowned Le Diplomate club in Mali and several UK festivals including WOMAD, Tribe of Doris, Tropical Pressure and Shambala. Winner of the World music category at the Welsh International Harp Festival in 2018, I've also has been featured in Songlines Magazine and has delivered a TEDx talk on my life and his music.

Lessons Focus
Enjoy Learning

My lessons are down to earth and easy going

More About My Lessons

Now living in Bristol, UK, I teach, play and create my own music. As well as teaching private students, I run a regular workshop at Basel Music Academy in Switzerland and residential workshops in the UK as part of his co-founded venture, Korason Workshops. I also work with Live Music Now, providing music therapy to people in hospitals, care homes, hospices and special schools.

I combine traditional rhythms with modern Western influences, composing pieces with an accomplished individual style that captivates my audience. My passion for this unique, complex and mesmerizing instrument earns him a rightful place amongst a new generation of kora players and brings joy to all who hear me play.

Above all else, I strive to make sure your lessons are always easy to follow and are of a high standard. I feel that it's my responsibility as a kora player to try to help others learn about this fantastic instrument as well & I will always be open to teaching anyone about how to play the Kora.

Teacher Tips
Music Shops

Music Shops in Bristol

Music Shops in Bristol

Bristol has a great range of music shops on offer in the city. Here are some of the best examples.

PMT Bristol, is a UK wide chain of stores that seem to have never-ending amounts of equipment. Here you can find everything from percussion to guitar to world instruments. If you have something in mind, they can order it for you. The Store is located at 5 Rupert Street, Bristol, BS1 2PY.

Hobgoblin Bristol, can be found at 36 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JG is fantastic for folk instruments - including acoustic guitars, mandolins and banjos. If folk music is your thing then don't miss this place. They also have a great range of sheet music available.

Mickleburgh Music, is a locally owned music store where you can find anything you might need. This place is particularly great for beginners looking for their first instrument. The Shop is based at 1-9 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PL.

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Kora Lessons Bristol Teacher - Josh Doughty
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I can help you to

I offer the chance to learn one of the rarest instruments around, The Kora. I will always work at a pace that suits my students. I want my students to both enjoy their lessons and feel comfortable in doing so. My teaching style is always adapting and I will always make sure to fit your learning style perfectly. For more information, please feel free to send me an email at any time.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at £35 per hour for all students.

I currently take the majority of my lessons from my home teaching space in the BS3 1PB area of Bristol.

I teach students of all ages but would recommend starting from ages 7 and above.

Weekly lessons are the best way to improve your understanding and playing of the Kora.

Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will still be charged full price.

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Kora Lessons Bristol Music Studio Address


Southville, Bristol, BS3 1PB
Teaching Space
I currently take the majority of my lessons from my home teaching space in the BS3 1PB area of Bristol. I believe this is a great place to learn because you can really feel comfortable and be yourself whilst learning to play. My place is well connected via transport links all over the city. I also offer mobile lessons if you wish to learn from your own home. For more information, please send me an email. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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Kora Teacher

Josh Doughty
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