Double Bass Lessons

Double Bass Lessons

To find double bass teachers in your location, simply search the international teacher database. You can also find Online Double Bass Lessons, should a double bass teacher not be local to you.

Double bass lessons suitable for all ages, abilities, and musical styles. With tuition taking place either in-person (where a local teacher can be found) and online to students around the world.

All Levels Taught

Whether you are a complete beginner, interested in starting to play the double bass, or are an experienced double bassist, then we have the right teacher to help you. With teachers able to offer both in-person or online lessons to students around the world, you will be able to find a teacher who can help you progress to that next level on the double bass.

We welcome students of all ages, interested in learning to play the double bass. Lessons are tailored to a students individual learning interests, ability and goals. With teachers carefully building courses of lessons suitable for the age of the learn and their previous musical experiences.

Expand Double Bass Playing

For more experienced double bass players, you will be able to find music teachers within this community, who are able to help you progress your playing. Taking you to that next level on the double bass, by exploring new genres, approaches to play, composition and improvisation.

Through carefully planned, individual lessons, you will be able to expand your playing by drawing upon new techniques and styles of playing. This will be combined with all the relevant theoretical knowledge that you will require to push forward your playing. Lessons can take place either in-person, where there is a local teacher with availability, as well as online.

Teachers in this community can also assist you in the build-up towards performances, auditions and graded exams. Building your technique, ability and confidence to perform to your absolute best, even under exam or performance pressure. Stagecraft is often a key part of this, helping students to keep nerves under control and ensuring that they are able to focus on playing their pieces in a relaxed mindset.

Advanced double bassists are also often keen to improve their ability to compose and improvise, both skills that can be developed in your lessons. Playing with other musicians is the ultimate goal for most advanced musicians, so we are really keen to ensure that you have all the skills required to do this. Giving you the quiet confidence that you have the ability to more than hold your own when playing with other musicians.

For more advanced double bass players, we are keen to give you the skills to play with other musicians. With lessons focused on composition, improvisation, stagecraft and much more.

Are you a double bass teacher?

I am always keen to work with double bass teachers, located across the world, who are passionate about helping their students to progress by learning the music that inspires them. You can join this team and start to teach the double bass students who enquire on this website, giving them the skills required to play the double bass.

Whether you are able to offer in-person or online lessons (or both!), you can apply to join the international teacher database by completing the teacher application form.

Double Bass Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional double bass teacher in your area, as well as those who offer online double bass lessons.


Marilyn Nielsen is a professional double bass teacher offering high quality double bass lessons in Southampton for students of all ages in a wide range of styles and genres. She currently offers lessons from the Double Bass Lessons Southampton page and is known for offering high quality lessons that everyone can enjoy.


James Banner is a professional musician and double bass tutor offering lessons to students of all learning abilities. His online double bass lessons are suitable for beginners to more advanced learners, helping provide them with the skills and knowledge required to help them rapidly progress on the double bass.