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Music is one of the few things in this world that make sense to me, & I love helping others make sense of it. Certainly, it has been music that has kept me sane throughout 2020 as (& this applies to all levels of musicianship) being able to pick up an instrument and engage with the infinite world of rhythm, melody & harmony allows us as musicians to act as our own personal sound therapists. From my perspective, bettering your musical skills is akin to eating healthy and keeping fit. It is something all humans should engage with for their own personal, spiritual benefit.

Rather than learning notes note by note from a page, I encourage students to explore music in a more free and personal way. This approach to teaching allows the student to progress in a more creative manner, and sound original sooner.

I enjoy teaching various styles of music as it often presses me to better understand a genre that a student is interested in. I also love helping students find new music to inspire them as a constant stream of inspiration is key to maintaining enthusiasm and my guitar and bass lessons are focused on this.

My main personal influence for guitar is predominantly from the Spanish style of Flamenco. Whilst living in Spain for two years I fell in love with flamenco and it has since become a personal lifetime study. Another personal musical pursuit is my learning of the national instrument of Mongolia, the Morin Khuur (Horsehead Fiddle).

In 2019 I traveled to Mongolia to buy my Morin Khuur, receive lessons whilst there & hear some of the beautiful music of Mongolia firsthand. I am currently navigating myself through the world of music production in order to fuse these two styles. Also, as part of my university course, I am studying the bass guitar as my first study instrument. I chose this instrument so I could better understand the harmonic structure in music. These pursuits have kept me very well entertained, & I hope that I can share my enthusiasm for music with many more students and musicians as the years continue forward.

I should also mention that together with my two brothers I make up a third of the comedic gipsy bardic group, Rusty Compass. Our music is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music ect.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

Although I have not studied music academically before, I have just graduated from Solent University with a 2.1 in Popular Music Production and Performance.

In the past I have received Flamenco tuition from one of the finest contemporary Flamenco guitarists; Augustine del la Fuente.

I have also played many live performances, both on guitar and bass.


7 Mogg St, St Werburgh's, Bristol BS2 9TZ, UK



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Guitar, Bass, Songwriting

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